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   Chapter 49 No.49

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5532

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He felt the adrenaline burning in his veins. Kohlhaas hastily fetched his flashlight to examine the place of the spooky appearance, but there were only stones and garbage. Nothing was to be seen of a child. He thought about waking up his friend to tell him about the ghost, but he did not do it. There was nothing. Nothing at all.

After two hours, Frank was damn glad about the fact, that he could hand over the night watch to Alfred now. Then he immediately fell asleep. When it was his turn again, in the early morning, he initially illuminated the strange place with his flashlight. But there were no ghosts at all, only garbage. Franks nerves were raw and he started to search more thoroughly. But it must have been an illusion. Shortly afterwards, the young man left the spooky place and hoped that the panic would die down again.

The fire flickered and fought against its extinction for a while. Finally Kohlhaas had to return to the eerie corner to bring some more firewood. He was still scared and looked around, waiting for the coming of the ghostly child. But it did not come and left Frank alone in the cold darkness.

On the next day, at half past eight, Alfred heard voices. ?Calm!", he hissed and touched Frank lightly. ?Hey! Don't you hear that?"

Kohlhaas startled and sharpened his ears. B?umer was right. Now he heard the voices too. Someone was shouting in the distance, and the calls resounded in the tunnels. They had to be vigilant now.

?I take a look!", said Alfred quietly.

?Damn! Be careful!", answered Frank and slapped on B?umer`s shoulder.

Alf jumped up and crawled through the hole in the wall into the sewer corridor. He ran to a bifurcation and went into the next passage. In his corner of his eye, he could see one of the red crosses, he had sprayed on the wall before. The voices became louder. They probably came from the larger hall with the control room. After some minutes, Alf had advanced far enough into the tangle of sewers corridors and had reached the room with the water basins. Again, he heard someone call in French. He turned off his flashlight and disappeared in the darkness. Then he sneaked towards to the source of noise. Someone had put on the lights in the hall and the old, high vault was weakly illuminated now. B?umer dared not to go further and huddled in a corner of the corridor, which led to the hall. The voices still became a little louder and came out of the small room beside the hall, which could be reached over the stairs.

Finally a man came out of the chamber and called his colleague. These men were workers of the public utilities of Paris, and made their daily inspection round here. Alf hoped that they would not come too often.

After he had observed them for a while,

and one the workers had examined a water basin, the two men walked away and disappeared into a sewer corridor.

Alf heard them talk loudly. Then their voices faded away in the distance. The rebel turned around and sneaked again towards the closed metro tunnel.

?I just hope, they haven`t noticed that we have opened those grids and that steel door", he said quietly to himself.

But the workers had made a calm impression. This was obviously just an usual inspection round, that they made repeatedly, and with not much eagerness. And even if they would repair something, Frank and Alfred could still destroy it in the next night again. Kohlhaas was waiting at the small campfire and was relieved, when he saw Alfred creeping through the hole in the wall.

?Damn! Where have you been? Thank God, it was your flashlight. All right! I have already pulled my gun!", said Kohlhaas.

?It were just some workers", explained Alf and sat down beside his friend. ?Let`s see, who will come down here tomorrow!"

?Do you know, that they have found a full-grown alligator in the canalization of Paris some years ago?", interrupted him Frank and smiled grimly, looking at his comrade.

?I still prefer alligators to cops, Franky!", answered Alf.

This time, the night, that could only be differentiated from the day by a look at the clock, was almost relaxing for the two rebels. It was a bit like in the good old schooldays, before a classwork, after a long time of learning. They knew that the big showdown was inevitable now.

Tomorrow was the day of their final paper. Maybe a little more bloody and dangerous as a class test. Frank and Alfred kept guard once more and no ghosts or shades appeared.

At 6.30 o'clock, Alfred`s DC-stick beeped and woke the two men. The campfire was still glowing, otherwise the cold darkness had crept into each corner of the metro shaft again.

They slowly got up and ate a few toasts for breakfast. The slices of bread tasted like nothing, this cheap and lousy grub from ?Globe Food". But it could still be used as a possible last meal.

?We must go to our target area now. If some cops come down here today, then in the morning hours. We must keep everything in sight", explained B?umer and examined the equipment on completeness.

He checked the time fuse of the bomb several times. Then he hid the explosive under a pile of debris to avoid that any derelicts find it. Meanwhile, Frank Kohlhaas looked at his DC-stick. He wanted to make no mistakes, although they had already gone the way twice. Like canal rats, which had meanwhile become accustomed to their wet and dark home, they silently crept through the sewer corridors and were particularly careful in the bigger halls, which hardly offered any cover.

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