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   Chapter 2 No.2

Prey World - Rebellion Beyond By Alexander Merow Characters: 6099

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But Haruto Matsumoto did not want to hear this. He still rued the day, when he had been involved in the bloody and dirty game called "policy"…

At the same time, Frank Kohlhaas and Alfred B?umer walked the streets of Vilnius, far away in Lithuania. The two rebels were visiting this city for the first time since their arrival in Ivas, the small village in the southeast of the country. They enjoyed a sunny day, sauntered through the streets or hung around in cafes. Moreover, there was a lot to see, here in this old city, founded in the early Middle Ages.

The two men prefered the old town of Vilnius which still had a lot of beautiful buildings, in spite of the social decline and the omnipresent state of neglect. Old churches and slowly crumbling but still beautiful house facades could be admired here. Nevertheless, the effects of the social crisis had even reached Vilnius. Many homeless and poor people hung around in the city center to beg the visitors for some Globes.

The police presence was, in comparison to the administrative sector ?Central Europe", still small, although the streets in the inner city were meanwhile supervised by numerous video cameras. However, Frank and Alfred had taken precautions by wearing baseball caps and sunglasses which they rarely removed. In spite of a subliminal feeling of tension, they enjoyed the day and were glad that they had come out of the little hicktown of Ivas to see another environment. Although the surveillance had also increased in Eastern Europe, the two rebels enjoyed their trip to Vilnius, always trying banish the sorrows from their minds.

?Look at this sticker there!", said Frank to his friend, pointing at a tattered and faded label on a lamppost in front of him. Alf B?umer came nearer and took a look at the torn sticker. He lifted his sunglasses and tried to decipher the Cyrillic letters on the label, whispering something in Russian.

?Hmmm…", hummed the tall man.

?Can you read it? It`s time for us to learn some more Russian", said Frank, staring at the noticeable symbol in the middle of the sticker. It was a black dragon`s head on a white flag.

?Thus, it is something about the Varangians, I think...", murmured Alf and scratched his head musingly. "And it is from an organization called Freedom Movement of the Rus...

"My Russian isn`t very good, but I like this sticker. I don`t think, that this stuff is legal in the administrative sector ?Eastern Europe"."

?Varangians? What is that?", asked Kohlhaas.

?They are, more or less, the ancestors of the Lithuanians and partly also of the Russians, the Belarusians and Ukrainians. The "Rus" or ?Varangians" were Vikings who founded the realm of Kiev. They are generally known as the first Russians. It is something historical – and of course not legal!", explained Alf and smiled sardonically.

?It seems that here in Vilnius is a group of this organization, otherwise this label would not stick there", said Frank.

?However, we know nothing about this group. I will search the Internet

for some more informations. Maybe I will find something about this Freedom Movement of the Rus. Anyway, I like their symbol."

B?umer still tried to translate the Cyrillic text on the sticker for the next minutes. Shortly afterwards, the two rebels walked away and went into a pub at the end of the street to drink another beer.

It was a relaxing day for Frank and Alf, despite of the occasionally returning feeling to be observed. Both had missed to see another environment after many boring weeks in Ivas. The spent three further days in Vilnius and went back then to their home village. Meanwhile, a lot of work was waiting for them and Thorsten Wilden, the leader of the rebel base, was already expecting them too.

In the evening hours of the following day, the annual meeting of the "Bilderblickbrothers" took place in the middle of the idyllic mountain countryside of Switzerland.

This meeting was the most important political conference on earth, where the leading persons of politics, media and economics came together to talk about the next steps to control mankind. Far away from any public and surrounded by hundreds of policemen and GSA agents, the most powerful men of the world colluded in the luxury hotel ?Bilderblick". The internal circle, the Council of the 300, met at this protected place and decided the fate of over eight billion human beings. At this meeting, the introduction of the new Scanchip which should be implanted in the future, was the main topic. This new chip was proposed as the successor of the regular Scanchip.

A further item on the agenda was the reaction of the political network to the detachment of Japan from the World Union. Above this committee of total power was only the Council of the Elders, also called Council of the 13. The absolute secret instance of the new world system. Lord Beaconshill, the media mogul, who had his domicile in England, raised his hand after a long debate to say something to the Japanese question: "My brothers, it is time for an example, because the outrageous actions of this Matsumoto mock our global order in a way, we can not accept anymore! If we don`t take drastic measures soon, Japan will probably become a model for other states. I finally demand a decision of the Elders, concerning the Japanese problem!"

A murmur went through the mass of the gentlemen, dressed in noble business suits. Some of them harrumphed, others whispered or shouted through the spacious hall. Then silence prevailed again for a short moment.

?In principle, you are right, my brother Lord Beaconshill. However, the attacks of the media, controlled by us, were not as successful as we have expected. I personally counted on the fact that the Japanese population could be more easily divided in different parts. But our tactic to instigate strife should be reconsidered. Matsumoto`s popularity is still very high and the opposition on the island works lamely and is not belligerent at all!", answered Ian Basler, the boss of the "Basler Trust Company" from Seattle.

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