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   Chapter 7 No.7

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5837

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The February of the year 2031 came and the weather in Lithuania was terrible again. Sleets and icy wind anguished Ivas and Frank could hardly leave his more or less warm house which was still heated by only one single wood fired oven. The young rebel did not care about political questions at this time. Casually, he sat in front of the old television, the christmas gift of Wilden, or trawled the Internet for the newest messages from around the world. But most of the time he thought about Julia and his own aimless life. His falsified Scanchip that HOK`s ingenious computer knowledge had made possible, provided an income, an electronic account for a work, he did not do, and for a person who did not exist. Nevertheless, he had enough Globes to live.

Frank had a home, a roof over his head, and a warm room to hang around – and a friend: Alfred B?umer. Thorsten Wilden was also some kind of friend, perhaps more something like a mentor. Despite everything, Kohlhaas had no real reason to life for. The kiling of Leon-Jack Wechsler had been a part of his personal revenge and in the first weeks after the successful bomb attempt, he had felt like a hero.

With a proudly swollen chest he had walked down the roads of the village and many of the inhabitants, who had distrusted him before, met him now with respect and open admiration. That was great. But this condition slowly evaporated again and monotonousness, aimlessness and a gnawing boredom began to rule Frank`s life.

Moreover, the young man felt lonely. He often thought about Julia in the quiet hours, in which he sat brooding in his room. Then he asked himself if he had ever met this woman in a "normal" life. Sometimes he also remembered Nico, his nephew.

What had become of him? Meanwhile, the boy had to be about four or five years old. Was he still in that orphanage in Berlin?

One day, HOK looked at Nico`s Scanchip files to do Frank a favour. But there was nothing new. The little boy was still listed as a "child in public care". Nico was somewhere out there, far away, in the administration sector "Central Europe".

There Frank sat now: mentally unstable, dissatisfied, without a clear aim and also without a female reference person, he really yearned for - if he was honest to himself. He remembered Tina, his last girlfriend, from the time when he had lived in Berlin. In those days, he had still worked as a daywage man in the production complex 42B.

She had left him after six months, and had moved out of the ugly apartment block, in which he had carved out his miserable existence. One day, as Frank remembered, he had just been alone again. Tina had been vanished, leaving no trace of her presence.

The following month changed everything. In any case, on the stage of global policy. Kohlhaas had heard nothing at all about the political tensions between the World Government and the rebellious state of Japan in the

last months, but now, an extensive attack against Matsumoto was started by the international media. Suddenly the news stations just knew only one topic: Japan! Japan here and Japan there.

Reports for hours, about the Japanese armament efforts and the underground buildings in the densely populated area around Tokyo, dominated the evening program. President Matsumoto had given the order to build huge bunkers that the civilian population could be evacuated in case of bomb attacks.

Of course, only a small part of the inhabitants of the megapolis, the urban center of the Japanese main island, could be accommodated there, in case of emergency, but it still was an attempt to be not perfectly unprepared in a coming war. Nevertheless, the international press talked of "underground armament factories". The media clamored and called these subterranen facilities "war factories" or "arsenals of nuclear weaponry". The bunkers were the proof, in their eyes, that Japan was planning a war against the rest of the world.

On 01.03.2031, the film studios of Hollywood punctually brought a war propaganda film called ?Night over Yokohama" to the cinemas. Frank and Alfred downloaded it on an illegal website and were shocked about the malicious grade of agitation against the island state.

In that film, the Japanese, all together trigger-happy maniacs and militarists, attacked peaceful China and slaughtered women and children.

Their leader, president Marusaki Kokushi, who demanded world domination with flashing eyes and a mad look, opened a never ending war against everything and everyone outside the Japanese islands. He collected the skulls of his enemies as a hobby, and his dark, sadistic henchmen served him regularly human meat.

The picture of the insane president of Japan was somehow ridiculous and his exaggerated tantrums appeared silly, but the intention of the movie was clear. It should increase the aversion of the people against the Japanese.

"Night over Yokohama" was a primitive piece of propaganda, but it was nevertheless effective. Murderous hordes of Asian psychopaths dominated the cinema halls for weeks. Furthermore, the Japanese had an eerie technology that they had only invented to kill millions of helpless people without any reason.

However, the hero of the movie was sergeant Steve Williams, an elite soldier of the GCF, who could finally eliminate the evil Japanese dictator, destroying his dark legions almost in a solo run. Frank and Alfred were disgusted of this mean concoction, but they knew that the subliminal message of the movie reached millions of people all over the world.

?My God! Sergeant Williams saves the world! What a stupid shit!", groaned B?umer and turned off the television.

?Well, he kills ten Japanese soldiers with every shot", said Frank with a disdainful smile. Perhaps the guy is real? The secret weapon of the GCF, ha, ha! "

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