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   Chapter 55 No.55

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 6121

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Shortly afterwards, the two assassins hastened through the streets. They were hardly regarded, because around them Paris became a huge boiler full of rage and confusion.

Groups of people had gathered everywhere, men and women ran across the streets, cars honked and they heard the voice of an excited newscaster out of the window of a house. The bombing had shocked the whole city – just as they had planned it.

Frank and Alf fastly ran forward and nobody paid attention to them. After a while they had reached the side street, in which they had parked their car. It had not been stolen or broken up in the time of their absence – and this was not self-evident in these days.

They finally exchanged their filthy and dirty clothes with some new dresses that had still been in the trunk. Frank threw the dirty clothes into a garbage can, started the engine and drove away. It trip lasted, because many streets were closed off or were clogged with people. It was nerve-racking, but finally they reached one of the streets which led them out of the boiling city.

Paris slowly disappeared behind them, Frank and Alf pausend for breath. Steffen de Vries had already landed in Compiegne at the arranged meeting place and was nervously waiting for their arrival. While time passed, the Belgian felt more and more uncomfortable. But Kohlhaas and B?umer finally reached the small village near Compiegne. Now they could return to Ivas. Before the take-off, they freed their hire car of its vehicle number and burned it in the forest, hidden from any curious views.

The car was totally destroyed and no one would ever be able to identify the wreck. When they welcomed the Belgian, he was more than impressed with their success, and he was also more than relieved at the same time.

Steffen de Vries shook their hands and was absolutely amazed. The radio had already informed him about the situation in Paris since the bombing. Perfectly exhausted, Frank and Alf climbed into the airplane. Shortly afterwards, they left "Central Europe".

In the former capital of France, the situation had meanwhile become dramatically acute. After the crowd had seen the end of the governor on the numerous video screens, a strange and confusing silence had ruled the "Avenue of Humanity" for several minutes. Many people had not been able to handle with the unforeseen event.

The security forces admonished the crowd to remain quiet, while tanks threateningly rolled out of the side streets towards the cooking human pulp. After a while, one heard the first spectators approvingly yelling and clapping their hands. The crowd was moved by a tumultuous unrest and more and more people started to laugh and shout.

"Thank God! That pig is dead!", screamed a group of men somewhere in the giant throng. In that moment, the shouters ignored the fact that they were all filmed by GSA agents.

"This would also be the right end for the World President!", yelled another man at the top of his lungs.

Then still more people began to shout things like this. Some young

men stamped their feet and sang the forbidden national anthem of old France. Many of the persons standing around them joined the singing, although a lot of people no longer knew the correct text, because the song had been forbidden by the new rulers.

"Freedom for France! Down with the World Government!"

A choir came from the rear part of the crowd and the shouts were carried by more and more people. Hundreds joined the furious screaming and soon the "Avenue of Humanity" quaked under the roar of countless Parisians. It was a strange picture, this huge crowd, clogging the streets and slowly getting out of control.

The faces of many people were lined with pain. Millions of Parisians lived a life full of sorrow, poverty and perpetual insecurity. Therefore, it was no wonder that the displeasure had grown inside them in the last years.

Meanwhile, a big part of the population of Paris consisted of badly paid workers and peons. The salaries were usually that small that one just did not starve and was able to pay the high rents for the shabby dwellings.

Many of the people here knew the gnaw feeling of an empty stomach. The food prices and the fees for electricity, heating and water had steadily been raised since 2018. Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the city had already fallen through the welfare net and had become street people. Sometimes, they just froze to death in the winters. This was the sad truth about the "new world". There was also no longer a social welfare system, because the World Government had abolished it as a result of the high public debt. All this was a good hotbed for a revolt. But even now, many people did not dare to protest. They were still intimidated and tried to hide somewhere among the others. They frightenedly looked at the surveillance cameras that were situated everywhere. Some of them even sneaked away from the avenue and went to the side streets. So the crowd broke up into a submissive and a rebellious part in the following hours.

Nevertheless, it was astonishing, how many citizens suddenly had the courage to raise their voices. The anonymity of the crowd seemed to fill them with bravery.

"Freedom for France! Down with the World Government!"

"Freedom for France! Down with the World Government!"

"Freedom for France! Down with the World Government!"

The choir of desperate protest increased and became gradually louder. Somewhere in the crowd, Frenchmen and immigrants started to attack each other. The Moslems screamed their own slogans, refering to Islam, which were also hostile against the World Goverment. In the middle of the mass began a riot. The angry people assaulted each other with bottles, knifes and clubs. Even some shots could be heard.

Policemen and GCF soldiers, who had meanwhile encircled the crowd, flanked by tanks, threatened by loudspeakers to immediately stop the antigovernmental shouts. But crowds have their own dynamics. So is the single man mostly cowardly and obsequious, but as a part of a mass he sometimes becomes a hero.

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