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   Chapter 15 No.15

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?And I still wanted to tell you something, before I perhaps never see you again… ", whispered Julia sadly.

?What? Then please say it, my dear...", answered Frank quietly and tried to hug her. Just at that moment Wilden came down the stairs at full speed.

Kohlhaas turned around, Julia stepped back and the leader of the rebel base unhesitatingly started his speech: "Okay, Frank, here are the most important points for tomorrow. I already read them to Julia, perhaps she has told you about..."

"Eh...", stuttered Kohlhaas and rolled his eyes. Julia gasped and stared irritatedly at her father.

"You shouldn`t carry too much luggage, Frank. I have already said to Masaru...", elucidated the village boss and Kohlhaas had to listen.

His daugther went to the side room and just wished the volunteer the best of luck, then she departed with disappointment in her eyes.

Wilden`s description of the international situation, full of all theoretical eventualities, still continued for a few hours. When B?umer came to the house of the gray-haired man, he had to listen to the same lecture.

The flight to Japan was at 10.00 o'clock and John Thorphy, the Irishman, had the order to bring the two men to the airport of Vilnius in his old, rusty car. Both volunteers had hardly luggage, only a further set of dresses, a jacket and some sandwiches. In this early morning hours, the two rebels became more than nervous, when they thought about the flight to Japan with one of the old, badly maintained passenger planes of the sector "Eastern Europe". Frank suddenly felt sick, before he got into the car of the Irishman, but then he checked himself.

Finally, Wilden appeared and wished them all the best, but the Irishman interrupted the following new lecture of the village boss about the political importance of this mission, and pointed nervously at his watch.

?We have to leave now, Thorsten!", he said and opened the door of his car.

The trip to the former capital of Lithuania was unspectacular. Frank and Alfred just looked out the window and let the sun-drenched landscape pass. Green meadows and old farmhouses were on both sides of the road. They looked terribly sordid and humble. This land had already seen better times – without doubt.

They punctually reached the airport and submerged in a crowd of numerous air passengers. John Thorphy finally said goodbye and was endeavors to leave the large city as fast as possible. He did not like trips to densely populated areas, because he was nevertheless still a person who was searched by the GSA.

Kohlhaas looked strange on this day. He had a shaggy, dark beard, wore some broad sunglasses and a gray baseball cap. Alfred wore a cap too, and tried to hide his face from the countless video cameras at the entrance of the airport. The whole place was full of instruments of monitoring and despite their perfectly falsified Scanchips the two men felt more than u


Both breathed more heavily when they reached the control zone, but again, HOK`s falsified datas were proven as safe. Their luggage only consisted of leisure clothing and none of the grimly looking testers examined them more intensively. After they had left the security zone, Frank and Alf gasped quietly and finally went a bit more relaxed to their flier. The large airplane was relatively empty. Only some dozen passengers had gone on board and the biggest part of them seemed to be businessmen. The number of tourists who still visited Japan in these days, was very small. Just one family with three little children who loudly commentated the safety instructions of the hostess, could be seen. Otherwise, many people in fine suits and with big suitcases had spread over the seat rows.

If Frank and Alfred were asked by someone, why they wanted to fly to Japan, they would have answered that they just visited Frank`s sister who lived in Tokyo.

More precisely, not ?Frank`s sister", but Mr. Eduard Rietli`s sister, Diana Landes. Because a Scanchip of Frank Kohlhaas did not exist anymore. HOK and Wilden had imagined a lot of waterproof answers for the two volunteers, even for the most unexpected situations.

But the Lithuainian officials did not ask, because the diplomatic tensions between Japan and the World Government had nothing to do with their own lives. So they just worked laxly – as always.

Then the machine started with roaring engines and dived into the deep blue sky, Alfred already slept after a few minutes and snored quietly. Meanwhile, Kohlhaas looked nervously around and nodded from time to time at the hostess with a harmless smile. The monotonous flight took longer than expected, but in the end, everything went smoothly. Finally, the captain told in English, that the Japanese islands had come in sight, while the passangers tried to see something through the cloud cover.

Frank meant to recognize some large rock formations. Shortly afterwards, the airplane went ever faster into the landing approach and the outlines of the land mass became clearer. From this great height, the Japanese capital looked bizarre. Giant skyscrapers stretched themselves into the sky like huge forefingers and the sea of concrete hulks seemed to be endless.

?Like a termite hill...", imagined the young man. Alfred snored approvingly. And indeed, this was one of the most densely populated areas on the whole planet. Perhaps even the largest, because about 45 million people lived between Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki and the other cities in the proximity.

Futuristically looking, multistorey buildings with countless floors covered the landscape to the horizon. Some of the skycrapers had the classical angular form, others were roundish or oval. It was an unusual sight. This plane brought them to the pumping heart of civilization - from Ivas, the small village in the vastness of Eastern Europe,

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