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   Chapter 3 No.3

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Jeff Dornberger asked for the word and hectically waved his greasy hand which was adorned with some gold rings. ?I think that there are two possibilities for us. One is bringing the enemy to its knees by the various methods of slander, or on the other hand, if this should not be effective, just to ignore him at first.

At present, even the most clever designed lies fail against Matsumoto. His rule is still stable, as the internal studies of our GSA agents prove, and I`m afraid to remark that we can bring Japan back to subjecting only with a military strike!"

"I`m right there with you!", shouted Dr. Cyrus Newton, the chairman of the pharmaceutical company "GPHP", and banged his fist on the wodden table in front of him.

Suddenly Lucius Brown who was one of the envoys of the Council of the Elders in this round, stood up from his place and asked for silence. He stared at his fellows and scrutinized the look of his black suit.

?My dear brothers, the instructions of the highest council are clear! I don`t wish any debates about that, because the Elders have already come to a decision. An example of Japan will be made. An Example, the world will remember for many years! The attempt to question our rule over this world, must evoke a harsh and cruel punishment, but we must proceed mindfully, in order to make no mistakes.

As I have already said, the instructions of the Council of the Elders are clear: War! The lasting destruction of Japan and the following destruction of its people and its culture!"

?This will be a lot of work for us, beloved brother Brown! How can we reach this aim?", asked one of the men.

?The council wants an invasion of Japan by our GCF troops - from several sides. A nuclear strike is not planned yet, because we still have to preserve our image as benefactors. The introduction of the new implantation Scanchip, this so unbelievably important step towards the total control of the masses, may not be endangered by inhumanly appearing nuclear attacks, especially against Japan. We must still appear as philanthropists, liberators and true humanists. In addition, Matsumoto has nuclear weapons too. A nuclear war is also not advisable from this point of view. No, for the highest council the conventional warfare seems to be the best method. And I speak for council!"

Some of the gentlemen appeared confused. Others asked for the role of the media, concerning the preparations for war against the renegade island state.

"Shall we just stop the hate campaign against the Japanese now?", Sergej Abramovich, an oil tycoon from Russia, wanted to know.

Brown responded: ?Yes, no more reports about Japan! At frist, we must prepare the invasion. This countr

y and also Matsumoto himself may be ignored until we are ready to strike back.

Then, as the Council of the Elders has decided, shortly before the war starts, all our media will eat Japan alive. We will make Matsumoto responsible for a devastating attack with biological weapons in the East of China. In this context, he will be branded as a mass murderer and insane warmonger.

Furthermore, that incident will awake the old hostility between Japan and China again, because we have the plan to recrute masses of Chinese soldiers for the invasion army of the GCF. Finally, the whole usual talk about world peace and human rights will follow - from our side..."

Again the round of gentlemen was shaken by a loud murmur and many of them showed their enthusiastic agreement to this plan. Only a few Lodge Brothers seemed to be sceptical, but the had not the position to contradict a decision of the Council of the Elders.

?What will we do after our victory?", asked a gray-haired man now.

?The Japanese folk will be partly resettled to other regions of Asia. Furthermore, their traditional culture will be decomposed and eliminated in the long term", explained Brown and stared resolutely at his fellows.

?All right! So our medias will be silent for a while?", asked Leonard Bourger from Marseille.

?Yes! No more attention for Matsumoto until we are ready to strike back! The war against Japan will start in exactly one year!", replied Brown and sat down.

Thereupon, the men discussed another topic, a much more important one: The coming registration of earth`s population with the new implantated Scanchips.

At first, the North American continent should be seized by this measure. And the powerful gentlemen still planned further steps for the absolute control of mankind, but these were heard by nobody, except for themselves. Everything that was discussed at this meeting, did not leave the walls of the luxury hotel ?Bilderblick". The eight billion human beings on earth still lived their simple lifes, while this small group of men decided their fate.

Peace is War

Somewhere under the roof of the ramshackle house was a bird-nest, Frank felt certain. Today he had already been woken up once more by excited flutter and loud twitter in front of his window. Kohlhaas rolled scolding over the mattress and pulled the bedsheet over his head.

?Bloody hell! That noise drives me insane!", he groaned and finally crept out of his bed.

Alfred B?umer already sat in the kitchen and was drinking a coffee. Meanwhile, he had also noticed the never ending chirping that was robbing the two men of sleep since days.

"They are really loud! Maybe these birds are breeding", muttered Alf.

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