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   Chapter 44 No.44

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5362

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The tramp whined quietly and whispered something in French. Kohlhaas pressed the pistol against his nose. "Just shut up, man! Or you won`t survive this!"

At this moment, Alfred pulled the furious young man energetically back and shoved him away.

?What is wrong with you, Frank? Are you mad? That old guy will say nothing. Hundreds of homeless people hang around here and nobody is interested in the babble of an old tramp! Let`s go back through the tunnels! It`s time to disappear!"

Frank slowly calmed down and put his gun away. He had nearly shot or stabbed this old man. Alfred gave him another stroke in the side and looked at him with lack of comprehension.

?It`s enough for now!", he said. ?Otherwise, I will become angry! We disappear from here! Come on!"

Frank just followed his friend and was silent. At once, the whole thing was embarrassing to him and Alfred reprimanded him again, with sharp words, to control his rage next time. ?He was nevertheless nothing but a drunk grandpa, man!", he grumbled.

?Okay, I may have overreacted…", answered Frank and looked away.

When they went back and crept again through the dark sewer system, Frank had to admit himself, that he had been close to kill this bum. That he was a safety risk, could perhaps be an argument, but only a superficial, because it was more than improbable that anybody would be interested in the twaddle of a drunk tramp from the underground of Paris.

Nevertheless, he had almost killed this man, simply cut his throat, to let him rot in the darkness of the old metro shaft. Yes, it had almost happened, if Alfred had not stopped him. Frank thought about himself...

Frank and Alf did not continue to explore the abandoned tunnel, in which the drunk man had lain. They crept again back through the hole and Kohlhaas took his DC-stick out of the backpack. Meanwhile, the two men were tired and Paris seemed to wake up above them. The honking of cars and the rumble slowly became louder.

?It probably goes on here. After the next two passages there is another room with reservoirs - or whatever!", explained Frank and went into the next tunnel.

Alfred sprayed a red cross on the wall beside the hole, which led into the metro shaft and followed his easily excitable rebel friend.

They still walked through stinking, but this time bigger sewer corridors, that had small and smelly rivers inside. B?umer looked at Frank`s back and was still annoyed. Meanwhile, they had advanced still deeper into the underground. Finally they found a second underground hall, which was also hold by stone columns. The wastewater was collected here in large basins and was moreover rerouted in

several directions. The basins were covered with large grids of iron and there was a footpath with some stairs, that was secured with a banister rail. Here one could probably come to a control room. Several water pumps and pipes were all around them. On the walls, they recognized lamps and thick cables. Also some crates had been piled up there. This large and long room seemed to be used very often, because it was directly below the inner city. But around this time it was empty. The two men crept further forward.

The old brick walls and the stone archs had something formidable. Now they recognized some iron stairs, which led up the wall and ended in a dark hole. At the end of the hall, there was a rusted steel door with a lamp above it.

?Look at this enormous room! It had already been built in the good old times. Really impressing!", whispered Alfred.

"Yes, a very big hall below the earth. Like the old ?Moria" in that film. Just smaller...", said Frank.

?Moria?", asked B?umer and was puzzled. ?What do you mean with that?"

?Well, there is an old fantasy film. My father had once brought me a video tape, when I was still a little boy. It was called ?The Lord of the Rings". In that movie, the heroes had to pass an underground labyrinth too - and it was called ?Moria". An giant underground city, built by the dwarves in the ancient times of Middle-earth...", described Kohlhaas. ?I really loved that film!"

?You are a dwarf too, ha, ha!", answered Alf and smiled. ?Where are we here?"

A look at the map seemed to be necessary now. Probably the steel door at the end of the vault led into a bigger area, from where the men could reach the "Avenue of Humanity".

?I hope that there will be no workers of the public utilities", whispered Alfred. It was already after five o'clock in the morning. ?We must hurry up!"

"Maybe the workers are more often here, than in the areas behind us", answered Frank quietly.

The steel door was secured with a digital code lock. Apart from that, the door looked old and was strongly rusted. The dark green paint on its surface had already peeled. Alfred started working immediately. He used his blowtorch, but the door was very solid.

B?umer had to destroy a big part of the lock and needed nearly half an hour to open it. Meanwhile, Frank looked nervously around and hoped that nobody would disturb them.

Finally, the steel door opened with a quiet crunch and the two assassins came into another room, which was equipped with some shelves and an electronic control desk. The old desk reminded them of the seventies of the last century, because of its design. It was a true relict of technology.

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