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   Chapter 5 No.5

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These guys can be glad that the authorities in Eastern Europe are so underpaid and listless. In Western Europe, such actions would be impossible...", said Wilden and studied the texts on the forbidden website.

Then HOK searched for some more webpages of the freedom Movement and finally found a reward poster of the Belarusian police. The authorities were looking for a man called Artur Tschistokjow, the leader of the organization.

?Well, here they say that this man has obviously founded cells of his group in the Baltic countries, in Belarus and in the western part of Russia. The police assumes that he has changed his name and is living in Minsk now", told Wilden, the former businessman from Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany.

"In our old homeland, they would catch this Tschistokjow in just one week", said Frank and tried to translate the text at the bottom of the reward poster by himself.

?We should take some lessions in Russian", meant B?umer, looking at Wilden. The older gentleman was pleased about the fact that his knowledge was demanded once again and smiled proudly. ?No problem. A good knowledge about the Russian language is absolutely indispensable in the long term if you live here."

The two men accepted the offer and Frank was quite astonished about his gift to learn foreign languages. Alf, in contrast, seemed to be not as talented as his friend and Wilden who sometimes behaved like an old schoolteacher, scolded the poor B?umer several times. Also Julia Wilden, the beautiful daughter of the rebel leader, had a lot of fun with watching the two men suffering under the strict command of her father. Often the young woman beheld the Russian lesson for hours – always with a sarcastic smile.

Both men even got homework from Wilden who always examined the training success of his students with increasing meticulousness on the following day. B?umer was reprimanded again and again, while Frank become something like "teacher`s pet". After a hard time of learning, Alf finally started to hate the Russian lessons.

The months passed and one day, the summer had just vanished. Now the leaves of the trees around Ivas slowly changed their color and the days became shorter. Frank Kohlhaas could say that the other villagers still admired him, because of the bold operation in Paris. They liked him, he was sure about that. And above all, Julia Wilden, the daughter of the village boss who had once met him with so much distrust, seemed to cast an eye at him. After the Russian lessions with Wilden, in which Frank could score more and more, she often accompanied Alf and him to their house, talking about this and that.

Julias eyes were focused on Frank, as the young man believed. But he still was not audacious enough to start his own "great offensive". Wilden`s daugther always remained inapproachable and aloof.

She was a very good friend, without any doubt, but Frank was not satisfied with that in th

e long term. To show feelings, apart from hate, he had somehow forgotten since his time in ?Big Eye". So he still behaved gawky, never knowing what to do next in her presence. The nightmares and visions that occasionally afflicted him in the sleep, were currently not very frequent, and Frank was glad about it.

He had no more panic attacks and fears, as it had been one year ago. Meanwhile, he rarely startled up before he fell asleep and "Mr. Madness", his imaginary cellmate, was banned from his mind. But his grown immunity in relation to his fears had demanded a high price.

?I can`t feel any longer", thought Frank. ?I can`t cry anymore, and I also can`t be happy like a normal human being. I can only live…"

Perhaps, the genuine feelings would return one day. They were just locked up behind a large concrete wall at the end of his head. Frank did not know, whether this condition was really a profit.

Before the winter came over Lithuania, the emotions seemed to have buried themselves in a hole under the boundary wall, deep in Frank`s mind. Now they slowly came back, even with a power the young man had never expected. Unfortunately, the positive feelings had not the major part in this outbreak, because the darker the days became, the darker it was in Frank`s brain. Depressions tortured him and he was scared to fall asleep again. The glaring, cruel light of the holo cell returned in his dreams, allied with the computerized woman`s voice from the loudspeaker.

Sometimes, he dreamed that somebody had pushed him into a brightly illuminated hole without a ground. The fall lasted eternally and he rushed faster and faster downwards - but he never reached the bottom.

His murdered father and his dead sister seemed to send him messages from the other side, as Frank sometimes thought. They spoke to him, in the lightless hours of the winter nights, reminding him to take care of Nico.

From time to time, his little nephew appeared as well, telling him that they had surgically removed his heart. Then he held the bloody, pulsatile muscle in his hand and said: ?If you don`t believe me, uncle Frank, I can show you what they have done to me!"

These visions were an agony and Kohlhaas had the feeling that there was nobody he could talk about this. B?umer had already become a good friend, although he was not the right interlocutor for topics like this. His mother would have been one, but she had left this world a long time ago. Meanwhile, Frank could hardly remember her face and her gentle voice.

If he awoke at night and looked around in his dark bedroom, he cursed the causers of his mental horrors. Sometimes, Frank thought about calling the educational institution, in which his nephew Nico probably still was. But this was connected with a very high risk. What should he say to the responsible persons? He was a wanted person and did not exist anymore, as a "normal" citizen of the new world system.

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