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   Chapter 11 No.11

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5636

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Wilden ran through his office and gestured wildly, when Frank and Alfred asked him about that "volunteer thing". ?This boy drives me insane since days. After I had told him, that more and more freedom fighters from all over the world go to Japan, in order to support Matsumoto, Sven is totally excited. In the last week, about 5000 partisans from Iran have gone to the island. Masaru told me that. It has been a big topic in the Japanese media, after the slogan: ?You see, the whole world joins our fight for freedom! "

?How do all those men come to Japan?", asked Alf now.

?They just seep through the meshes of the control network of the World Government in small groups. Then they gather somewhere in Japan", explained the village boss. ?Who is catched by the GCF, as a potential resistance fighter, is liquidated immediately. But the partisans from Iran, and also many other groups of rebels, have developed good structures in the last years. They even have their own ships or other transport facilities."

?How does Sven want to come to Japan?", asked Frank with a tense expression.

?Very simple! By airplane, as a passenger. He wants to take five men with him. All travel separately, so that they are not noticeable as a group. Starting from the 01.07.2031, all passenger flights to Japan will be forbidden, the same will be valid for cruises. But currently, it is still possible. Soon, nobody will be able to reach Japan anymore.

The state will be perfectly isolated from all other countries. And the Japanese will cordon off their country too. Furthermore, they will arrest or execute everyone who seems to be an agent of the Lodge Brothers. The sole exception are businessmen with special permissions. But this is nothing for us "normal people", Frank. I think, Sven and the rest will reach Japan without bigger problems if the hurry up", said Wilden

?Do you endorse this operation at all?", asked Alf then.

?Well, I can`t forbid them to join the fight. Further, it is extremely important, that Japan is supported by every available soldier from other countries. Every honourable young man should actually be a volunteer in this substantial conflict!", pontificated the gray-haired man.

?Thus, you also expect that from us? We are finally the "heroes" of Ivas - at least, in Sven`s eyes!", said B?umer and looked emphatically in Wilden`s direction.

?This is your own thing. I won`t force anybody. If I were younger, I would immediately join the Japanese army, even because it is so incomprehensibly important for the rest of mankind. This state must not fall, it must be defended! However, I`m nearly sixty years old and would probably be no great assistance on the front. Moreover, I must keep Ivas running. But you two are good fighters, what you have already proven in Paris. The b

est men in our base! You could be a real gain for the Japanes army. Nevertheless, I say this with mixed feelings, because I don`t want to lose you, boys", explained Wilden and looked out the window, as if the whole situation would be unpleasant for him. Frank and Alfred did not reply.

B?umer finally stood up from the black leather couch in Wilden`s office and said: ?We will think about it. Could you accommodate us there if we would really go to Japan?"

?That would probably be the smallest problem. I have already spoken with Masaru Taishi about this. You, or someone of the boys, could stay in his house."

Wilden avoided to look at his comrades and turned around. ?I understand! You have already organized everything! However, the "great heroes of Paris" shall not miss the coming slaughter, right?", said Kohlhaas spitefully.

The leader of Ivas was silent and just harrumphed quietly. ?It is your own decision. Organizing is my job here. If I wouldn`t organize, Ivas would just go down the drain. That`s the way it is!", answered the former entrepreneur and still avoided to look at the faces of his two fellows.

?We will come back to you!", said Alfred and signaled his friend, that it was time to go now. The two rebels went out of the room and left Wilden`s house.

Julia, his daughter, came to meet them in the corridor and whispered some greetings. Alfred just nodded, while Frank looked away and didn`t answer her.

When the two men walked through their freshly painted hallway and sat down in the kitchen, they didn`t talk at all. Today they felt not as heroes and had moreover the impression that the village boss tried to apply pressure to them in a subtle way. Some days and nights they just brooded or discussed the for and against of a journey to Japan. In contrast to Sven they had already been able to satisfy their desires for adventures one year ago in Paris. And both were glad to be still alive. Furthermore, the men could imagine, what big calamity this coming war would bring upon the population of Japan. No, this would not be an adventure holiday – it would be a trip to hell.

On the other hand, they had chosen a life as resistance fighters and armed conflicts with the enemy were just a part of it. Japan was so far away, on the other side of the globe, but the battle for the only state on earth which had openly challenged the power of the Lodge Brothers was crucial for all other countries.

If the GCF would not be able to conquer the archipelago, it could become a disaster for the World Government which had the image of an invincible force. However, this conflict was of great importance. Was it not more than necessary to safe the only rebellious nation on the planet from the terror of the enemy? All the eyes of mankind looked at Japan in these days.

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