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   Chapter 4 No.4

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 5437

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"Yes, but where is the bird-nest?", asked his young housemate who was still bleary.

Frank stretched himself, trudged to the coffee pot and hoped that this drink would finally help him to wake up. He yawned loudly, collapsing into the chair beside the ktichen table.

?We must fetch the long ladder from the shed to search the roof. The birds must be somewhere there", suggested B?umer and rubbed his eyes.

Another yawning followed and Kohlhaas nodded approvingly. After the breakfast, the two men left the kitchen, went to the old shed next to their house and tried to yank a ladder out of a huge pile of clutter.

It was not easy, but finally the they succeeded and pulled the ladder with a bearish effort out of the backyard shed.

?Puh!", gasped Frank and went to the house, with the ladder under his arm. ?The chirping comes from the corner up there, under the roof."

?Let me look for the birds!", said Alfred, pushed his friend to the side and climbed up the ladder. When he reached the roof and looked over the rotten bricks, it became clear that they had to repair a lot in this summer. But now it was valid to find the pinnated guests at first. A bird with beautiful black and white feathers flew out of a hole in the wall, almost colliding with Alf`s head. Then it took course downwards. B?umer looked baffledly at the small animal and began to smile.

?These birds are probably swallows", he shouted at Frank. ?I have found the nest. It`s here, Kohlhaas!"

B?umer heard an excited twitter between some bars and finally recognized five tiny, yellow bills. Meanwhile, the birds reacted on him with still louder noise. He pushed the ladder a bit to the left and climbed again upward to have a better sight.

When Alfred`s face, with its dark beard and the stubborn eyes, appeared in front of the nest, the little chicks answered with a panicky: ?Beep! Beep! Beep!"

The tall man hummed and still thought about removing the bird-nest, because the constant noise tortured him since more than a week. But the five little creatures with their yellow bills, their small brown eyes and the pretty, reddish fluff at the necks, finally aroused his compassion after a few minutes.

If Alf would have removed the bird-nest from the roof, the little animals would have had no chance to survive. And to bring it to another place was no good idea.

"What`s up now?", shouted Kohlhaas from the ground.

?Nothing! Let`s leave our little friends alone. I think we can familiarize with their noise", said B?umer.

?You don`t want to remove the bird-nest?", asked Frank and scratched his head.

?No! I won`t touch these birds. But we have to repair a lot of bricks in the next days, Frank!", repl

ied Alfred and finally came down the ladder.

Kohlhaas grinned. "Ha, you have a big heart, Alfi! This is so cute…"

?Schnauze!", growled B?umer crustily and carried the ladder back to the shed. "The birds don`t disturb me anymore. That`s all!"

"Nevertheless, yesterday you were still complaining the whole day!", teased him Frank.

"However...", grumbled B?umer and walked away towards their house.

Frank smiled and thought briefly about removing the bird-nest by himself. But if Alf was not disturbed anymore, he would also learn to ignore the noise.

"Okay, let`s go!", said Kohlhaas, locked the shed and followed his friend.

The rest of the sunny week passed by - with house and garden work. HOK, the computer specialist of the village community, visited them once and told the two men about his newest programming activities.

As usual, they hardly understood a word of his detailed explanations and technical terms. The computer scientist had edited their Scanchips to increase the safety. Nevertheless, the two rebels had rented a car with their old Scanchips before the assassination of Wechsler in Paris.

Now, it was time for some "new indentities", as HOK explained. The concerns about investigations of the GSA, the international secret service, was still above their heads like the sword of Damocles. So HOK finally replaced the old Scanchips and gave his comrades two new indentity cards. Frank Kohlhaas became a construction worker from Berne, called Eduard Rietli, and Alfred B?umer exchanged his old identity with Peter van Hochvaal from Belgium. ?Safer is better!", meant HOK. And this principle was more important than ever in a time of total surveillance.

Meanwhile, both men had made some investigations on the Internet, concerning this strange organization called Freedom Movement of the Rus or the "Varangian Corps". They had found some forbidden homepages which were officially not callable, and tried to read the Cyrillic texts with HOK`s assistance. But the Russian writings were still too difficult for the three Germans, what meant that Wilden, whose Russian was much better, had to help out.

?Well, this organization seems to have held a secret meeting with hundreds of people in the underground, in Minsk. However, this is really dangerous and would be perfectly inconceivable in ?Central Europe". Look at this, they report about some of their actions: handing out leaflets, spreading stickers, spraying on walls and so on. Even a small demonstration, that has dissolved itself after twenty minutes! Ha, ha!

Here is something about ?descendants of the Rus" and ?social revolution"..."Down with the global tyranny!"..."Russia is the land of the Russians..."

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