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   Chapter 19 No.19

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5853

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Suddenly, at 7.15 o'clock, the sirens howled and tore the people out of their tiredness. The first silhouettes of bomber squadrons appeared on the horizon, in order to fall downwards like steely raptors. The bloodbath began and a rain of chemical bombs gushed over the Japanese city. Kagoshima was executed.

?Boom! Boom! Boom!", it resounded from the districts in the direct proximity of the seacoast and a hellish, creeping barrage followed.

The roaring of engines and the hissing of jet fighters filled the air, while death looked forward to a rich harvest. The strategically important port which was full of large centers of the Japanese food industry, was immediately razed to the ground by the devious air raid.

Wild panic seized the helpless people of the burning city, while masses of civilians tried to escape from the blazing inferno. They ran into the metro tunnels or hid behind house walls or in cellars. Tens of thousands had not been able to flee from the brutal hammer blow of the GCF airforce and died in the burning ruins of their hometown.

It resounded like the roar of a malicious war god, when the bomb carpets of the GCF jet fighters suffocated Kagoshima under fire and smoke. The glowing red walls of death sped through the devastated streets and wiped out all life in their way.

The casaulties of the GCF were just minor on that day, because the Japanese were hit without warning by this cruel assault. But the total destruction of Kagoshima was only the starting shot for a much bigger conflict.

It was a merciless and perfectly planned strike against the population, because the GCF pilots had the clear order to destroy not only the factories and food plants, but above all the houses of the people, in order to cause as much terror as possible. And the tactic was successful. The Japanese nation reacted on the slaughter of Kagoshima with confusion. Matsumoto seemed to be incapable of acting.

When Kagoshima was erased and perished in an apocalyptic fire, also Thomas Baastfeldt, the Dutchman, lost his life. He had been brought to the south, as a soldier of a foreign division, and had helped during the bombardment with the evacuation of the civilian population. An aerial bomb hit him in the proximity of the city center and Baastfeldt was shred like a piece of paper. The young soldier was immediately dead and with him all the other civilians at this place.

Baastfeldt died at 21 and was the first victim that Ivas gave to the battlegrounds of the Japanese war. Other cities on the island of Kyushu, in the south of Japan, were spared from bigger air raids on that day. As a start, the World Government obviously waited for a reaction of Matsumoto and the Japanese people after this brutal attack.

When the GCF bombers stopped their merciless air strikes after several days, and returned to the aircraft carriers in the Pacific, Kagoshima looked as if it had been cr

ushed by a giant boot.

Over 150000 burned corpses were found in the ruins of the annihilated city. It was a massacre and moreover a sign. A sign, that showed the Japanese, what would come over them. An example of mass destruction and extermination - all in the name of the New World Order!

Except for a few anti aircraft-guns, the Japanese had not had very much to defend themselves. The hadn`t been prepared for an attack like this, neither psychologically nor military.

Furthermore, the few soldiers of the Japanese army had been busy enough with the evacuation of the population. Kagoshima had been destroyed pitylessly and the World Government had impressively proven, that it would take this war very seriously. One week later, some skycrapers in Tokyo were hit by missiles, then the attacks suddenly stopped.

Meanwhile, the GCF troops had been concentrated at the borders of the rebellious island realm, while the high command had begun with the elaboration of new strategies and prepared the land invasion of the gigantic army.

Matsumoto reacted on the destruction of Kagoshima with confusion. He had fallen again into a hole of deepest despair and Akira Mori and his other advisors could hardly help him. The Japanese president still wanted no military conflict deep inside, but he was realistic enough to see the facts.

Now, he had to act. Now, the Japanese people, oscillating between dread and wrath, expected a reaction from their leader. Peace had become nothing but an illusion.

Matsumoto`s death, the death of his entire high command, and of all, who had supported his rebellion was already decided by his enemies. The plan to destroy Japan had been approved by the influential gentlemen in the backrooms of world policy.

So the president acted with desperate courage and convoked a great mass demonstration in Tokyo. Finally, hundreds of thousands came to the capital of Japan and welcomed him with a deafening jubilation.

Meanwhile, Haruto Matsumoto appeared irate and bitter. His eyes resembled deep, dark holes and he bared his teeth like an angry wolf. Righteous wrath had seized his heart and he proclaimed:

?My beloved people of the rising sun!

I am a man of the peace! A man who wanted to build, instead of destroying. A man who wanted to heal, instead of striking further wounds into the body of the world. How often have I asked the World Government to let us live in peace? We just wanted to live as free people, just wanted to live the Japanese way of life. Is that too much to ask for?

You are my witnesses. I have tried it. More than a dozen times, but they did not want to talk to me. They ignored us, laughed about us! I am a proud descendant of an old house of samurais and I have degraded myself in front of the Lodge Brothers to get peace for my homeland. I have implored them to let us live in freedom and peace, but they were silent and smiled coldly.

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