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   Chapter 41 No.41

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5258

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She was very friendly, but somehow busy and reticent. However, this was no problem, because unnecessary talk with other people had to be strictly avoided. Frank and Alf just told her, that they were tourists from Austria.

The Scanchips functioned perfectly again. This was the way it should be. Then, the two men brought their heavy and explosive luggage to room 16 on the 2nd floor. Frank and Alf didn`t see many other guests on this evening. Only an older woman, who greeted them in French. That was all.

They closed the door behind themselves and fell on their beds, which were covered with a brown duvet. Soon this day had come to an end and the two rebels were just glad about this.

Now they were in Paris, but the real trip to hell was still waiting for them. Nevertheless, Frank and Alf banished this fact from their minds at this evening.

Aux Champs-élysées

Aux Champs-élysées

Aux Champs-élysées

Au soleil, sous la pluie

à midi ou à minuit

Il y a tout ce que vous voulez

Aux Champs-élysées...

(French version, 1969)

Oh Champs-élysées

Oh Champs-élysées

Sonne scheint, Regen rinnt

Ganz egal, wir beide sind

So froh, wenn wir uns wiederseh'n

Oh Champs-élysées…

(German cover version, 1969)

Oh Champs-élysées

Oh Champs-élysées

Sonne scheint, Regen rinnt

Wechsler, du wirst mich nicht seh`n

Und bald vor deinem Sch?pfer steh`n!

Oh Champs-élysées…

(Modified version by Frank Kohlhaas, 2029)

Although they were in the middle of a strongly monitored city in ?Central Europe", and the enemy could lie in wait at each corner, Frank and Alf slept quite well. At first, Frank remembered this old French song, which was occasionally played on the radio. He changed the text of the German version in a way that it was suitable to the situation. Kohlhaas chuckled quietly, till the sleep had overpowered him.

The beginning of the next day could not be avoided and there were only eight days till the "Festival of the new World", which should come over the old "Avenue de Champs-Elysees".

There was still enough time to get an idea of the situation, and to explore the dark sewer tunnels, which they had selected as their way to the security zone. This procedure was also very necessary, because there was no room in their plan for unexpected incidents, collapsed tunnels or blocked ways.

Frank and Alf spent the first day in Paris in their hotel room and avoided to leave the building. Only once, Alf bought something to eat in a nearby supermarket and told his friend about the dirty streets he had walked down. Apart from that, they spent their ti

me with watching TV. The news, which were mostly agitation against Japan, brought them several outbreaks of rage. For the next day, more exactly for the next night, both men had planned something really bold. At two o'clock in the morning, the two rebels sneaked out of their hotel room and passed the abandoned reception.

In the darkness of the next street corner, Frank hastily took his DC-Stick and opened the city map of Paris, which HOK had completed with additional informations. Like two shades, they crept around the houses and moved silently from one dark place to the next. It was raining and Alf suggested to postpone the operation to the following day, but Frank did not want to waste anymore time and remained stubborn. ?The Rue Lagille, it is not far away from here!", whispered Kohlhaas and showed his friend the map.

?We are just crazy, man!", answered B?umer.

?Of course!" Frank grinned. ?And now, let`s hurry up!"

They went to a dark corner again and studied some construction plans. Meanwhile, the heavy rain had stopped and just dabbled quietly one the roofs of the houses around them. The streets were empty, only a few probably Algerian teenagers, who occasionally roared through the night or kicked against garbage cans and bus stop signs, could be seen in the distance. However, the two rebels were not noticeable to them. It was after three o'clock, when they finally reached their goal.

?Let`s look for an entrance here", whispered Frank.

?Shit, what am I doing here?", sighed his friend and fetched a small crowbar, which he kept hidden under his jacket.

?Come on now!", hissed Kohlhaas.

A car drove past them and an old woman, standing at a brightly illuminated window, gazed at the dark and wet street. Frank and Alf had noticed her and decided to creep inconspicuously away.

?Look! She can see us! We have to go!", growled Frank and Alf followed him.

?Let`s go to the next street, there are only some houses on one side. And there is an abandoned factory building, according to the plan", whispered the young man with the DC-Stick in his hand.

Shortly afterwards, they reached a nearly perfect dark back alley. Now they felt unobserved. Anyhow, they could not see anybody, although they looked around several times and examined the environment with sharp eyes. A minute later they stood in front of a gully cover of iron. It was clearly visible shown on one of HOK`s maps of the city of Paris. They paused for a short moment.

?This must be gully cover 344-GL-77003, if the map is correct", said Frank with a little enthusiastic face. ?Down there? Now? Damn! "

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