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   Chapter 42 No.42

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5522

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?No turning back, Kohlhaas!", answered Alf and already screwed up his nose.

They lifted the manhole cover without problems and pushed it to the side. In front of them, an unfathomable black hole opened itself now. Only the outlines of some rusty rungs, leading into the darkness, could be recognized.

?Fuck!", said Frank.

B?umers nodded approvingly, then he held his flashlight downward. Dirt, rotten leaves and rust expected the two assassins down below. Moreover, a pungent stench.

"Oh my God!", said Kohlhaas and took his rubber gloves and the breathing mask. "Do you have the blowtorch, Alf?"

"Yes, sure! What are you waiting for?", muttered B?umer.

Frank carefully climbed down the rusty ladder, while Alf was shining for him. After a few minutes, he had reached the ground.

?Baaah!", it resounded out of the dark hole.

His partner could imagine, what Frank meant. Then Kohlhaas shone for Alf, who crawled down into the unknown, little inviting environment of the underground of Paris. B?umer pulled the gully cover over the manhole, so that only a small gap remained. Down here, it was as disgusting as expected, and the channel did not make the impression, as if someone had ever cleaned it in the last twenty years. Wet heaps of dirt were piled up beside the rivlet, down to the feet of the two men. Some rats scurried away. Alf shone at them with his flashlight and the animals quickly disappeared somewhere in a stinking hole.

?Look at this, gentlemen of the World Government are also here!", joked Frank and pointed at the rats.

Alf chuckled. ?Here will be a lot of them. If you see a completely fat and bloated rat, then you can address it with ?Mr. World President"!"

Frank grinned and returned: ?To compare these poor animals with the Lodge Brothers, is an insult for every rat!"

The gossip took a bit of the uncertainty of the two rebels, who stood now in the middle of an ugly sewer tunnel. Frank looked at his map again and then they walked about hundred meters straightforward.

They had to watch out for their heads, because the tunnel was not as tall as a man and surely already very old. Soon after, both men came to a bigger canal and heard a car above themselves. They were under a street. The little river of wastewater was a bit broader here, just like the roundish tunnel. Now they had to come to a decision.

?If the map is correct, we must go to the left", said Frank after a short look at the DC-Stick.

?It will hopefully be correct, otherwise we are fucked up", grumbled B?umer.

?There is always a gully cover somewhere, that can bring us back to the surface", said Frank and walked forward, waving with his flashlight. Meanwhile, Alfred sprayed a red cross on the wall, in order to us

e it later as an orientation.

The broader sewer tunnel still extended for about two hundred meters, then they came to a grid, clogged with dirt and leaves, which was completely rusted. There was no getting through. At least, not without a blowtorch, which Alfred fortunately had. It just took a quarter of an hour, then he had destroyed the rusty lattice.

?What a work!", gasped Alf, when the dammed up water poured away between his legs with loud splashing.

The tunnel with the old grid still extended for two hundred further meters, then it ended in a larger room, where the rills of wastewater flowed together. Gray-green walls gazed at the two intruders and Frank was sure, that these old buildings already existed since many decades, maybe since centuries.

Rusty wastewater pipes came from the ceiling of the room and on the wall was a sign with something in French on it. It was completely rusted too.

At least, they could stand tall here. The way forked again in several directions. Frank looked at some files and was sure that they had to go into the opposite tunnel, Alfred trusted him and sprayed another red cross on the wall.

?One of these sewer corridors had not been on our map, but this must be the right one! Above it, is the "Rue de Rothschild", as I think", explained Kohlhaas.

Shortly afterwards, they walked through a narrow passage with some big holes in the walls. Spiders and rats welcomed them in this dark tunnel and it was smelling rancidly, despite the breathing masks.

Frank and Alf had to crouch again and watched their heads. Meanwhile, they had walked this tunnel for about fifty meters, when they discovered a small source of light above themselves. Probably it was the light of one of the street lamps, which came through a little hole of a gully cover. They continued to creep through the stinking passage, then they stopped. A black water lode with a very narrow sidewalk on the side was in front of them, it was approximately one meter deep. In the distance of ten meters, rusty and damaged iron pipes led upward. Alfred marked the way and followed his friend along the stream. The water was not really deep, but it smelled foul and appeared somehow threatening. Frank thought that a terrible kraken would grab them with its tentacles to pull them down into a bottomless black sea. It was just spooky down here and the stench crept out of every corner right into their noses.

?If I have counted my steps correctly, we have walked about 600 or 700 meters yet", said B?umer.

His friend looked at the digital map and nodded. At the end of the tunnel, they reached a relatively big room, which looked like a reservoir. Stairs led upward and a large pool with brackish water was in front of them.

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