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   Chapter 27 No.27

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The world had not seen such a form of war since decades. At the beginning of the 21th century, when the USA had still been the only superpower, fighting with its superior technology against the Arabs, the match had always been unequal.

On one side, there had been the hightech army of the USA, while its enemies had often just been farmers with old weapons, trying to fight a guerilla warfare. Here in Japan, it was different. Both sides, the GCF and the Japanese army, had a considerable and very similar military technology. Nevertheless, the resources of the GCF were much bigger.

?God, I nearly snuffed it...", said Frank and tried to calm down. B?umer was silent and stared into space. He got a vicious headache and just wanted to stay in a dark corner, in order to rest. The shock of this first fight sat deeply in the minds of the two volunteers and now they had a small foretaste of the brutality of the Japanese war.

From the 1000 soldiers of the "Nihon no Yari" unit, over 200 men were dead or heavily wounded. Frank crept back to the first trench and saw a picture of horror. Everywhere lay deads which seemed to sink slowly down into the mud.

It was raining again now, but the young man enjoyed the cool water drops on his face at that moment. Beside him, a Japanese struggled for air and clutched his blood-smeared belly.

?Help!", gasped the man with the last of his strenght and frantically looked at Frank.

?I bring you a physician!", promised Kohlhaas and tried to find a medical tent. After he had finally found it, the physician just shook his head and showed him dozens of other wounded men who were begging for his help too. Kohlhaas looked for another medic, and finally came back to the wounded Japanese, after half an hour. It was too late, the soldier had already bled to death.

?Everything is just shit…", hissed Frank and was close to tears.

The Japanese still stared at him, with a deadpan countenance, as if he wanted to ask Frank, why he had forgotten him.

The next days were quiet. No more GCF attacks and no more bombardments of the city. The enemy high command had probably just wanted to test, how strong the defense of the Japanese really was. Nevertheless, there was not much time for sleep or recovery. So the most men just dozed off and were more or less halfawake for days. Frank and Alfred planned to sleep for not less then a whole week, when they were back in Ivas.

Yesterday, they had made a short trip to the center of Sapporo. Many of the exotic houses had been destroyed by the first great bomb attack and the streets of the city were still covered with rubble. Thousands of civilians had already left Sapporo and tried to reach the island of Honshu.

But General Takeu

chi had some good news for the "Nihon no Yari" unit: The defense had held on all important fronts. Nowhere, the GCF troops had penetrated the metropolis. Nevertheless, they had meanwhile almost completely encircled the city and had received further reinforcements from overseas. Furthermore, the high command of the northern invasion army had given the order to besiege and starve out Sapporo.

Soon the heavy cannons of the GCF battered the Japanese city with a merciless fire from a safe distance. Countless tons of conventional or chemical bombs came from the sky - to make Sapporo to a giant cemetery.

General Daniel Schwarzer had made the offer to his opponent Takeuchi, before the beginning of the gruelling bombardment, that he would get a safe conduct, after an immediate surrender of Sapporo. Otherwise, the city would be annihilated without mercy.

But Takeuchi had ignored the offer and Sapporo still remained a giant fortress, blocking the way of the GCF invasion army like a mountain chain. Indeed, the old Japanese general knew that his stubbornness would bring hell on earth to the inhabitants of the city.

Kohlhaas hold his head. Alf and he were waiting here on the front, while the thunder of detonations slowly drove them crazy - since more than a week, day by day. Missile after missile came down on the metropolis, crushing one house after another, piece by piece.

In order to destroy the hostile cannons, some Japanese pilots had made several suicide attacks by charging the artillery emplacements of the enemy, but all in all, it had been nothing but a senseless waste of lives.

Furthermore, the Japanese had no chance for a sally and were just trapped in their own emplacements. General Takeuchi had become grumpy and had every reason for it. Even the courageous defenders of Wakkanai had already been slowly demoralized by the same strategy.

?That slop is just ugly!", said Frank and spat out an unknown part of a Japanese dish, swearing loudly.

?Well, I like it!", replied his friend.

"Sometimes, I would really be glad if we could just teleport back to Ivas. Just out of this fucking city", muttered Kohlhaas.

Alf hesitated. ?However, it is important that we are here!", meant B?umer.

His comrade was silent for a while. ?Important? In the next days, weeks or months, we will croak here. No one of us will leave this fucked up Japsenloch alive, Alf...", hissed Frank and shook his head.

Alf just munched. ?Anyhow, who has always said that he wants to become a rebel? Well, this is real rebellion, no Robin Hood game, just an eternal and desperate fight of us against a superior enemy."

?I know…", grumbled Kohlhaas.

?Japan is important, Frank! Important! Important! Important!"

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