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   Chapter 23 No.23

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5378

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The Way to Sapporo

The first half of September had already passed and Frank, Alfred and about 1000 other volunteers were waiting in the military base of Mito for the trip to the front. Meanwhile, the two men from Lithuania were sick of the monotonous in the camp. Particularly, their desire to fight had noticeably decreased and they did not know, what the future would bring.

The Japanese television showed really atrocious pictures and also continuously war propaganda. The news about the situation on the fronts in the south and the north, were spoken with blaring voices. The Japanese army always seemed to be brave and successful, as the propaganda machine pointed out.

The foreign volunteers, who did not understand anything except for "Matsumoto" and "Nihon", were tortured every day by the resounding television and radio reports which came from the loudspeakers. Victory here and victory there, victory everywhere! Frank and Alf began to hate it.

This morning, there had been a bigger controversy between some volunteers. A man from India and a Pakistani had tried to stab each other after a longer dispute. Three Japanese officers had restored order by beating them down with some clubs. Frank and Alf still did not know the reason for the quarrel.

Yesterday they had received an unexpected visit. Mr. Taishi and his wife had come to the camp to bring the two Europeans a delicious cake.

The elder Japanese businessman had told them, that his son was meanwhile stationed in Kobe. But the war had not reached the city yet, as Taishi said. Apart from that, the situation in the south let not much room for optimism. A few hours later, the "Nihon no Yari" unit had been called to the drill ground. A Japanese officer had explained the volunteers, in hardly understandable English, the decision of the high command. Tomorrow, the unit should be brought to Sapporo to strengthen the western defense ring around the city. This did not sound good.

Frank and Alfred called Mr. Wilden in the evening and told him the news. The village boss just congratulated them, because he regarded it as extremely important that Sapporo was not conquered by the GCF – and he was also far away from this war.

However, the two men from Lithuania worried about the fact that the GCF had formed a giant army in front of Sapporo. So the day slowly passed and Frank brooded until he was tired enough to sleep. Finally his nightmares came back again...

Between Frank and the strange, dark shadows on the opposite side was a broad river with deep, black water. From the riverbank, the young rebel could only recognize a cloud of hazy entities that hatefully stared at him. It were t

he vengeful souls of those who had been killed by his bomb in Paris.

When they recognized Frank, they started to shout: ?There is the murderer Frank Kohlhaas!"

The young man became frightened and answered: ?Who are you?"

?We are your victims! In our earlier lifes, we have been policemen, politicians, journalists…"

Frank was silent for a short moment and winced. ?What do you want from me?"

The souls cried: ?We want to haunt you! Our faces shall anguish you in your sleep. We will come over you, again and again, to drive you insane! Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!"

The young man was suddenly seized by anger and he replied: ?You call me a murderer? You have killed my father and my sister! You have tortured me and millions of people have already died because of you!"

The souls of Frank`s victims hissed and howled. They did not want to hear that and a malicious murmuring resounded. ?You are a murderer, Frank Kohlhaas! Nothing else, only a dirty murderer!"

?It is your fault!", yelled Frank furiously at them. ?You have made me to the man, that I am now!"

?No, the murderer has always been inside you, we have just unlocked the cage which has held it back!"

Kohlhaas clenched his fist and spat on the ground: ?No, you are liars, all of you! I was a good person, until my life was destroyed by you! I was good, before you have tortured me!"

The dark cloud of souls began to swell and was screaming like a suffering child. Kohlhaas plugged his ears and closed his eyes.

"You love to kill, and you can not deceive us!", cried the souls with shrill voices.

?You have started all that bloodshed. I`m not afraid of you! I hope you burn in hell now! This is the place, where you belong!", he screamed.

?We are here, behind the river, in the realm of the dead. And we will wait for you, Frank! All too soon, we will welcome you here!", they murmured with gleeful voices.

?Burn in hell!", shrieked Frank again.

?Murderer! Murderer! Murderer!", howled the souls.

"Liars! It is your fault!"


It continued in this way. The sleeper rolled restlessly on his bed and flailed around. First, Frank did not awake and just whispered incomprehensible things. Suddenly he startled up like a rocket and opened his eyes.

One of the soldiers beside him was woken up by Frank`s talking in the sleep and his screams. He got out of his bed and shone Kohlhaas in the face with his flashlight. The German stared at him and stammered: ?What? What do you want?"

?Hey, man! What is wrong with you?", asked the soldier, annoyed about the fact that Frank had robbed his sleep. Kohlhaas blinked and yawned quietly: ?Nothing! It`s all right!"

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