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   Chapter 6 No.6

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Furthermore, only family members had the right to ask for Nico, but the little boy had no more "official" relatives. Anyway, they would lie to him, Frank said to himself. It was just senseless to call the orphanage.

Thorsten Wilden, the often paternally appearing leader of Ivas, whom Frank viewed as mentor and friend, was not the right person to talk about psychological problems and inner fears. The gray-haired man was just too sober for these things.

Kohlhaas had also a good relationship to his daughter, but he avoided to talk with her about any emotional stuff. She took him for a weird guy with a heart of iron, and that was the image Frank wanted to preserve. Hence, he tried to hide the dark marks on his soul from her attention and was internally ashamed, because of his psychological flaws. B?umer had already confronted him with his screams in the night, but Frank was just takling about any bad dreams. It was nothing serious, as he assured.

During the whole winter, there was a lot to repair. Some frost and storm damages in the village, and the daily snow shoveling, kept the two rebels on the go.

Besides, Frank killed time with the intensive study of the Russian language, with the support of Wilden. B?umer had meanwhile given it up to improve his knowledge – for the moment. Sometimes he became angry, when Frank boasted with his new language skills during the dinner.

After a boring and lonely Christmas, some of the villagers celebrated the turn of the year at the Wildens. The former entrepreneur had organized a whole armada of Russian vodka and the party finally became a general booze-up. Frank Kohlhaas and Alfred B?umer drunk all they could get and went home in the early morning hours, before they could behave badly. Julia Wilden had suffered some lewd remarks from Frank and had reacted very sulkily on her young admirer.

?Do you think...the girl is still angry?", slurred Frank on the way home and put his arm on Alf`s shoulder.

?Don`t know. Who can understand these women?", said B?umer and staggered ahead.

?I nevertheless...only nevertheless...only said… that she is a sweet Blondchen, he, he!", stammered the young man and almost fell on a huge pile of snow.

?Yes, right! You are right, buddy!", answered Alf.

?Why was that so

amusing?", muttered Frank.

?Oh!", bleated B?umer boozily. "I really tell you, Kohl...Kohlhase! Damn! I have almost forgotten your name, buddy! She is nevertheless...always...somehow...such a prude. Miss "Do-not-touch-me"...I know women, they are all like that, understand? It is normal! Totally normal behavior of women, you know?"

Alfred's experiences with the other sex were not the newest and Frank knew this. So he made some scathing remarks, while his friend became angry.

"What you mean by that, Kohlhaas? I had a lot of women before my time in that fucking prison!", grumbled Alf.

"I just meant, that your last girlfriend was...", teased him Frank and gawked at the tall man to his right.

"Fuck you!", hissed Alf and gave his friend a punch. Frank tumbled into the snow. "It is not my fault that this dump are no women...Got it?"

His friend straightened up confusedly and staggered away like a dazed bull.

"I should chat Julia up! What do you think? Eh?", he slured and tried to brush off the snow from his trousers.

?Do what you want, man. Yes, why not? Good...good idea, Frank!", said Alfred.

"You would be good? Eh?"

"Yes! Chat her up, brother!"

"Die sü?e Maus..."

"Yes! Hey, Frank..."


"Do you know, what "Kohlhaas" means in English?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I just thought..."

"Don`t make me angry, Baumstumpf!"

"Ha, ha! It means..."Cabbage Hare"...Isn`t that funny?"

"Just shut up! B?umer..."Tree-Man"...whatever...Burp!"

"You are Mr. Cabbage Hare! This sounds much funnier, ha, ha! Cabbage Head..."

"I don`t care about English, idiot! Now...Come on!"

The two drunk rebels still waded through the slush for a while and finally reached their house. After several attempts to open the front door, they had made it and dropped into the dark corridor.

Their heads roared and totally hazy they crept into their bedrooms. At this night, the alcohol became the guardian over Frank`s sleep. He dreamed about nothing, it was just black in his head. This was wonderful.

Julia had not been very impressed by Frank`s drunken swank. When he came back to Wilden`s house, the young woman just welcomed him with restraint. Apart from that, Kohlhaas was ignored.

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