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   Chapter 8 No.8

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5490

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?Anyhow, that film released a true wave of protest in Japan. Even Matsumoto, and he is meant as "crazy tyrant", delivered a governmental declaration and demands a worldwide prohibition of this bad flicker. But they will ignore his wishes. It is always the same...", answered Alf angrily.

?However, this is the most malicious movie, I have ever seen!", said Kohlhaas.

Subsequently, the two men still read some articles, concerning the Japanese reactions on ?Night over Yokohama", and finally went to bed.

On the next day, the Russian lesson with Wilden failed -more or less. The former entrepreneur talked instead about the propaganda film, he had also watched some days ago. Frank listened to his remarks and thought, that he was right.

?What an insolence! Such a primitive defaming! It becomes still worse!", grumbled Wilden and stamped his foot. "This is much more than simple animosity, this is the psychological preparation of the masses for another war!"

"Are you sure, Thorsten?", asked Frank.

?Yes! There is only atrocity propaganda against Matsumoto on television - since weeks. They want to swear the world to war, I feel it!", answered Wilden. But Frank was not sure about this and seemed to doubt.

"I just hope, the damn Lodge Brothers will keep their greedy fingers away from the only free nation on this planet", mumbled Kohlhaas.

?What we hope, doesn`t interest the World Government. Wait and see! I studied their methods for so many years. This smells like a coming military strike. And my friend Masaru agrees...", grouched the village boss and sat down on a kitchen chair. ?Another coffee?"

Frank denied the question and asked: ?Who is Masaru?"

"Ach, didn`t I tell you about Masaru? Well, we made contact again, a few weeks ago. Masaru Taishi is an old affiliate of mine. From my times as a businessman! He lived for many years in Düsseldorf and was the chief of the German branch of a big Japanese concern. Meanwhile, he has gone back to Tokyo with his family. We were good friends at that time, so I wrote him an email, in order to ask if he is still well. He is at my age, a very nice guy."

?Aha!", returned Frank and smiled.

?Really! He always gives me the most actual informations about the situation in Japan. Believe me, Japan is a rising nation, since Mastumoto has come to power. He provided not only a reasonable social security system in his country, and jobs for millions of people, he also gave the Japanese a new self esteem.

Masaru admires him, as most of the Japanese. The president promotes culture and education, supports the families and so forth. This man is a great leader, loved by his people. That`s why the World Government hates him."

?You have your contacts ev

erywhere, isn`t it?", said Frank and grinned ambiguously.

?Why not? I will visit Masaru one day. Japan, this would be a great trip, boys...", answered Wilden.

?And Masaru also thinks, that they will attack Japan sometime?"

"He has no doubt! And this will be no fun. My friend told me, that the Japanese are full of sorrow, because of a possible assault of the GCF. The government in Tokyo has already forewarned the population", explained the head of the rebel base. ?Meanwhile, there are already exercises with flier alarm in every bigger city. The Japanese government seems to know, what will come over them..."

Frank Kohlhaas groaned and asked for another coffee. Would the only nation on earth, that was a ray of hope in this dark age, soon be crushed by the forces of the World Government?

The young man sipped at his cup and disappointedly looked around. Wilden continued his speech: ?These bunkers, that the media describe as arsenals of nuclear weaponry, are expanded at present, according to Masaru. I think, you all know, what that means."

?Do you believe that Japan would have a chance at all if the GCF attacks?", asked Frank.

?This is difficult to say. Probably, the country doesn`t have great chances, although I can hardly judge the situation from here. The Japanese can be fanatic warriors if they have to defend themselves. They have already proven it many times. It depends on how much power and money the World Government will pump into a war against this renegade state. If they leave Japan in peace and other nations see, that independence is possible, there is the danger, that more and more other countries could follow a man like Mastumoto.

And the discontent is enormous, in many regions of the world. You know this, Frank. Japan is a thorn in the side of the New World Order and the Lodge Brothers have no other alternative than war. They just can`t accept, that a state becomes independent from their omnipotence. Matsumoto refuses to fall on his knees in front of the great pyramide, he doesn`t submit to the self-appointed chosen few. No, they can`t ignore him!"

Wilden`s words sounded plausible and the young man nodded approvingly. The former businessman had analyzed the situation transparently and his conclusions seemed to be right.

It was an oppressing feeling and the remarks of the gray-haired man gave not much room for hope. Mastumoto had chosen the hard way, the way of confrontation with a superior and cruel enemy. But it should still become worse.

It was at the end of the month, when a disturbing event shook the world public. Thorsten Wilden had already rung up Frank and Alf in the early morning hours, to tell them about the newest headlines of the world press.

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