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   Chapter 17 No.17

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Frank and Alfred were totally amazed, when Taishi talked about these reforms. Things, the people in "Central Europe" could only dream of, because there just ruled one single principle: "Eat or die!", a soulless capitalism.

In Japan, the small businessmen received subsidies, the Globe was already abolished and the Yen had been introduced again. Meanwhile, Japan was flourishing.

No wonder, that the people loved Matsumoto. The president of the island state had connected the monetary value to the manpower of the population and had also abolished the "interest system". Effective forms of power production, for example fusion reactors, received an intensive support by the Japanese state, what especially annoyed the international energy companies. Meanwhile, numerous cars ran with water or electricity. The two men from Germany could hardly believe, what they heard.

Moreover, Taishi told them that Matsumoto had abolished the Scanchip, as replacement for credit card and identity card, while he had restored the hardcash again. Therefore, it was no greater miracle that the Lodge Brothers were more than angry about measures like this.

Japan had also advanced in its technological development since Matsumoto`s takeover. And the new government of the island state did everything to promote new technologies.

If the World Government had hoped to bring Japan to its knees by a worldwide boycott of its goods, they had to realize in 2031, that this approach had brought only moderate success so far.

The Lodge Brothers could not believe that Japan, poor in natural resources, could built up an autarchic economy. But Matsumoto`s policy showed them their fallacy.

Furthermore, the rising of a new Japanese patriotism and the recollection of the island people on their traditional culture was a true nightmare for the strategists of the New World Order. The return of the old Japanese value system which honoured family, fatherland and diligence, brought the Lodge Brothers to outbreaks of hate. Haruto Matsumoto had advanced this development with resoluteness, and the Japanese people thanked him for this.

?Sounds unbelievable!", said B?umer.

?Nevertheless, it is true. Matsumoto is a real benediction for Japan!", answered Taishi euphorically. ?He is the best president, Japan has had since ages, my friends!"

"I begin to understand, why this man causes some headaches in the ranks of the Lodge Brothers. They must depict him as a real demon. Otherwise, other nations would follow the positive example of Japan!", meant Frank.

"Now they want to destroy us with war!", fulminated Taishi full of anger. "They want to punish our nation!"

?Do you think, that you will have a chance against the power of the GCF, Mr. Taishi?", asked Alf.

Their host clenched his fists and stared grimly at the ceiling. "Japanese people will...they will not surrender!"

Shortly aft

erwards, the family father went to the kitchen and brought a steaming teapot into the dining room. He put it on the table and appeared thoughtfully now.

?My son, Kazuko, he studies mathematics at Tokyo university, he will also fight. He must go to army to Kobe", he remarked.

Kazuko Taishi was 24 years old and the two rebels from Lithuania had hardly seen him so far. Today he had probably driven to the university in the center of the city, because they didn`t find him anywhere in the house. On the one hand, his father seemed to be proud that Kazuko joined the army, but on the other, his father was full of sorrow about the rising conflict.

?I just…I hope…Kazuko will not die, when war comes", said Masaru, looked at his guests and browsed in a German dictionary.

?Don`t worry, Mr. Taishi. He will not die, I`m sure…", Frank tried to calm him.

The days passed. Occasionally, the Japanese asked Frank and Alfred to dinner and sometimes they drove to the inner city of Tokyo. On other days, they visited old temples and even the Fujiyama.

Taishi told his guests from Europe that the most Japanese were still happy and content, despite the danger of war. Tokyo was hopelessly overcrowded, but nevertheless a beautiful city. Endless streets with large, shining promotional signs full of strange letters, dominated the main squares of the city center. It was amazingly clean and tidy here. Frank and Alf only knew the mouldered and dirty cities of Western and Eastern Europe, but this Japanese metropolis was the absolute opposite. This place was filled with a feeling of advancement.

Blocks of houses and whole quarters were renovated, painted or even converted. Frank and Alfred were surrounded by an immaculate and modern megacity and felt obviously well. Soon they became acquainted with the other members of the Taishi family who accompanied them on some of the trips. Masaru`s wife and his children appeared sophisticated, friendly and were always very polite.

The two Europeans enjoyed these days, until it was time to leave. On the 22th of July 2031, the day of their provisional parting from their guest family had come. Both men finally drove to Mito in the east of Tokyo to join the Japanese army as volunteers, and to find accommodation in the local military camp.

After a trip in an overcrowded metro and a longer journey in a very modern bus, they reached the army base. Some other foreigners traveled with them. Most of them spoke Arab and were probably from Iraq.

Two other Europeans sat in the second row in the forepart of the bus, always looking at them with a smile. During this day, more and more buses full of young men from nearly all countries followed. The military camp filled slowly, while Frank and Alfred reported to the commander of the base. His name was Ishiro and he led them through the camp which became more and more a fussing place.

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