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   Chapter 46 No.46

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5579

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Japanese were interviewed, who allegedly had left the country, ?before Matsumotos firing squads could execute them", because they had fought for ?world peace" and "freedom". Ron Baldwin, the not very trustworthy looking advisor of puppet governor Ikeda, who had also been blown off the country, appeared in nearly each newscast.

He whined and stressed his ?great sorrows about the new Japan", that he had learned to love soo much, since he had come to the island in 2020, as a manager of the Greenbaum Brothers Bank

He tried to look dismayed and affected to convince even the ignorant viewers. Nevertheless, it was his job to lie in front of the telecameras and he seemed to be eager to play his role.

Eight great warships had been sent to the eastern seas of Japan by the GCF high command, in order to observe the situation. Furthermore, the World President had demanded an ultimatum to the island people. They had to return to the World Union until the end of the month.

"Otherwise, unpleasant consequences for the Matsumoto regime could follow!", he threatened on television.

The media concealed that the new president of Japan had come to power by the will of his people. He had been voted by over eighty percent of the Japanese population. Meanwhile, the Japanese had abolished any further elections, and Matsumoto called democracy a "giant play of mass manipulation".

Moreover, the new president controlled himself and let all representatives and ambassadors of the World Government leave the country. And Matsumoto did not lay a finger on them.

However, during the rebellion it had come to spontaneous lynchings by the furious people. Some Japanese had just taken revenge on those persons, who had exploited them for many years and had destroyed their country. The most "global parasites", as many Japanese called them, had been killed in Tokyo and Osaka.

But the "fascist Matsumoto" was responsible for all this, in the eyes of the international media. Therefore, they unleashed a furious hate campaign against the rebellious Asians. Soon after, it changed to an irate and hysterical choir of slander and lies. A military intervention, however, was "currently not planned", according to the words of the World President. The newscasters tried to calm the viewers, but the whole thing smelled like war.

?We will see!", thought Frank.

?Now in your KCN-Shop! Call 070023456 and get him! Sergeant Powers, your supersoldier! He fights them all, yeah!", resounded a pithy voice out of the television. A hand was waving with an action figure - Sergeant Powers. ?Terrorists, fascists, evil people! Sergeant Powers finishes them all! Get your Sergeant now and annihilate the evil forces! Only 19.95 Globes, here in your KCN-Shop or in every toyshop, yeah!", it

came out of the tube.

Then the voice kindly told the kids, that they could borrow some money at the "KCN Bank for Children", if their parents would not have the Globes for Sergeant Powers. But only for children, who were already six years old.

?Oh, shit!", sighed Alf. ?Turn it off!"

?In a few minutes, I want to watch "The Little Whisperer" on KCN. I always wanted to have a look at this brainwash show for children."

?Please not...", answered B?umer disgustedly.

Shortly afterwards, KCN (Kid Control Network), the biggest telestation for children worldwide, started its famous show, called "The Little Whisperer".

Some years ago, KCN had started the series. Meanwhile, it had mutated to a blockbuster, which was also watched by the adult population and had extremely high viewing figures. Nevertheless, the actual target audience of the telecast was the younger generation. Since some time, the absurd show could be watched in innumerable languages and on all continents.

Frank and thereafter also Alf, who could not successfully hide himself from the acoustic irradiation of the television, stared eagerly, and at the same time distastefully, at the screen: Now it was time for ?The Little Whisperer"!

A slimy presenter with flashing white teeth and an also flashing white suit, opened the show and the audience of little children cheered loudly.

?Hey, kids! I`m Funny Paul! Who of are you?", he called ecstatically.

"We are the kids!", roared the children and raved with great enthusiasm.

Every show of "The Little Whisperer" started in that manner. This was the German version, which could also be received here in Paris, together with approximately 700 other TV shows from all over the world. The camera swivelled around and showed alternating children of different nationalities. The ?One-World" - on television it was cute at first sight. Then, all candidates of today's show were presented: The little Tina from Bitterfeld, Tommy from Hamburg, Robin from Bremen, Gülay from Bochum, Kim Song from somewhere else…

Anyhow, the children screamed full of joy and Alf moaned: ?Turn it off! Please!"

But Frank remained hard. At least, he just wanted to watch one show of the series, the two policemen had talked about, when they had transported him to "Big Eye" at that time. After a while, the presenter called for the little Tina, a sweet blondie with braids and a cunning smile.

"You know, Tina, officer Bark and I must always pay attention that people say no bad things about our World President. Therefore, we also need the many children here to help us. You have told us last week, that your papa has said something very bad about our uncle World President. And you want to win your pony today, right?", said the presenter and grinned.

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