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   Chapter 54 No.54

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5365

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"Come on! Here!", it resounded out of a sewer tunnel. The light cones of two flashlights danced forth out of the dark hole.

"Maybe here is someone!", they heard, while the steps came nearer.

Frank tried to calm himself, in these seconds of highest tension.

"If we shoot them, we will just make a lot of noise. That would attract only more of them", he whispered and Alf regarded him with fear in his eyes.

"We are fucked up, my friend!", said B?umer with an almost whining undertone.

"Into the basin! Come on!", hissed Frank and climbed quietly over the pool edge. Alfred followed him without saying a word. Like two otters, they smoothed into the repulsive pond that seemed to be deep enough to hide. Kohlhaas touched his combat knife and Alf desperatly looked in his direction.

The steps were now in close proximity and both rebels took a deep breath full of stench. Then they disappeared into the brackish water.

Frank closed his eyes and tried to think about nothing. This was really perverse, but it was better than to be dead. Suddenly, a blaze touched the water surface, otherwise it was just dark and Frank tried not to think about all the things that could be in this ugly swill.

"Come on, check this reservoir room!", it resounded through the brackish water. Now they recognized two policemen. One of the officers walked around the basin and illuminated the dark corners of the room, then he went to the next sewer tunnel.

The time appeared endless and Frank slowy became queasy, he was close to vomit into the stinky water. Alf felt the same. Meanwhile, the policeman muttered some unintelligible fragments of words into his radio. Frank emerged for a second to breathe some air and heard the officer say something.

"I must get out of this shit!", he thought to himself, but the policeman was still waiting beside the basin. A moment after, he walked through the room, around the basin, and finally leaned against the pool edge.

The two rebels tried to communicate by gestures or looks, but the water was so dirty and dark that this was impossible. Now, Frank decided to act on his own.

The policeman was still standing at the opposite end of the pool, leaning against the basin`s edge and talking with his colleague, who had obviously gone into another sewer corridor. "Did you find something?"

"Only rat shit here!", it came back with a laughter.

Kohlhaas could not understand anything else. Only God knew, where these two policemen came from. Anyhow, they were no Frenchmen. The officer in front of Frank seemed to be Hispanic or something like that.

Kohlhaas quietly moved below the surface and dived through the dirty wat

er to the edge of the basin like an eel. As long as the officer was in this position, and the other one was somewhere in a tunnel, he had to act. The young man took his combat knife, pulled it out of the sheath and waited for a few seconds, while the officer was mumbling something into his radio. The rucksack on Frank`s back which had been freed of its deadly cargo bugged him now, because it hampered his movements. Kohlhaas felt like a crocodile that had waited for the gazelle all day long. And the gazelle had come to the border of his realm to drink. He pushed himself off the floor of the basin and jumped up to the pool edge.

The sudden sound of splattering water behind him let the policeman turn around with surprise. The officer tried to release the safety catch of his machine gun, but Frank was faster.

Kohlhaas rammed his knife deeply into the cop`s neck and jumped on the ground beside the water basin. His opponent gasped for breath and stumbled back in confusion.

Frank grabbed the man and pressed his hand on the officer`s mouth, so that he could not make too much noise. Meanwhile, Alf had also climbed out of the basin and held his combat knife nervously in his hand.

"Unnnghh!" The injured policeman lurched and Frank rammed his blade again into the neck of his enemy, while he pulled the man to the ground. The cop still fidgeted and tried to shake off his attacker. Suddenly B?umer came from the front and knifed the officer too.

The policeman finally collapsed and gave up his resistance. Both men pulled his heavy body some meters away and let him lie in a corner. Then they heard the voice of the other cop who called again something out of a sewer tunnel and seemed to return. Frank and Alf rebels had to disappear now, as fast as possible, before he would find his dead colleague.

For their luck, the way out of this room had remained in their minds, although they still were totally confused. They ran into a dark tunnel and made off. Some minutes later they heard a loud scream behind them. Probably the other policeman had now realized that the room with the water basin had not been empty. The two men ran and ran and finally reached the exit. As fast as they could, they left the canalization behind them. Wet, smelly and blood-smeared, they crept to the surface. Frank and Alf hastily put on their jackets to hide the conspicuous bloodstains on their clothes. The two bombers breathed again and enjoyed a fresh breeze of air. They just could not believe it! They had made that bombing and the police did not catch them – so far. Now they only had to reach their car to escape from the metropolis, which slowly fell into chaos.

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