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   Chapter 9 No.9

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5729

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In the dark hours of the last night, the city of Hangzhou, at the east coast of China, had become victim of a devastating attack with biological weapons. At several places, tactical missiles had hit the city, spreading clouds of deadly substances. Hundreds of people had been killed in only a few minutes. In the following days, over 50000 inhabitants of Hangzhou died from the effects of an increasing epidemic. A mile-long quarantine zone was established around the city by the authorities of the sub-administration sector ?China", while thousands of journalists reported about the disaster around the clock. Now it was valid to look for the causer of the epidemic, and it did not last long till the media had found the guilty ones: The Japanese!

A furious nagging started immediately, and the first messages came on television, that the missiles had been fired from a Japanese warship - according to "secret GSA reports".

"Mastumoto plans an invasion of China!", screamed the international press.

Who faced the reports critically, was simply hushed by the furious shouting of the warmongers of the World Government. Foreign diplomats just got the prohibition to speak with Matsumoto or one his advisors.

At the same time, countless angry Chinese went on the streets and demanded revenge for the attack on Hangzhou. It was the rebirth of the old hate between China and Japan, and the international media tried everything to increase the tensions.

The powerful gentlemen behind the scenes had achieved their goal and kept the hate boiling, while the sub-governor of the sector, Li-Zheng, already proclaimed the war against Japan. So the media machinery of the Lodge Brothers spat their lies all over Asia and the rest of the world, without any intermission or objectivity.

Thorsten Wilden was deeply frightened. He nervously ran through Frank`s and Alf`s kitchen and waved his arms. However, the two men were still completely overtired and disturbed too. With narrow eyes, they looked at the village boss.

?This is incomprehensible! Biological weapons! Unbelievable, these criminals stop at nothing!", screamed the former businessman.

?Nevertheless, they have no proofs at all...", said B?umer, but the rebel leader cut in.

?Proofs! Proofs! They don`t need any proofs, they just blame Japan for the massacre! This is just a part of their campaign!", hissed Wilden and his face became red.

?An attack with biological weapons?", Frank was still confused.

"Yes, as I have already said! It were missiles with a lethal virus inside. Anyhow, this is what those media rats tell us. Who really knows the truth, Frank? Nobody! Now, the military strike against Japan is justified in front of everybody! And believe me: They will start their war - soon!"

Frank and Alfred became silent. Unfortunately, the leader of the rebel base was mos

tly right with his forebodings...

Volunteers for Japan

While Ivas was afflicted by heavy rainstorms and Frank had to safe his belongings from a flooded cellar, the Japanese situation heated up. Both men already avoided to watch TV since a few days, because they couldn`t stand the continuous agitation anymore.

Yesterday, B?umer had driven to Kedainiai with John Thorphy`s car to buy some buckets of wall paint. For today they had planned to paint the hall of the lower floor in a beautiful orange-brown color.

However, Kohlhaas had suffered a wakeful night. Nightmares or bad foreshadowings had still haunted him in his dark bedroom, but on the next morning he could hardly remember any details.

The idea to paint today, did not please Frank at all, because he felt languid and exhausted. But his friend Alf finally pressed him to join the renovation works. And it was a lot of work to do in this shabby house. After a while, they had painted a part of the ugly, gray walls in the hallway and Kohlhaas slowly became a bit more motivated. A beautiful environment fits to a healing soul, as Frank said to himself. This new year started with big clearing-up operations and many restoration works, also for the other inhabitants of Ivas.

Meanwhile, Steffen de Vries had taken over one of the old shops which had rotted for years, and already sold there various stuff and housewares. Thereby, the small village had its first "official" shop and some of the things the Fleming was hoarding, were quite needful. In the meantime, about 30 new inhabitants had come to the village and had moved into some of the old houses. Wilden had given the order to HOK to check everyone of them. He furthermore said that no more settlers would be accepted by him.

Among the new neighbours were a Dutch family from Amsterdam, a family from France and an Englishman, who had escaped from a detention center. Frank had had not much contact to the "new ones" so far, except for Ives, a Frenchman. He had talked with him about the situation in France a few days ago.

Ives seemed to be a nice guy and he had told Frank, that he had left his homeland over night, because of some illegal political activities. The remaining new inhabitants of Ivas were from Germany and Austria, where the pursuit of unpleasant persons had increased.

At midday, Kohlhaas went to the quaint shop of the Belgian, in order to buy a new paint roller. Meanwhile, they had halfway finished their work. Some of the walls looked really nice now and even the front door of the house had finally been repaired.

Steffen de Vries looked boredly through the dirty windows of his small shop, waiting for customers. But today, the rush of new buyers seemed to keep within bounds. When he saw the young man, coming from the square in the center of the village, he smiled and raised his hands.

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