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   Chapter 20 No.20

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5697

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It is their aim to bring us back on our knees, by force if necessary. We shall give them our manpower, our wealth, our money, our young men as mercenaries for the GCF – we shall give them the soul of Japan.

We shall remain indebted by their banks and we shall continue to behave like lambs that can be exploited. ?Hard measures" they demand against us. ?A due lesson" they want to teach us, so that they can enslave us again.

?Those Japanese will finally learn - through pain and agony!", the Lodge Brothers tell the world. Now the time has come. Now they let us learn.

Through agony, through bombs and through death. Those so called humanists, people friends and alleged liberators of the world!

The destruction of Kagoshima made one thing clear for me: The godliest man can not live in peace if his evil neighbor wants a war.

Now they even stated that we are the guilty ones of the attack on the Chinese city of Hangzhou, in order to finally have a reason to fight against us. They tell the people that I have arranged that massacre. ?Japan wants to attack the sector China!", they lie before the eyes of the world. They are the masters of lies, they are the real world plague!

But, my brothers and sisters, the people of Japan have nothing to do with the attack on China. This is the work of the World Government, the work of those warmongers, those dirty hypocrites.

Then, the World President cried his crocodile tears in front of the telecameras, but instigated the Chinese against us, at the same time. At present, they recruit them in masses for the GCF.

Soon after the Hangzhou hoax, the Lodge Brothers prevailed and their seed of hate was blossoming. Meanwhile, we have seen their devil`s faces.

Those men are driven by greed, hate, malice, bossiness, arrogance and atrocity. There is no limit to their hate against the nations of the world. I feel sorry for these madmen, but we will show them, that we are no sacrificial lambs!

We shall be tortured and executed, as a warning to all other freedom-loving people around the world. We shall be swept away from our islands, as a bloody example for the remaining nations which don`t trust the World Government any longer, deep inside.

People of Japan, now you must be strong like the great, old mountain. Be steadfast like ?Mr. Fuji" if earthquakes come and floods rise up. Remember our ancestors in these hours, the old knights of the Sengoku age. They have always been our idols, because they have never been afraid to die and have never lost their honor!

Soldiers of Japan, fix your bayonets and load your guns! Embrace wife and child and march to this holy war for our fatherland! Man the tanks, the airplanes, the cannons and the trenches! Bring death upon this fiendish breed!

We will give them not a single inch of Japan! Not the smallest island,

we will leave them, before they haven`t soaked it with their blood! They want to destroy us? Our age-old nation and its culture? Then, they shall also pay the price for it! And the price will be high! It will be enormous! May they come, the slave hordes of the tyrants! Stand your ground, my brothers and sisters! Now, Japan strikes back!"

The giant crowd raved after the words of Matsumoto as though it was shaken by a tornado. Thousands of young men who wore headbands with the Japanese flag shouted at the top of their lungs and raised their fists. Women screamed and applauded. Flags and banners were waved and the crowd sung the old and new national anthem of Japan. The folk of the rising sun took arms.

However, the Japanese high command had not yet decided on which front the foreign volunteers should fight. Also the soldiers of the ?Nihon no Yari" unit had no idea, what was waiting for them.

At the same time, the GCF army in the north of the Japanese archipelago was regrouped, in order to land on Hokkaido. The enemy had already concentrated bigger airforce squadrons on Kyushu, while the bombardments on Hokkaido only came punctually so far.

The cities Wakkanai and Abashiri were attacked at first, and some industrial plants were destroyed. The GCF bomber fleet did not make a devastating strike like in the case of Kagoshima, because an enormous invasion force was waiting on the warships to attack the north of Japan. The World Government had recruited thousands of Chinese soldiers for the great assault on the coastal region.

Two days still passed, necessary logistic preparations had to be done, then the warships brought the young men in great numbers from Sakhalin island and the Siberian port of Nakhodka towards Japan. The huge cargo boats and destroyers of the GCF armada prepared for the invasion. Hundreds of armored landing boats, chock-full of new recruited soldiers, slid into the dark-blue sea. They moved towards the beach and fastly dived under the water surface, when they were in range of the Japanese cannons. These boats looked like a swarm of sharks which was waiting to jump out of the water on their victims.

When the landing boats reached the coast, they finally emerged and their metallic bellies opened immediately, in order to spit out innumerable GCF soldiers. The fight began.

As soon as the first hatches opened, the soldiers jumped into the flat water, while a deadly barrage of gunfire came over them from the Japanese trenches. A terrible hail of projectiles drummed on the armored boats and the unfortunate men who came out from them.

The first attackers were just perforated by countless bullets and their bleeding bodies staggered into the water. Bloody clouds colored the water surface and numerous following soldiers climbed over the corpses of their dead comrades.

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