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   Chapter 13 No.13

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Sven and the other younger men followed them like fanatical believers. If Frank and Alfred thought about Sven and his fellows they were not sure, if everyone of them would really be a good soldier.

Sven was the born Landser, already a charismatic young man with his 23 years: Tall, with blond hair, bright eyes, audacious, bold and very insolent. But not all of his fellows were prototypes of the "brave Teuton".

For example Rolf Hugenthal. He was 18 years old, sturdy and not very articulated. Nevertheless, he was a reliable young man, certainly a bit beef-witted. His parents had come to Ivas five years ago and were from Hamburg. Furthermore, the brothers Christian and Dennis Müller belonged to Sven`s group. Both were two athletic young men with a remarkable talent for shooting. They were about twenty years old.

Thomas Baastfeldt was of Dutch origin and lived with his father and his two sisters here in the village, since over eight years. He was a little berserk and seemed to be easily attractionable and aggressive. His grey eyes often looked around with an element of truculence. Baastfeldt made the impression of being always ready for a brawl.

At last, there was Michael Ziegler who had celebrated his 18th birthday only one month ago. This young boy was something like the weak point in Sven`s little "army", because Ziegler appeared shy and anxious. The teenager was relatively lean and had a salient pointed nose, why the others jokefully named him ?birdie". He lived with his parents in a ramshackle, old house. Michael was their only child. There had already been controversies at home for weeks, because, above all, his mother tried to forbid him to follow his friends to Japan.

And it was clear that the unhappy young man had no real enthusiasm to be trained for a real war. Sven had just persuaded him to join the volunteers.

Meanwhile, the blond man habitually roared at Ziegler if he behaved awkwardly again or did not answer Sven`s expectations. Sometimes it was so extreme that Frank and Alfred had to intervene.

It was at the end of the month, when Michael Ziegler`s mother unexpectedly emerged on the field behind Wilden`s house, during another firing practice. The village boss was instructing and observing the young volunteers who shot at bottles or cans. Mother Ziegler came to him with an eager expression and reared up in front of him. She just looked ridiculous, because she was a very petite person. Nevertheless, she made a resolved impression.

?Mr. Wilden!", she hissed. ?Now, I will say it again clearly to you: My son doesn`t want to join Sven`s volunteer group. Since weeks, this impudent boy pressurizes him and molests my Michael with his stupid visions of war!"

The ot

her volunteers on the field haggardly stared at the furious woman with the shrill voice. She clenched her bony fists and her little head, covered with gray hair, was whipping back and forth.

However, the village boss was surprised: "Mrs. Ziegler, belive me, nobody has forced Michael to take part in the fight for Japan. It was his own decision!"

?This is a lie, Wilden! Sven urges him day by day and calls him a wimp!", she screamed angrily.

The rebel leader seemed to be somehow overwhelmed with her mother instinct and called for Sven. Then he asked him: ?Okay, tell me the truth! Does Michael Ziegler really wants to join your group?"

?Of course, Thorsten! Michael, come here!", shouted Sven and looked threateningly at the shy, young man.

?Yes...I want to go to Japan!", stuttered Ziegler.

?This is nothing but nonsense, Michael! You already said to me yesterday, that you are scared of all this. It`s only Sven`s fault, as you have told me...", bickered mother Ziegler and stamped her foot.

Thorsten Wilden grumbled: ?I have anyway the impression that your son is not very suitable for the front. This war will be brutal and cruel, and the whole thing is nothing for your boy."

?My husband was politically active for so many years and we had only problems with all this. That was the reason, why we had to flee to Ivas, Wilden. Nevertheless, you know Dieter. He is a born fighter, but my Michael is a peaceful person and he is my only child."

Suddenly the mother began to cry and stared at Sven in desperate anger.

"Keep your fingers away from my Michael!", she hissed.

Wilden almost lost his head, while Mrs. Ziegler transformed into a howling fury. Sven tried to explain her some political things, but she became more and more hysterical.

"Play your war games with another boy, not with my child!", she snarled and tried to slap the blond rebel. Sven just turned away, railed and asked Wilden for a decision.

Frank, Alfred and the remaining volunteers observed the scene from the field and appeared helpless. This angry mother was worse than a GCF tank. Michael Ziegler looked ashamedly at the ground and said nothing.

"Go home with your mother! Stop this charade now!", said the village boss and Michael Ziegler walked off the drill ground.

?Yeah, go to your mama!", yelled Sven and kicked angrily against a wooden post. Frank ordered him to shut up and gave the hothead an assault rifle.

?It`s enough now! Let the boy go!", muttered B?umer, staring at Sven with a look of appeal.

Mother Ziegler and her son trudged away and Michael wasn`t seen for the next days. Now, only seven volunteers were had remained to start their journey to Japan. But perhaps it was better that way.

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