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   Chapter 26 No.26

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5924

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"Can you see something?", whispered Alf.

"No! Because of this fucking fog!", answered his comrade.

Then the first black points became visible on the dark horizon, it were thousands and thousands. Between them drove tanks which opened the fire with their cannons now. Further explosions and shots followed, then the enemy had already come closer.

Frank lifted his hindering steel helmet that still appeared heavier now, in order to have a better sight. Alfred swallowed and held his breath. The first enemies appeared out of a mixture of darkness and vapor, while the Japanese soldiers around started to shoot.

?Don`t wait, Frank! Fire!", yelled B?umer and Kohlhaas sent his first bursts of fire at the enemy. Finally, chaos broke loose.

Frank could spot a group of GCF soldiers, trying to destroy some barbwire barriers. He wildly shot at them and two of the men tumbled over with painful screams. Now, also Alf began to fire.

The machine gun hammered its deadly metallic song and sent several dark shadows to the ground. Meanwhile, the Japanese tanks had moved forward and attacked the fast-approaching enemies with their automatic cannons. Their projectiles chopped bloody wounds into the broad front of the opposing army, but it were just too many attackers.

Suddenly Skydragons appeared, dashing forward out of the darkness of the night sky, and firing with their heavy machine guns at the Japanese emplacements. Blood sprayed everywhere and dead bodies slipped down the muddy trench walls. The defenders answered with bazookas and rocket launchers.

Some of the Sykdragons exploded, others were still mowing down their enemies, speeding away above their heads, and leaving behind a terrible bloodbath.

?Can you estimate their number?", screamed B?umer in Frank`s ear.

"Shit! No! Maybe about 5000 men...", answered Kohlhaas and hid his head behind the wall. "Ten GCF tanks! There!"

Alfred gestured and crept over the ground again. Now the GCF soldiers were close enough to return fire. After they had advanced further hundred meters and had struggled through a great number of barriers, they started to run.

Frank fired now like a madman and shot a large gap in the swarm of soldiers in front of him. He clenched his teeth, so that they crunched like a rotten, old sailing boat in a storm. The defenders heard their enemies scream with rage, while they tried to storm the Japanese emplacements. Frank saw some twinkling bayonets and laid his folding spade beside him.

Alfred still huddled behind him in the dirt and fixed his bayonet. From the corner of his eye, Kohlhaas could see that the Japanese had destroyed some GCF tanks. A screaming man climbed out of one of the vehicles, then the tank exploded. Soon the enemy infantry was directly in front of the trench. Hateful faces stared in Frank`s direction and a swarm of GCF soldiers jumped now into the moat, wildly firing, roaring and cursing.

"Damn! They will o

verrun us!", shouted B?umer who shot an assaulting enemy in the face.

"Get ready!", Frank grabbed his friend at the sleeve and pulled him to the right, his heart pounded in panic and he thought about nothing in this second.

His face changed to a malicious grimace and looked like that of the GCF soldier beside him who had jumped into the trench to stab a terrified Japanese soldiers with his bayonet. Frank shot at the tall, dark-skinned man and hit his neck. The attacker tumbled down with a short death rattle. A brutal slaughter began now, and the frenzied soldiers were shooting, stabbing and hacking each other down.

Kohlhaas roared and his dirty face let him look like a demon. He brandished his folding spade, loudly screaming, and smashed the face of another enemy. Alfred still shot at the attackers in front of him, then he shouted: "Flamethrowers!"

A GCF soldier with one of these feared weapons approached and held his flame into the trench beside him. An uncanny hissing followed, while Frank heard the loud cries of burning volunteers who jumped out of their emplacement.

Kohlhaas crept among his dead and dying comrades through the morass, and crawled over a young Japanese, whose clothes were soaked with blood. Glassy eyes stared at the German.

Meanwhile, the soldier with the flamethrower continued to burn everyone in sight, but he did not notice Frank who suddenly emerged beside him – then it was too late.

Kohlhaas jumped on him with a loud scream, out of the darkness of the trench, and attacked the GCF soldier with his folding spade. The man turned around, but he was not fast enough to swerve Frank`s brutal cut. Kohlhaas hit his nose which broke with a cracking sound. Immediately, the soldier lost his weapon, lurched back and had to face the raging German volunteer who slayed him with another strike.

?Go away!", Frank heard behind himself. A Japanese waved him nearer and summoned him to fall back to the next line of trenches. The young man currently scurried backwards. Kohlhaas and the others had to disappear, otherwise the enemies would have overrun them, because they were just too numerous.

?Alf, to the next line!", shouted Frank and the two volunteers ran over their dead comrades to the trench behind them. Meanwhile, the attackers had won ground and came closer. Now the Japanese opened the fire from the rear emplacements and many opponents were killed.

Shortly afterwards, Frank and Alf were lying in the mud again and tried to decimate the mass of the GCF soldiers. Suddenly several dozens of Japanese tanks attacked the enemy`s flank and the GCF soldiers finally backed out. It was over, for this day.

They had survived the first great assault of the Global Control Force in this part of Sapporo, but the casualties were high. Hundreds were fallen, only in this front section. Nevertheless, the enemy had not penetrated the city and had still much more dead soldiers to deplore.

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