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   Chapter 10 No.10

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 4986

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?Hello Steffen!", welcomed him Frank. ?Still making millions?"

?Just forget it! But anything is better than nothing. I can have this old shop for free, as Wilden says. Yesterday, I have sold a jumper cable to one of the new ones. That was really a stubborn guy. His name is Richard, he has hardly said a word", told the merchant.

?I need a new paint roller, Steffen!", remarked Frank and looked at some boxes which were chock-full of all kinds of useful junk.

?Eh? Paint roller? I don`t think...", Steffen de Vries disappeared into the backroom and Kohlhaas heard him rummage around.

?You know, we paint our hallway and I have only this old roller here. Thus, I can`t use it anymore", said Kohlhaas.

?I'm sorry. I don`t have a paint roller. Only a large brush. But it`s still completely new!", it resounded out of the backroom. The stocky Belgian returned and shook his head.

?Okay, maybe I will take the brush, it`s better than nothing...", muttered Frank.

Steffen de Vries offered a tea to his potential customer and fetched his cigarettes. Then he scratched his reddish three-day beard and let his broad cheeks quake. The Fleming looked somehow funny now, and Frank had to suppress a laughter.

?Well, do you want to join the Japanese fight for freedom too, Frank?", asked the Belgian then.

?What do you mean by that?", asked Frank with surprise.

?You didn`t hear it yet? Sven and the other whippersnappers, here in our village, want to join a foreign volunteer corps to help the Japanese if the GCF attacks", explained de Vries.

"Eh? No!", replied Kohlhaas.

?They could need someone like you there. Sven has already asked for Alf and you", said the Belgian.

?Volunteers for Japan?" Frank was dumbstruck.

?Wilden has told me, the day before yesterday, that over ten thousand volunteers from many countries had already joined the Japanese army. European rebels, men from Iraq and the other Arab countries, Asians, Americans and whoever...", told the Fleming.

?So many?", asked Frank.

?And in the following months, thousands will probably still come. There is something brewing. The Japanese high command wants to summarize these foreign militiamen in volunteer divisions. I have also thought about going to Japan, but I`m just too old, and in addition, I have a family", said the man from Flanders and lighted another cigarette.

?Aha, Sven and the others…", hummed Frank.

Sven Weber was a tall, blonde hotspur and was eager to fight for J

apan against the "Global Control Force". He lived with his parents here in Ivas. In the last weeks, a bunch of other young chaps had clustered around the charismatic young man. All of the youngsters just knew only one topic anymore: The heroic fight for freedom which they dreamed about to join.

?Well, you know Sven. He talks about nothing else, since days: War, war, war! I`m indeed not that enthusiastic, but the boy still misses some life experience. I told him, that this won`t be an adventure vacation and he should better think twice, before he goes to Eastern Asia. But he still ignores all my warnings. You are probably his great idol, Frank. Your action in Paris has…", said Steffen de Vries, but Kohlhaas cut in.

"I am his idol? What did you say, my friend? I thought that he doesn`t like me very much." Frank marvelled.

"No! Sven adores you! Believe me!", returned the Belgian. "After your operation in Paris, I had to tell him every little detail. He nearly came every evening and pumped me with his countless questions."

"Really? That`s new for me…", said Frank.

Steffen de Vries looked at his interlocutor with a grin and explained: ?The boy is your fan, Frank! And also Alf is a real hero for him. When Sven was here, some days ago, he enthused about you all the time. He knows five or six other young men who want to accompany him. Also Rolf, the son of Kai Hugenthal, is as keen as mustard for Japan."

Frank Kohlhaas didn`t know, what he should think about this. It made him internally proud that these young men treated him as a hero, but he could imagine, what a real war would mean for those teenagers, driven by war fever.

Surely, it was politically very important that Japan could resist the power of the World Government, should it really come to an attack, but he was not very glad about the fact, that a group of youngsters wanted to join a nearly desperate fight - just to impose Alf and him.

Killing people was no fun and had nothing to do with an adventure trip for bored boys. And the probability not to come home again, was very big if GCF forces would really assault Japan.

Moments later, Frank said goodbye and went with the new brush, that Steffen de Vries had finally donated to him, back to the house and continued to paint the hall. He was thoughtful and taciturn for the rest of the day. In the evening, he told B?umer about his conversation with Steffen de Vries and the tall man from Dortmund was also more than disturbed.

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