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   Chapter 51 No.51

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 6002

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Some activists had been caught by the police, three young Frenchmen had even been shot. In the north of Paris, young Arabs had tried to penetrate into some suburbs, which were inhabited by Frenchmen. Here they had burned cars or had broken into houses. Finally they had encountered some armed Frenchmen and the police. Over 200 people had been killed in that street fight. An illegal demonstration of the "Islamic Federation" in the opposite part of the former capital of France against the policy of the World Government in the Middle East, had likewise ended with violent outbursts. Over thirty thousand Muslims had come together to protest and could only be dispersed by the security forces, after they had attacked the crowd with tanks.

Hugo and Baptiste, the Frenchmen, who had visited the meeting in Ivas at that time, were already active in the boiling metropolis since weeks.

Their political group had distributed tens of thousands of illegal leaflets in the whole city, in which they called up the population to resist the foreign rulers and to fight against the World Government. Some activists who had been caught by the police, were never seen again.

Furthermore, they let countless little pieces of paper with rebellious calls rain down on the shopping streets, from the roofs of some multistory buildings.

They had uploaded a lot of forbidden webpages on the Internet and had even established a secret radio channel which daily sent informations. Apart from this, the freedom fighters had sprayed some oppositional slogans on the entrance door of the "Temple of Tolerance". The police and the GSA were still investigating feverishly. When the police had located the secret radio station in the end, most of the French acivists had made it to esape them.

This form of resistance was also not less dangerous than a bombing because prison or even death was waiting for people who were classified by the GSA as "incurable politically incorrect".

Therefore, not only Frank and Alfred risked their lifes down in the tunnel system below the city, in the battle against the global dictatorship. Even at the surface, many Frenchmen, above all the young people, stretched their heads that far out of the swamp of anxiety and anonymity that the police could cut them off. This so called "festival" would become bloody. Even without a bomb strike. After the opening speech, the people would only see on video, the military parades of the GCF troops would begin. Moreover, masses of journalists infested the city like a swarm of grasshoppers and were eager to spread the ideology of the New World Order. A happy world full of peace and harmony, wearing a long cloak - made of lies.

As the ?One-World-Song" resounded out of the loudspeakers that had been situated everywhere along the "Avenue of Humanity", only a small part of the giant crowd sang along. This was disappoiting for the GSA agents who meticulously filmed the people.

Sometimes, even bottles and stones were thro

wn in the direction of the loudspeakers and screens which showed no pictures yet. Here, the GP officials took drastic measures and pulled every molester out of the crowd. Who was caught disappeared in a police vehicle.

So many of the two million spectators were already upset, although the festival had not been opened by Wechsler so far. Apart from that, many Parisians also just holed up in their houses, hoping that this day would pass as quickly as possible. In spite of the publicity campaign of the media which stylized the "Festival of the New World" to a new climax of human development.

The population of the sector ?Central Europe" had been forced to pay still higher tributes and taxes in the last months and the social misery was growing more and more. Therefore, the people had not very much of this ?Festival of the New World", and all the propaganda around it. The racial tensions also continued to extend. If one drove through some parts of Paris, it seemed that France was close to civil war. But all this was a part of the policy of the new rulers, a small piece of their worldwide opus of decay.

The screaming crowd above their heads could easily be heard, down in the canalization. It roared and yelled and sang and stamped. Frank and Alfred seemed to become only more nervous, because of this din. Time was running out fast, and soon the critical moment would come. The governor was on his way to the inner city of Paris. Now it was vital to pay attention. All or nothing!

?What`s the time, B?umer?", asked Frank with an uncertain flickering in his eyes, while the ?One-World-Song" was sung above him.

?Three minutes past twelve. Still about an hour...", answered Alf and extinguished the campfire.

?Okay, let`s go!", said Kohlhaas, nervously fumbling on his cap.

They checked their equipment again and Frank stroked the explosive in the blue bags.

?For you father, for you sister!", he silently murmured and stared into the dark tunnel.

Both took their heavy luggage and loaded their weapons. Then they went to the hole to enter the canalization. Each step was arduous now and was accompanied by a wildly pounding heart. The palms of the two men filled with tiny rills of sweat, while the ubiquitous darkness stared at them still more malicious than ever before.

Their flashlights shone the way and they moved through the sewer corridors like creeping cats on the hunt. The larger halls were empty now.

All attention, probably even those of the workers of the public utilities, was given to the enormous spectacle at the surface. What Frank and Alfred did not know was that all employees of the city of Paris were allowed to stay away from work if they visited the ceremonies. Both rebels walked forward through the tunnels on quiet soles. They had soon reached the passage, where that GP policeman had nearly found them. Their hearts pounded like crazy steam hammers and Frank believed to be able to hear the echo of his pulse in the tunnel.

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