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   Chapter 58 No.58

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5200

Updated: 2018-07-06 19:02

"Yes, I don`t know...", Morris became more and more uncertain.

"We are the rulers of this world for two reasons. First, because we have servants like you, Mr. Morris. Second, because the old and great plan to conquer this planet is perfectly ripe and has no weaknesses or errors."

The secretary stared at the World President with an astonished face.

"Mr. Morris, you are, as a member of the lodge of the "Sons of the Mountain", in your place. I am in my place, as World President. What has happened in Paris was good...", he continued.

"What do you mean?", asked the secretary and was puzzled.

"Well, now we can tell the masses, how dangerous terrorism is and that they can only get protected by an increased surveillance! The media will hammer it into their hollow heads like a mantra, constantly preach and repeat it, so often until that herd of animals has understood our message!", said the president.

Then he remarked: "Mr. Morris, no one has ever managed it to stop us. For decades, and centuries, our power has grown, and it is still growing. We have struck deep roots, like a cancer that can not be destroyed anymore, because it has already spread to the last part of the body. We have brought down kings and have smashed nations if they have stood in our way. We have perfectly infiltrated this globe and there is no escape for no one. In 2018, we put the mask from our face and showed us to the people, but they remained silent and let us eat them. The nations have behaved like the rabbit in front of the snake. The old writings have predicted it and so it has happened. The great plan became reality. And now, we want to bring mankind the slavery that it deserves. Now our time has come, and we will rule this planet forever!"

"But perhaps our reaction in Paris was not right?", said Morris.

The World President, who made him stand as always and this time even turned his back to him, harrumphed and answered, "Not right? Of course it was right! The masses shall know that we control them. They can hate us but, first, they must fear us. Their world, the old world, is broken into pieces and will never return. The new world is our creation. Yes, we want to show our power openly, as the elders of our past always intended it. They were forced to spin their threads secretly. We don`t need secrecy any longer, because we are the rulers of this earth. In our hands is all the might of the world, and the sign of invincibility is our banner, the banner of our New World Order."

"I believe you, Mr. World President!", said Morris, almost under his breath.


, replied his master emphatically, "I know that you do not mean that, deep inside. But that`s quite immaterial. What you believe has no meaning. The people also believe much, but it is perfectly irrelevant. They believe in a better world, in a rescue, in their god! Well, Mr. Morris, if that god in whom these animals believe would really exist, I would personally liquidate him!"

The words of this man, for whom he did the most menial paperwork, visibly intimidated Morris. Liquidate God! Morris looked around, as if searching for an escape should one become necessary, but didn`t dare to bestir from his place.

"There are only a few who could really become dangerous for us, but they are quiet at present, " the World President continued, "At least, they don`t show themselves openly. But this is nothing for you, Mr. Morris, " he said, his contempt undisguised, "really nothing for you!"

He clasped his hands behind his back, and seemed to lapse into contemplation. "We are the darkness of the world, " he said. But he was musing to himself now, and Morris did not catch the words, "We are the darkness of the world, whoever follows us, will never walk in light again!"

The servant inquired what the master had said, but the question remained unanswered. Instead, the World President raised his tone and said, emphatically: "We bring the yoke of slavery to all nations. Who knows us knows also that we are the lords of hate, the dark messengers of destruction, hating the light of other men, always eager to extinguish it.

We tore down the old world we hated so much - we gnawed at the roots of civilization, and finally we brought it down. We hid for a long time under the cloak of lies and distortions - our greatest art. Our enemies - those fools! - even hailed us. Childish maggots! Now the time of our triumph is at hand and who shall deny us our pleasure."

"I don`t know...", Morris stammered, and even scratched his head to display the necessary confoundedness.

"You don`t need to know, my faithful servant. Because wisdom is reserved only for the wise. Ignorance casts a shadow in the minds of those like you. That has always been a strength to us, " said the World President, and he spun around. His dark eyes sparkled at the nervous little man. He took the glass of orange juice, sipped it and waved Morris dismissively in the direction of the door. Then he turned away again.

"Goodbye, Mr. Morris!", he said flatly, his head nodding slowly as if in affirmation of some damning, private judgement about this ordinary little man, indeed about all ordinary men.

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