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   Chapter 12 No.12

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5831

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Should they just live their little lifes here in Ivas? Was it right to ignore the upcoming evil without doing something? No, this was not the right way in the long term. The fight was not over. To the contrary, it had just begun. A brave nation had risen, tearing the chains of slavery to pieces, and now, the existence of this nation was endangered.

In these days, it was Japan that gave so many millions a dawn of hope. This state showed the world, that resistance was possible - that the enemy was not godlike.

A milestone for the further course of world history had not been the assassination of Leon-Jack Wechsler, but rather the freedom fight of president Matsumoto. If he and his people would survive, then it would prove the vulnerability of the World Government. It would just clarify, that the Lodge Brothers were no "dark gods" with the mark of invincibility, but only unscrupulous criminals. The days passed and the brains of Frank and Alfred still worked strenuously.

Shortly afterwards, they went to Sven and spoke with him about the pro and cons of the whole thing. Finally, they consented. If they would not fight now, when would they ever want to fight then? Frank Kohlhaas and Alfred B?umer decided to join the Japanese army.

Masaru Taishi

In the early morning hours of 07.05.2031, GCF units landed on Okinawa in the south of Japan. Over one million soldiers came out of the enormous warships which had come from China and the Philippines. Moreover, several tank squadrons and a whole air fleet were stationed here. The occupation of Okinawa, that small and strategically very important archipelago, came unexpected and was already a military act.

Not until the year 1972, the former USA had given the rule over the island group back to the old Japanese state, after it had been conquered by the Americans in 1945. At that time, about 120000 soldiers had lost their lives in the great battle for the jungle-covered archipelago.

Since the end of the Second World War, the United States had built up an enormous military base here which could always keep an eye on Japan.

Even after the transfer of the administrative sovereignty to the East Asian state in 1972, this base had remained and had furthermore been used by U.S. troops. In the course of the abolition of the Japanese state in 2020, the Lodge Brothers had converted the old U.S. military base to a GCF base, that had again been dissolved after Matsumoto`s takeover and the re-establishment of Japan.

Thus, Okinawa had been an apple of discord for decades, but now the giant armed force of the World Government took the archipelago without a single shot.

The prefect, the administrative head of Okinawa, Mr. Hirokazu Nakashima, reacted perfectly helpless on the occupation. After only two days, he was arrested and executed by GSA agents, because of ?crimes against world peace and humanity". President Matsumo

to spoke of a brazen assault, however, the still insufficiently prepared Japanese army held back and had to accept the loss of the archipelago.

In the meantime, the world press celebrated the "great victory" and spoke of a ?first success against the fascist Matsumoto regime". The old U.S. military base finally became the strategic headquarter of the southern invasion army of the GCF.

General David Williams, the commander-in-chief of the Global Control Force, who should attack Japan from the south resided here from now on. At the same time, the recruitments for the GCF ran at full speed in China. Innumerable young Chinese volunteered, in order to join the revenge campaign against Japan.

?Retaliation for the massacre of Hangzhou!" was the slogan of the international propagandists, who relentlessly agitated in the Chinese provinces. In the north of Japan, another huge army was stationed on Sakhalin island which was separated from Japan only by a small strait.

The largest city on the isle, Yuzno Sakhalin, was converted to a giant military camp. At the east coast of China and Korea, still more GCF troops were waiting for the attack on Northern Japan. This second army was under the command of general Daniel Schwarzer. Nevertheless, the World Government still called for more infantry platoons, tanks, cannons and airplanes. Millions of soldiers deployed in front of Japan`s borders, preparing for the great assault. Aircraft carriers, submarines and destroyers encircled the rebellious island state, while the dawn of war was rising.

For now, however, the huge army just waited, because further preparations were still necessary. Military camps were built overnight and supplies were hoarded. Meanwhile, the Japanese government acted disconcerted and it was conspicuous, that Matsumoto was scared of the coming conflict with this terrifying force. The leader of the Japanese nation abstained from any official statements for the foreign press after the illegal occupation of Okinawa. Instead, he held a radio speech to his people. Matsumoto encouraged the Japanese, to be defensive and watchful: ?The war will probably be forced on us, my compatriots. Our enemies have ignored all my appeals for peace again. Prepare your hearts to fight!"

In reverse, the international media called the president a "miserable coward" and tried to heat up the situation. "Okinawa liberated by GCF troops: Matsumoto does not strike back! Is the warmonger suddenly afraid to fight?" headlined the "New Britain Times" from London.

The men in Ivas read the newest reports with the usual suspicion. Thorsten Wilden was once again furious about the brazen press agitation. The others, however, hadn`t expected anything else and reacted much more calmly. Meanwhile, Frank Kohlhaas and Alfred B?umer spent the sunny days of May 2031 with firing practices and tried to prepare for their mission of war.

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