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   Chapter 25 No.25

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5800

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It was 7.00 o'clock in the morning. The "Nihon no Yari" unit had mustered on an asphalted place in the proximity of the trenches, and was listening to the words of general Katsuya Takeuchi who had welcomed the volunteers before.

?In the next days, maybe today or tonight, the GCF will begin their attack on Sapporo!", he shouted and walked up and down in front of the soldiers.

The Japanese appeared old and had almost white hair, his face looked embittered and at his belt Frank could recognize a samurai sword.

?Brave volunteers, we thank you very, very much that you risk your life in the fight for a free Japan! I`m sure, that one day, even your homelands will be liberated from the terror of the World Government!", he continued. "We have already lost Wakkani! I`m general Takeuchi, and I swear on my honour, that we will never lose Sapporo! We must not lose Sapporo!"

Some of the men murmured and appeared impressed by the veteran. Takeuchi explained at least that about 300000 GCF soldiers stood opposite to the northwest of Sapporo. He swore the men to hold the line and insured that they would fight together with numerous and well trained Japanese comrades. Frank and Alfred breathed deeply and looked at the sky, which was filling with gray clouds. To bleed for Japan was really a "great" idea.

But the day passed, perfectly quite again, and the most exciting were the strategic instructions of the Japanese officers. However, the soldiers just played cards or tried to challenge their Japanese comrades in a baseball game.

But the locals were clearly superior, because baseball had a long tradition in Japan. Finally, everything was still all right. On that day, there were no quarrels among the volunteers and no enemy appeared.

All Quiet on the Sapporo Front...

Meanwhile, the calendar sheet showed the 3th of October, 2031, and it was still quiet on the Sapporro front. It came down in torrents and the autumn slowly started to show its face. The trees began to carry yellow leaves and the beautiful Odori park in the center of the city discoloured like a big chameleon.

Boredom prevailed in the military camp, but most of the soldiers preferred this to a massive GCF attack. Today, Kohlhaas had talked to Julia Wilden for a long time. She had been glad to hear from him. Furthermore, Julia had asked for Alf and the others, and Frank had insured her that everything was still peaceful and quiet.

It had been wonderful to hear her voice and Kohlhaas had finally returned to the camp with a happy smile. Later, Frank and Alf had also talked to Mr. Taishi who had excitedly told them, that Tokyo had been hit by some missiles again. The situation in the south was becoming worse.

Soon, the shadows of the night came over Sapporo and all soldiers went to bed, except for some guards. However, most of the men always slept with one eye open and this time i

t should be more necessary than ever before.

Shortly after midnight, over 500 GCF bombers started a large-scale attack on Sapporo, from several directions. The terrifying hissing of their engines could be heard on the horizon, then the murderous assault came with full force over the Japanese population and the soldiers.

Frank and Alfred jumped out of their beds and landed on the dirty ground, while the thunder of explosions came nearer. A moment after, the inner city of Sapporo glowed in an eerie red gleam.

?Alarm! Let`s get the hell out of here!", roared B?umer and pulled an overslept Iraqi from his camp bed. Frank grabbed his clothes, took the rifle and ran out of the accommodation to a large meadow, where hundreds of soldiers had already gathered.

Sirens howled and officers screamed orders through the rainy night. Kohlhaas stared at the city center. Enormous, fiery blooms grew between the skycrapers, accompanied by the deep grumble of detonations.

The Japanese anti-aicraft artillery was shooting with all its might and the dark sky above the city was filled with blazing lightnings and fireballs. The bomb attack of the GCF airforce took about half an hour, then a massive assault of the enemy infantry and numerous tanks followed. All men ran to the trenches and manned the emplacements. Frank and Alfred were assigned to a machine gun post and stayed together. Behind them, a Japanese sergeant screamed in deafening loudness.

?Artillery fire!", shouted the soldiers beside them and tried to find cover somewhere.

A moment later, a hail of heavy shells pattered on the trenches and hold the soldiers down. They crawled over the muddy ground and pressed their hands on the faces, while all hell broke loose around them.

Explosions shook the ground, cries resounded in every corner and clouds of dirt flew through the air. The GCF cannons unleashed a murderous fire and devastated the entire environment.

Behind Frank, several Japanese soldiers got a direct hit and their death screams still echoed in the head of the young volunteer after a minute. Frank was sure that he had heard the sound of crashing bones and tearing flesh. Meanwhile, Alfred had crept through the mud and stared at his friend with fearful eyes. After half an hour, full of fright and panic, the bombardment stopped. Palls of smoke left the trench and Frank heard the cries of dying and wounded soldiers from a distance. Now the enemy tanks and the GCF soldiers advanced. Their outlines were hardly to recognize in the blackness of the night and through the obscure fog above the ground.

?Damn!", hissed Kohlhaas and squatted behind his machine gun. Alfred`s face was full of mud splashes and showed his fear. Frank tried to endure the following, gnawing minutes, while he waited for the enemy that slowly came nearer. Meanwhile, he was drenched and clutched his gun nervously.

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