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   Chapter 18 No.18

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5932

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Jeeps were driving over the large drill grounds, soldiers were yelling and running over the concrete ground. The two men recognized many big billets which could take up hundreds of soldiers. The high command assigned them to the foreign volunteer unit ?Nihon no Yari". The name of the corps meant ?Spear of Japan", as Frank learned.

Until the end of the month, the camp life consisted of instructions by the Japanese commanders and marching or firing practices. The nights in the large sleeping halls were sometimes restless and often the two volunteers were kept awake by a permanent whisper in many different languages. Frank and Alf mostly spoke English or tried to mediate messages with gestures. One or two soldiers of their platoon volatilely made the acquaintance of them, others just ignored them. The ?Nihon no Yari" unit consisted of 1100 soldiers, all together no Japanese – except for the leading officers.

Around 300 volunteers came from Iran, where a guerilla war was still raging between partisans and GCF troops. About hundred soldiers were from Spain and Italy. Furthermore, volunteers from India, the former USA, Canada, South America, South Africa, Australia, Iraq and also from other European countries had come to support the Japanese fight for liberty. Palestinians were another larger group.

Frank and Alfred had the best contact to the Europeans and the whites from North America that they regarded as their "tribal kinsmen". Besides, they could speak English with them. They talked a lot with Luc from France, also with James from Minnesota and a few others.

It was a strange bunch of guys here in Mito. So many completely different volunteers who often considered each other with warily looks, had submitted to the Japanese high command, in order to defend this country against the so hated troops of the World Government. Their motives were various, but the hate on the GCF held them together like a clip. On the first day in the military camp, the Japanese unit leader explained that all further instructions would be given in English, because this was the best known language among the new soldiers.

?Thank you for joining the Japanese Army! You are now under the command of the forces of Japan!", were the first words of the pugnacious sergeant who welcomed them, after they had mustered on the drill ground.

?Why are you here?", asked Frank the beefy man on the camp bed beside him.

?I`m Earl from America", answered the man. ?I`m here to kill some fucking GCF bastards. Like you, man..."

"I′m Frank!" The young man from Lithuania shook Earl`s hand and smiled friendly.

The American straigthened himself and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then he scrabbled in his backpack and fetched a little box of handrolling tobacco.

?Cigarette?", he asked.

?No, thanks!", said Frank. Alf came from behind and welcomed the tall man from the former USA too.

?If I ever go back to America, they will execute me!

", explained the volunteer. "I was ten years in prison for political activities..."

Kohlhaas nodded. "They put me in prison too. For the same things!"

?My father was the leader of a paramilitary group in Michigan. In 2018, nearly all members of this anti-government group were executed by the GSA", outlined Earl. "They put me in prison, just because I was the son of my father. Ten Years! My young wife was brought to a so called "mental health hospital" and is still there. Moreover, I never saw my little daughter again!"

Frank and Alfred could imagine the cruel fate of this man and his family. His hate on the World Government was obvious, but he could nevertheless be glad that the GSA had not executed him after his term of imprisonment.

However, Earl was about 30 years old, but appeared older, doomed by his fate. Deep, dark eye rings had formed in his rutted face. His look was hateful, but sometimes also sad and depressed. Frank and Alfred told him about their lifes and the American showed his understanding.

The story about the holo cell which Kohlhaas told several times, seemed to affect him very much. He clenched his fist and straightened up in front of the two men: ?Don`t worry, my brothers! One day, those rats will pay for everything!"

Outbreak of War

While Kohlhaas and B?umer stayed in Mito, the Japanese prepared for the imminent attack of the GCF. Meanwhile, the archipelago of Okinawa was full of countless GCF soldiers and numerous tanks and airplanes. In the morning hours of 10th of August 2031, general Williams, the commander-in-chief of the southern invasion army, gave the order to start the assault.

Heavily armed warships loaded the GCF soldiers, while the aircraft carriers of the international armed forces, transported a whole armada of bombers and jet fighters to the south coast of the Japan.

As their first target, the GCF airforce had selected the coastal city of Kagoshima. It should be crushed without mercy. A bloody example which would open the gigantic land invasion of Japan with a fire inferno.

It was around 6, 00 o'clock in the morning, when hundreds of GCF bombers started from the aircraft carriers on the high sea and the air bases on Okinawa, in order to annihilate the still sleeping coastal city.

Behind them, the morning sun glowingly rose from the water and covered the Japanese sea with a threatening, bloody red. This disastrous omen opened the coming day, because Kagoshima`s death knell had already been rung far away on the sea.

The Japanese defense was surprised and overwhelmed with the situation. They had nothing to oppose the concentrated hate, overcoming their city. The bombers came like a malicious swarm of wasps, with the will to wipe out all life below them. Men and women awoke yawning and crept out of their beds, little children were brought to the school bus by their mothers after the breakfast, the streets of Kagoshima slowly filled with life.

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