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   Chapter 24 No.24

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5593

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?We all want to sleep, man!", hissed the strong man, whose dark eyes looked threateningly. Probably he was an Arab. ?Okay…", gasped Frank and rolled to the side. It was 3, 00 o'clock in the morning. Today, their own war would begin.

Three hours later, the Japanese officers awoke the men in the billet and put on the lights everywhere. Frank hummed confusedly and rubbed his eyes.

?Stand up, soldiers!", it resounded in Frank`s ears.

With a silent grumble the German tumbled up from his bed. Today they would be brought to Sapporo. Where the hell was Alf?

Kohlhaas` friend was already in the wash room and brushed his teeth, around him were about fifty tired men from all countries. Outside they heard the officers roar: ?Nihon no Yari unit! In ten minutes!"

Moments later, the soldiers went to the armory and got steel helmets, rifles, grenades and other gear. A short speech of the camp leader followed, in which the Japanese praised the outstanding courage of the foreign volunteers. Finally, all went to the transporters which left Mito at full speed.

The trip to Aomori, in the north of the central island of Honshu, lasted several hours and many of the soldiers used the time to make another nap. The atmosphere in the truck was tired, but full of expectation.

?They send us directly to hell!", muttered Alfred and nervously chewed the collar of his uniform jacket, while the other soldiers looked at him with a smirk.

?The GCF has conquered Wakkanai, as expected. I have heard it has been a very brutal fight", said Frank.

Alfred increased his chewing activity, while more and more other volunteers stared at him.

"Sapporo is a real fortress, but the GCF army is about one million soldiers strong. I hope our enemies will have a tough time with us..."

?We will kill the GCF!", exulted a very young man with Italian accent and raised his forefinger.

?We will see!", remarked Frank unemotionally.

After a while, the transporters had reached the coast and were brought to the island of Hokkaido by ship. It seemed to last an eternity until all soldiers had been loaded on the cargo boats and had stowed their luggage.

Meanwhile, Frank and Alfred played a card game with three Russians to kill time. The men from Moscow had already heard about that Freedom Movement of the Rus too, as they told them. The described themselves as "Russian patriots" and seemed to have some sympathies for the mysterious dissident Artur Tschistokjow. Frank and Alf found the conversation very interesting

From the coast of Hokkaido they drove to Hakodate and finally reached Sapporo. The silhouette of the northern metropolis looked futuristic and impressing.

?It still seems to be quiet here. Thank God!", said Frank, when the trucks drove through the city center

. B?umer hardly listened to him. He stared at the pretty Japanese women and girls who welcomed the volunteers with shrill voices and Japan flags.

?Hey, Alfi! I`m takling to you!", shouted Frank and gave B?umer a nudge.

?I heard it. Wow, look at these nice girls!", answered the tall man.

"As I have already said, you need a girlfriend, dude! No doubt, Alf. I have heard, the girls in Japan like sexy school uniforms, he, he!", teased Kohlhaas.

"Good idea! Come to uncle Alf, he will protect you!", bawled B?umer over the street.

Now the women threw some flower bouquets at the trucks and the soldiers tried to catch them. Frank did not join the horseplay and just thought of Julia.

?I will call her this evening...", he promised himself.

The largest city on Hokkaido was an unusual sight. Many of the enormous skycrapers in the city center were multicolored, what looked strange. Red, brownish and even yellow skycrapers could be seen here!

The architecture was likewise different from Frank`s rotten hometown Berlin, it just looked modern and partly even futuristic.

Furthermore, beautiful avenues and large parks were here in great numbers. The young man was astonished. Such a clean and tidy city he had never seen before. But it was to be feared that these beautiful streets would soon be covered with corpses and debris.

In the background, grey mountains, wrapped by clouds, could be recognized. Sapporo had each year a traditional snow festival, because the winter here was always very cold. In the year 1972, the olympic winter games had taken place in this city. However, for the volunteers from Europe, Japan was a completely unknown world.

The native mentality was still unusual for Frank. But the different nations, cultures and races on earth were simply different by nature. A truth, the Lodge Brothers avoided like the plague. Nevertheless, it was a fact. The transporter convoy finally stopped in the late afternoon in the northwest part of Sapporo, an outskirt of the city. Now the two young men could see miles-long trenches and emplacements. Tanks were waiting for the enemy and the long gun barrels of some highly technicalised anti-aircraft guns seemed to reach for the sky.

All this did not look peacefully anymore. What a difference to the center of the city. The volunteers who had been transported to Sapporo today, were friendly welcomed by the officers of the Japanese army, and later accommodated in large tents. After a meager dinner most of the soldiers went to bed.

However, Alfred had the idea to go back to the inner city, in order to meet one or two of the pretty Japanese girls, but Frank told him that such things were strictly forbidden by the high command. Finally both men went to bed too. This night remained quiet.

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