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   Chapter 43 No.43

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5064

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Frank illuminated the basin, then he said to Alfred: ?HOK`s informations have mostly been correct so far. This reservoir or whatever it is, has been marked with a red spot on the map. You should spray a sign on the wall here!"

After they had crossed the next tunnel, they had penetrated the underground labyrinth for more than one kilometer. Then they reached an area, which reminded them of a small hall. It must have been a part of the world-famous canalization of Paris, which had been built in the year 1850 and during the following period. With a tang of admiration, the two men stopped for a moment and looked around. Then they continued their journey.

?This must be pumps over there, right?" Alfred pointed at several enormous pipes with big handwheels on the side, that led into a deep water reservoir. However, they also were totally rusted, although they seemed to be still in use.

?I think so!", answered Frank. ?This hall is probably in the east of the "Avenue of Humanity". I think the street is less than two kilometers far from here. This place is noticeable enough, we don`t need to mark it."

Alfred put the spray can with the red color back into his backpack and followed his friend. They went up some concrete stairs with a handrail on the side. Then they entered big room, that nearly looked like an underground hall and was carried by stone columns. Soon after, Frank and Alf went to the right and walked through a narrow, long passage.

?HOK`s informations have been right yet", said Kohlhaas. ?The construction plans of the canalization of the inner city seem to be still exact."

?Well, the World Government has just taken over this ancient and singular sewerage. They would never build something for the people!", remarked Alf.

?This sewer network has been built by hardworking men and not by dirty parasites!", hissed Frank and waved his friend nearer.

?Look! There is a locked door. It obstructs the way, which we have to take", said Frank and pointed at a dark corner of the hall. Alfred fetched his blowtorch, but didn`t destroy the door more than necessary, in order to arouse no suspicion.

The tunnel beyond the locked door seemed to be endless, and after a while the two men discovered a hole in the wall. But there was no sewer corridor anywhere.

?What is that? It looks, as if somebody had broken some stones out of the wall there, to dig a way", said Frank and illuminated the strange hole with his flashlight. ?Over there! Look, there is another tunnel! Can you see it?


Behind the hole seemed to be a large shaft. In the last years, many homeless people had revamped the underworld of Paris at their own discretion and had extended the endless tunnel system. They had found a sad home here, in a time, when there was no more room for them at the surface. Kohlhaas looked at his DC-stick and read some files. It lasted nearly half an hour. In the meantime, Alfred sauntered boredly and nervously through the darkness.

?This could be an abandoned metro shaft!", explained Frank.

?In the inner city of Paris, the sewer corridors, tunnels and passages are sometimes hardly ten meters away from each other. I will take a closer look!"

Alfred already saw the back of his friend, who jumped into the little cavity and soon shone with the flashlight in his direction. Kohlhaas called him out of the dark tunnel and seemed to be excited.

?Come on!", he whispered. ?I can see tracks. You see, I was right!"

B?umer also crept through the hole and the two men followed the tracks. Perhaps they could find an abbreviation, if this metro shaft was really the marked path on HOK`s map.

It lasted a while, because the abandoned tunnel extended over several hundred meters. Suddenly they heard a gasp somewhere in the darkness. They twinced and turned around, looking in all directions. The vein in Frank`s temple began to pound and also Alfred nervously brandished his flashlight.

The gasp could be heard again and the two rebels searched for the source of noise. Finally they saw a man, who lay in a dark corner. Probably a derelict, old and ugly, with a reddish beard, a shabby trench coat and some brandy bottles in front of him. The underground inhabitant blinked dazedly, when B?umer hit him with the blaze of his flashlight.

?Ca va?", slurred the old man.

"What?", stammered Frank nervously.

"Ca va?", repeated the drunk. "Ca va?"

"All right, grandpa! We will go now!", said Alf and turned around.

"Ca va?"

?Shut the fuck up, man!", hissed Frank toward the tramp and pulled his gun.

"Frank, what do you...?", asked B?umer. ?Put that gun away!"

?If he tells someone that we have been down here or remembers our faces...", growled Frank excitedly and brandished his weapon.

?This guy is just drunk. Leave him alone! Or do you want to kill him?", grumbled Alf at his friend.

"Ca va?", burped the tramp again.

"Shut up, you dirty old jerk! Don`t make such a noise! Otherwise I will give you some ?Ca va"!", screamed Frank and kicked the man in the side.

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