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   Chapter 45 No.45

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5570

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Soon after, they left the area over some stone stairs and sneaked over a way with deep water reservoirs at the sides. Finally they disappeared again in one of the sewer tunnels, because Frank believed, that he had found this passage on HOK`s map. Alf marked the way and they continued with their search.

?The "Avenue of Humanity" is no longer far!", called Kohlhaas and disappeared into another dark hole.

They walked about hundred meters straightforward and turned then to the left into a further sewer corridor. Again, it was one of the bigger tunnels, because a small river rushed beside them here. Now they saw numerous cables, rusty lamps, old pipes and also a faded sign with some warnings. A little later, both men stood in front of the next grid, which blocked their way. Alfred`s blowtorch cut through the rusty metal and he threw a glowing piece of the grid into the water. After further hundred meters, a rat swarm, which had probably held a meeting here, fled from the blaze of their flashlights in all directions. Then the old brick ceilings became higher and they reached a hall with an enormous water pump and a large basin in its center.

While the two rebels felt safe in the narrow and dark sewer corridors, which led through the underground of Paris, they had the impression of being observed in the larger rooms and halls.

Here they could have encountered another derelict or a worker of the public utilities. But it was still very early in the morning and nobody, except for the two rebels, seemed to be here. From a distance, they suddenly heard the thundering of an arriving metro. That was a good sign.

?Charles de Gaulle!", whispered Frank and leaned against a large, gray column. ?It must be the underground station Charles de Gaulle. It is close to the "Temple of Tolerance". We have almost reached our goal!"

The two men looked at the map again, then they climbed down an iron ladder and disappeared into a larger tunnel, which led them towards the source of noise. The way through this passage was long, monotonous and stinky. It seemed to lead many hundred meters into nothing. Frank reassured Alf that it was no longer far.

Only one last sewer corridor had to be passed now. Then they would be directly below the square, that had once been decorated by the Arc de Triomphe. Again, they heard the noise of a metro, speeding through the earth. The two rebels had crept through the guts of Paris with success. Frank and Alf were proud.

Beside them, a rusty ladder led upward to a dirty gully cover, where armies of black spiders were waiting for them, as a closer look proved. A little later it was done. The "Temple of Tolerance" was directly above their heads. Cars were humming and honking on the heavily travelled street, and they

heard some people shout. Paris awoke.

Now it was time to disappear. Frank jumped up the ladder like a cat, climbed upward and lifted the gully cover to look over the square. Frank smiled grimly. They had finally made their way through the canalization – it was possible!

From the corner of his eye Kohlhaas could recognize an outside wall of the ugly concrete monument, that looked like a huge pyramid.

"We have arrived! Great!", said Frank joyfully and climbed down the ladder again.

"Over there! Look! About thirty meters away from me!" Alfred pointed at the darkness of the sewer corridor next to him. "We will place the bomb there and send Wechsler to hell! The explosion will be strong enough to tear up a big part of the square in front of the monument!"

"Yes! We will fucking do that!", muttered Frank with a poisonous smile.

"And now we have to move our asses out of this canalization!", he added and both men headed back. With growing internal confidence and contentment, the two rebels slunk off.

Occasionally, Frank had to study some construction plans again, but mostly his sense of direction was right. The red crosses, Alfred had sprayed on the walls, were a good additional help. Perfectly tired, stinky and filthy, they finally crept out of the sewer tunnel next to the abandoned factory hall in the early morning hours. Soon they would spend many hours in the canalization again.

On their way back to the hotel, at dawn, no one noticed them. Indeed their clothes were dirty, but this was not unusual in Paris. There were a lot of filthy guys in the streets of this metropolis. A warm hotel room was waiting for them and it was silent on the unlit floor. They just closed the door behind them and looked forward to a hot shower. Frank and Alf had no longer had this luxury since years, and both enjoyed the water, washing all the dirt and the stench away from their bodies. Then they quickly fell asleep. Soon the great day would come. The day of bloody revenge. And Frank looked forward to his payback...

The Lull before the Storm

Frank and Alfred left the small hotel ?Sunflower" in the following days always alternating, in order to buy some food in the nearby supermarkets. They never ate in the small dining room of the hotel together with the other guests and avoided every contact to them. Only in their hotel room, they took their meals, which were usually produced by the "Globe Food" grocery chain.

The television was on, all day long, and overwhelmed them with dull entertainment and repetitions of old movies, interrupted by the hourly news. In this context, it was interesting to see, how the World Government dealt with the renegade state of Japan. At an interval of a few hours, the newest reports came over the air.

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