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   Chapter 59 No.59

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 3702

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"Good bye, Mr. World President!", answered the gray-haired man and disappeared. With a certain relief that this confusing conversation was over, the servant walked down the long hallway and went to an elevator.

The head of the World Government opened a drawer and took out a remote control. He turned to the big plasma screen in the corner of his office and switched on the television. On one of the news channels was a report about the events in Paris. The man leaned back and stared at the TV. A pretty newscaster presented the latest news from "Central Europe" with a sad face. Some pictures of the bombing and the mangled corpse of the governor were shown.

Weeping people who seemed to be deeply moved by the fate of the politician were interviewed. Even a man who vigorously scolded at the terrorists and demanded a harder battle against politically incorrect elements.

"More security for the people by increased supervision!" – This was his suggestion, in order to protect mankind from terror.

"These terrorists threaten the lifes of all respectable people!", ranted the man.

Then the camera showed again some visitors who were seized by sorrow and grief, because of the bombing. The riots were mentioned only with a few words. The police had arrested a bunch of "fanatics" and "extremists", according to the TV report. But the security forces had finally been able to prevent more chaos, because of their hard course against these "criminals".

The viewer did not learn that thousands of people had been massacred by the police and the GCF. The World President just smiled. He took another sip of orange juice and turned off the television.

A new morning began in Ivas. A new morning in the new world. Frank and Alfred had visited Thorsten Wilden and had talked with him about a lot of things. After that, Frank had walked w

ith Julia through the nearby forest. He was just happy to be still alive. Meanwhile, the life in the small village had taken its accustomed course again.

In these days Frank often thought about hope. He had got his revenge, but his fight for freedom had just been born. They say "Hope dies last!" - but what would a man be without it…


But the fight will go on...

Prey World II – Rebellion Beyond

Oppression and manipulation are the order of the day in the year 2030. Only one single nation had been brave enough, to fight for its independence – Japan.

Frank Kohlhaas, Alfred B?umer and millions of desperate people look at the Japanese president Matsumoto who has liberated his people. But the Lodge Brothers are not willing to leave the renegade nation in peace. They slander the Japanese with a big hate campaign and plan a military strike to bring the rebellious Asians to their knees.

Frank and Alfred decide to join the Japanese fight for freedom as volunteers. Soon the situation gets out of control and the fight against the New Worlder Order becomes a bloody nightmare.

Prey World III – Organized Rage

In the year 2033 the economic situation in Europe is more hopeless than ever before. The World Government still loots the nations without mercy and holds them in its iron claws.

Artur Tschistokjow, a young dissident from Belarus, takes over the leadership of the Freedom Movement of the Rus, a small group of rebels that fights against the Lodge Brothers in the underground.

While a big economic crisis starts in Belarus, the rebels form a growing revolutionary movement. Frank, Alfred and an increasing number of discontent Belarusians join Tschistokjow`s organization. They finally follow the Russian dissident to a point of no return.

Prey World IV – Counterrevolution (Coming soon!)


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