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   Chapter 16 No.16

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5335

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So many houses and buildings at one single place, the two men had never seen before. Meanwhile, they became a bit scary by thinking about entering this "moloch" of a city.

Alfred had slept during the flight, while Frank had fought against boredom. Now the long journey through the sky was over and the Lithuanian machine touched the runway with a loud rumble.

After a while, both men entered the overcrowded airport of Tokyo. Incessant talking, calling and snickering surrounded the two men with the small backpacks who waited here for Masaru Taishi, their contact person in this strange country. It was meanwhile after 18.00 o'clock of European time and the plane had had some delay. But Frank was glad that the old aicraft had still made it to Japan, without landing in the sea.

Now they were already waiting for a while in the proximity of the exit, trying to realize the new environment. Beside a luggage car, they suddenly saw a little, older man with horn-rimmed glasses. He peered around and seemed to scan the crowd in front of him for somebody. Frank and Alfred came nearer. The man waved his hand, called something they could hardly understand and smiled. A moment after, he stood in front of the two rebels and took a closer look at them.

?Frank Kohruhas and Arufred Baumer?", he asked and grinned.

?Right! Are you Mr. Taishi?", answered Alf.

?Welcome! Welcome to Japan!", shouted the older gentleman euphorically and tried to hug B?umer.

The two Germans looked at each other, nodded and bowed to the Asian. Taishi bowed still deeper to them. Finally, he shook their hands.

"Welcome! Welcome!", he called. ?My name is Masaru Taishi!"

?Frank Kohlhaas!", said that.

?Hello, I`m Alfred B?umer!", replied the tall man.

?Frank and Arufred! Welcome!", said Mr. Taishi again.

?Why does he always say Arufred?", whispered B?umer and nudged Frank.

?These Japs have some problems with the ?L", buddy!", explained Kohlhaas quietly and had to suppress a laughter.

Their contact person, Wilden`s former business partner, walked ahead now and led the two men to a big underground parking, in which a red ?Kensai" was waiting.

They drove about half an hour through various quarters of Tokyo and finally came to an outlying district. Here lived the Japanese who had interrogated them during the entire trip in broken German. Mr. Taishi was really garulous and seemed to have a talent to jar on other people`s nerves. Nevertheless, he was very nice and hospitable. Frank and Alfred just told the most necessary and tried to relax. It was a great feeling to be free in this country.

No overarching monitoring, no omnipresent fe

ar of the police – just great! Here in Japan, they were free men and there was no "long arm" of the system, lurking for them in a dark corner, in order to bring them back to prison. They had not had such a redeeming feeling since many years. It was simply wonderful!

Masaru Taishi stopped the car, politely opened the door for his guests and smiled. At the house entrance, his wife and the two children were waiting. Now they smiled too. The two rebels followed the loudly takling Japanese and were finally welcomed by the rest of his family. Everybody just smiled. Then they all bowed, as if they would already be age-old friends.

?All is okay in Lithuania? How does Thorsten feel? Good?", asked Taishi and perked his eyebrows up. Little, light brown slitted eyes peeped over the edge of the horn-rims.

?He is okay. And we are okay too. It is very nice that we can stay in your house, Mr. Taishi", said Alf.

The Japanese clapped Alf on the back, still smiling. ?Thank you, that you help Japan…for us to fight! Understand?"

The short man gestured and was very excited. Then he continued to walk through his house and showed Frank and Alf the kitchen, where the rest of his family was waiting - with a big smile.

?Japanese always smile… ", whispered Kohlhaas to his friend and prodded him lightly.

?I see it!", answered Alf quietly.

?You can eat now. My wife Ayaka makes good food, good meals!", said the Japanese and sat down in front of a little table.

B?umer nodded and took his shoes off, before he went into the kitchen. Frank was glad that his friend had rememberd this Japanese gesture of politeness and did the same.

They did not want to insult their new friends by being impolite. So they ate, drank a sip of sake and talked for a while with Mr. Taishi, while his wife and the children still stood beside them and kept on smiling.

The former businessman spoke amazingly good German and English. Above all, his English seemed almost to be perfect, because Taishi had traveled around the world for many years. But in compliment to his guests, he tried to talk German most of the time.

Finally, all went to bed and after such an exhaustive day, Frank had no problems to find a good sleep. This time, he just felt free.

On the next day, Masaru Taishi described the situation in Japan at first hand. His German was quite liquid and to elucidate difficult terms, he still used the English language. He told that Mastumoto had added innumerable new jobs and had also introduced a new system of social security. Furthermore, he had brought in a paid holiday for workers and employees, and this was unique in the whole world.

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