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   Chapter 14 No.14

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5728

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Frank and Alfred had agreed upon to fly on 29.06.2031 from Vilnius to Tokyo. Sven and the other four men should fly to the islands before that. Wilden told them to travel either alone or as a pair. Meanwhile, the village boss had organized further accommodation possibilities, together with Taishi. Kohlhaas and B?umer spent the next weeks with the basic training of the younger fighters. During a close combat practice, Alf gave the impetuous Sven, more or less inadvertently, a black eye. After that, the pugnacious rebel cooled down a bit.

On 10.06.2031, Christian and Dennis Müller were brought to the airport of Vilnius and started their journey to the Far East. Admittedly, the two young men were not very noticeable, but nevertheless, HOK changed their Scanchips carefully, giving them new false identities. After several hours, the inconspicuous brothers landed in Yokohama and were finally accommodated at a friend of Taishi.

However, the two volunteers were interrogated by the Japanese police and had to stay for three hours at the airport. A Mr. Ishito, an acquaintance of Masaru Taishi, had to vouch for them. When Christian Müller told Wilden on the phone that everything was all right, even Frank and Alf had a better feeling.

Some days later, they celebrated Sven`s departure with a proper bout. On the next day, the young man also drove to Vilnius to start his desiderated trip to the Japanese war zone. His parents were not that euphoric on the last day before his takeoff and Frank had to calm Sven`s crying mother several times.

The rebel finally landed in Kobe, where his Japanese contact person was already waiting for him. Shortly afterwards, the volunteer sent an email to Wilden and insured that everything was okay.

Rolf Hugenthal and the young Dutchman Thomas Baastfeldt left Ivas two days later. They landed in Tokyo and had no problems at the airport. Nevertheless, Hugenthal, the sturdy man, had been tortured by aviatophobia and had spent the flight with stomachache. But HOK`s falsified Scanchips had once again been perfect. The volunteers had carried almost no luggage, because the Japanese army had all the necessary equipment for them. After two weeks, the young men were transferred to various military camps, where they were assigned to platoons and divisions which often consisted exclusively of foreign volunteers.

Sven came to a military base in Kumamoto in the Japanese south. The Müller brothers were brought to Sendai, Baastfeldt came to Kagoshima and Rolf Hugenthal to Abashiri in the north of Japan. Thorsten Wilden got several emails, in which the young men reported about their impressions. Slowly, the war fever seemed to vanish and reality came back.

Who had thought that he could spend a nice adventure holiday in Japan, was soon confronted with a sober and hard camp life and a merciless mil

itary training. The Japanese officers also drilled the foreign volunteers with their usual hardness.

Nevertheless, the war was still gray theory, and the volunteers did not know, what was really waiting for them. The GCF had occupied Okinawa, but these islands were far away and hardly concerned their lifes. Everything seemed to be quiet. But the peace was deceitful.

Frank Kohlhaas discussed with Wilden some details of his flight to Japan again. On this occasion, he also visited his daughter, in order to apologize for his rude behaviour at the last New Year`s Eve party.

In the meantime, the leader of the rebel base made a checklist for Frank and Alf for the next day, while Kohlhaas went down to the living room. Wilden was very busy, rummaged around in the drawers of his desk and was just absent-minded. Meanwhile, Frank tried to take a chance and left his office on quiet soles. Julia seemed to have waited for the young man, welcoming him with a gentle smile. She accepted his monosyllabic apology and embraced him, while Frank still behaved clumsily. Nevertheless, he was on the way to a dangerous operation and had to say goodbye to her. Since the beginning of this year, Wilden`s daugther had ignored him, because of his uncharming behavior. But now everything seemed to be forgotten and Frank`s reconciliation with her finally took a big load off her mind.

And the young man knew, that Julia`s annoyance had been justified - the pretty and intelligent daughter of the village boss just couldn`t put up with everything.

?I don`t like these Japanese...", said Julia and looked at the ceiling. She sat at the kitchen table and played absently with a little egg cup of plastic. Frank didn`t know what to say and scratched his head.

?What do you want there, at the other end of the world? What has Japan to do with us?", she asked.

"Thus, it is important that the Japanese stands their ground if the GCF attacks!", explained Kohlhaas not very convincingly.

"I know. My father says the same stuff since weeks, and he is totally proud of you. In the worst case, seven young men from our village will just die there. However, this is madness!", she groaned and looked desperately unhappy.

Frank tried to turn the discussion back to the New Year`s Eve party.

?Eh, Julia! You aren`t angry anymore, isn`t it? I was that drunk and I can hardly remember...", stammered Kohlhaas.

Julia grinned precociously, stood up from the chair and gently clapped Frank on his shoulder. Then she stroked through his hair and the young man winced with surprise. It was the first time that the inapproachable woman did somthing like this.

?I know, Frank. But this is forgotten now. I`m not angry anymore, okay?"

Then I`m reassured!", said the rebel, harrumphed and tried to drive back some inappropriate thoughts, deep inside his mind.

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