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   Chapter 56 No.56

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5686

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The orders of the officers were ignored, and after a short time, policemen, soldiers, GSA observers and the crowd opposed each other like two warring armies.

Now the GP-squadleaders yelled the order to "catch seditious people in the crowd" into their radios and groups of officers with heavy body armor clubbed their way through the mob to get all those, who had been idenitfied by the GSA agents. Finally, the situation escalated more and more. The policemen were welcomed with bottles, cobblestones or even bare fists, while they uncontrollably beat everyone down who stood in their way. Nevertheless, the screaming of the mass became louder, despite their brutality.

Yes, the more people were cut down by the clubs of the cops, the more people joined the chorus of protest at other places in the giant sea of humans.

On 03.01.2029 at 18.00 o`clock, the first Molotov cocktails towrads policemen and tanks in a side street of the "Avenue of Humanity". The GP`s immediately returned fire and riddled the attackers with bullets.

In return, some Parisians armed themselves with clubs, knifes, axes and even guns. Now the violence expanded like a plague, seizing thousands of people along the "Avenue of Humanity".

The warnings, the police officers were shouting, were not noticed anymore by the raging crowd and the mass answered with the old French national anthem.

The forbidden song became a surging wave of emotions and shook the mass from one end to the other. The old ground of the boulevard trembled under the loud sound of the outlawed hymn. Something, the former capital of France had not seen since decades.

The tanks finally came closer and the GCF soldiers and policemen took positions. It lasted only a few minutes until the GCF commander gave the order to shoot the people down. The bloodbath started.

While the mass was singing the strictly forbidden old hymn in perfect harmony, and a surprising great number of people could still remember the text, the first gunshots resounded over the avenue.

"Tac! Tac! Tac! Tac!"

The noise of gunfire increased and hundreds of men and women broke down. Then a terrible hail of bullets swept through the front ranks behind the barriers – all the policemen and soldiers began to fire now. The tanks moved forward and pointed their heavy machine guns at the numerous targets.

"Tac! Tac! Tac! Tac!", it echoed over the avenue which was allegedly dedicated to humanity. The salvos of assault rifles cut hundreds of people down like a huge scythe. Finally the crowd fell into panic. The old French national anthem lapsed inot silence and was exchanged with the terrified cries of the people.

The soldiers and policemen could hardly miss their countless targets and they did their job, following the orders of their commanders and were killing without mercy.

Most of them were no Frenchmen, and if they were attacked by this crowd in this foreign land, they just had to put down the uprising. And they did it. Hundreds of corpses covered the "Avenue of Humanity" after only a few minutes.

The security forces marched forward in a closed firing line and shot their way through the sea of men, women and children. In particular, the heavy full metal jacket bullets of the tank guns were devastating. Soon the screaming crowd fled in all directions. Fences were ripped down, cars were overturned and the Parisians trampled each other to death. Behind them, the soldiers and policeman marched over countless dead bodies like a slowly moving wall of death.

Then the security forces got a new command. The unruly, but unarmed crowd, had been driven back by them and looked like the giant Persian army at the battle of Gaugamela which had been defeated by the phalanx of Alexander the Great. The policemen, soldiers and tanks stopped.

"The Skydragons are coming! Stop!", shouted one of the squad leaders into his radio and wiped off the sweat from his brow. The killing work had been exhausting.

Orders were given and the dreaded helicopters, coming from a nearby military base in the west of Paris, came from the sky. Shortly afterwards, the pilots of the Skydragons saw nothing but a swarm of frightened ants, fleeing through the streets.

Finally, the helicopters reduced their altitude and made their gatling machine guns and their grenade launchers ready to fire.

"Okay! We just wait for your orders!", said the commander of the Skydragon squadron to his higher officer.

"What are you waiting for? Fire!", screamed the superior.

The pilot of the helicopter hesitated for some seconds, as if he would think about that, what he should do now. In the end, he simply said to himself that this was his "job" which had to be done.

He was from Uzbekistan, with Russian ancestors, and his name was Alexander. Meanhwile, the young man was a soldier of the GFC since three years, and this was the first time he had got the order to kill unarmed civilians. Alexander tried to ignore it.

"If I wouldn`t do it, another man would...", he excused his acting in front of himself.

Nevertheless, the payment for GCF soldiers was good – and he had to feed a wife and three children. Apart from that, every job had its dark sides. This was just the way of the world. Now the automated target aquisition showed him a great number of people. He stopped thinking and started to fire. It became a massacre. The heavy bullets of the Skydragons smashed flesh and bones. Countless hit people collapsed below the helicopters, screaming, crying, dying, tumbling on the asphalt. Skulls were shredded and bodies were mangled by this murderous blaze of gunfire. The slaughter almost lasted one hour.

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