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   Chapter 21 No.21

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 6384

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In the meantime, heavy cannon shells exploded among the storming soldiers, strewing the blood-soaked beach with craters and shredded bodies.

It was a terrible slaughter and the landing army of the GCF suffered great losses within only a few minutes. But all this was part of the strategical plan of the high command, because the beach of Wakkanai had to be overrun by masses of recruits. The new Chinese soldiers seemed to be the ideal "human material" for this ungrateful task.

Many of them probably really believed, that they were in the right. Nevertheless, in their eyes, Japan was responsible for the bioweapon attack on their homeland. But when they were mowed down in masses by machine gun salvos, all the military pathos seemed to be lost. Between the countless corpses, which covered the whole beach, the first invaders finally went flat and shot back at the Japanese. More and more of their comrades followed them and soon they were so legion, that even the furious fire hail of the defenders could not stop them anymore.

While the landing boats brought more soldiers to the beach, the warships at sea suddenly opened a murderous bombardment. Within seconds, the salvos of their heavy on-board cannons plowed through the range behind the beach and tore some of the Japanese shelters to pieces.

Sometimes, they also hit their own men. But even this was a part of the plan. The high command of the GCF knew, that there were enough reserves.

The Japanese cannons answered for their part and tried to hit the warships, but the success was just moderate. Only two of the swimming fortresses could be seriously damaged. Matsumoto`s soldiers had entrenched themselves deeply in their bunkers and concrete shelters and their faces had become dark, furious grimaces. They bared their teeth like wild animals and the leaders of the platoons swore to hold their positions till death. But the bulk of GCF soldiers was just to big to drive it back.

The attackers scurried over the corpses of their comrades and still came nearer. Their number appeared endless, mass over mass, too many for the few thousand Japanese who tried to hold the beach in front of Wakkanai.

Finally, the fight lasted several hours and the heavy machine guns of the defenders went on to tear bloody gaps into the huge swarm of their enemies. Then the Chinese recruits had come close enough to start their counterattack. The threw grenades and burned the Japanese soldiers with flamethrowers.

More and more jumped into the muddy emplacements of the defenders and struggled through the barbwire barricades, shooting and stabbing everything and everyone. Particularly the Chinese raged with a terrible thirst for revenge and killed every Japanese they could get. Two hours later, Matsumoto`s soldiers had been defeated after a brutal carnage. The GCF had conquered the beach.

After the remaining soldiers had reached the land, the order to take Wakkanai was immediately given to them. Tanks and mobile cannons followed the infantry and were still unloaded en masse. A small part of the northern coast of the Japanese islands had already been conquered and now, an enormous army, flanked by tanks,

marched towards the nearby city which had an important airport.

In the ruins of Wakkanai, that the GCF airforce had already devastated, a large contingent of the Japanese army was waiting for the invaders. Tanks, artillery and masses of infantrymen lay in wait in the bombed-out streets. The Japanese swore to fight as courageously as their comrades who had given their lives in the battle for the beach. Furthermore, snipers lurked in the streets of the city center and were on the look-out for their victims. The slaughter at the landing bay had already caused heavy casualties for the GCF and now the warships had to bring further reinforcements. Wakkanai was waiting for the blood court in its streets.

Kyushu, the southernmost of the four Japanese islands, was attacked in the meantime by a far greater invasion army under the command of general Williams.

There were still some fights in the ruins of the large cities, particularly in Kumamoto and Fukuoka, but the most Japanese divisions had already been driven back to Honshu, the central island. Matsumoto had arranged a tactical retreat, in order to spare his troops against the superior enemy. Too many soldiers were fallen and currently there was no chance to hold Kyushu. Therefore, Matsumoto decided that it was more important to defend the center of Japan. The next target of the GCF was the neighboring island of Shikoku and, above all, the city of Kochi with its big industrial plants.

If this attack was also successful, and the advance in the north was likewise quick, then it was valid to start the deadly blow against the densely populated area around the Japanese capital and to finally win the war.

Matsumoto`s generals took therefore a great interest in the defense of Hokkaido. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were waiting in Wakkanai and around the regional capital of Sapporo. Meanwhile, the heart of Japan, Tokyo, Yokohama and the other larger cities, were nonstop pumping weapons and ammunition through the country, in order to make a counterattack possible.

But things looked black. At this time, the number of GCF soldiers, airplanes and war machines, invading the country, appeared endlessly. Something had to happen to safe Japan`s existence. Again, the poison of resignation crept into the hearts of the inhabitants of the renegate country, while the dark shadow at both ends of the archipelago continued to grow.

In the south, on Shikoku island, the coastalnear cities of Uwajima and Matsuyama had already been conquered by the GCF. Meanwhile, the Japanese army was on a more or less ordered retreat.

At the same time, a brutal trench warfare for every inch of land was raging on Hokkaido. Wakkanai could still be hold by the defenders and the soldiers went on to kill each other in the ruins of the city with murderous frenzy. It finally lasted until the middle of the next month - conquer and recapture, urban warfare, fight for every street. The advance of the GCF had been stopped by the fanatical resistance of the Japanese army, for now, and the casualties of the international force were increasing more and more. After a while, the high command of the GCF was flustered.

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