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   Chapter 36 No.36

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However, his friend felt the same. Alfred mostly ran through the village in these days, speaking at each possible opportunity with Wilden, who tried to encourage him. Sometimes, he sat in the brightly illuminated kitchen during the whole night, with a cup of tea and a cigarette, just looking out the window. B?umer did not sleep very much and waited eargerly for the start of the operation.

?Julia is at the door, Frank!", called Alf from the side room, while his roommate tried to concentrate on a political brochure. Dusk was already falling outside. The journey to the west was set for 9.00 o'clock tomorrow. During this day, many villagers had come to the two men, to wish them all the best for the operation. Several women had brought cakes and food. Even HOK had visited them again – with some more construction plans in his hands.

Steffen de Vries, the Belgian, who lived with his family in Ivas since four years and had to fly the two rebels to Compiegne, had also been there for several hours. Meanwhile, de Vries was also more than nervous.

"I`m coming!", answered Frank and left his bedroom. B?umer had already led Julia in and went with her into the kitchen. She was pleased to see Frank and shook his hand.

?I just wanted to wish you good luck!", she said and seemed to be concerned and gloomy.

?Thanks! We will need it!", answered Alfred and took a deep breath.

?Thanks, Julia! It`s just nice to see you!", returned Frank. ?However, still a last beautiful sight, before we will enter the spooky underground."

Now, the pretty woman smiled shyly and didn`t find the right word for a short moment.

?I wanted to...", she stammered. ?If it will be too dangerous...however...and you have no chance to reach Wechsler, you can always stop the operation!"

Julia stared with her sad eyes at the table surface. Frank turned to the window and said: ?We will see! When we are in Paris, there will be no more turning back!"

?I meant… ", she added.

?Don`t worry! We will be successful, and if not, the catacombs are near and we will meet a lot of dead buddies", joked Alf with a cynical undertone.

Julia Wilden obviously found this not very funny and shook her head. ?Don`t say such stupid things!", she spoke quietly and seemed to be close to tears. Kohlhaas enjoyed it, to see her in such a condition, if he was honest. Now the beautiful Fr?ulein, who was always a bit precocious, showed some feelings.

But Frank still played the hard rebel: ?We will return for sure, Julia! We will kill this asshole without merc


Then she said goodbye with tears in her eyes and shook B?umer`s hand. Frank was even hugged by her. He was pleased that she treated him in such a way, and briefly, he was nearly inspired. But he checked himself and tried to think about something else, ignoring the pretty, young woman.

?She likes you, Franky!", teased him Alf, after Julia had left the house.

"No idea!", answered his friend with a shake of the head.

"She is really nice!", added B?umer with a broad grin.

Frank turned away from him, went to the window and stared at the squalid garden behind the house. It was dark and rainy outside.

The two rebels were still awake for several hours. Now they were untwisted and nervous. This last night in Ivas, before the highly dangerous job in Paris, was terrible for Frank. He had weird dreams again, which afflicted him in the short phase of his sleep during the morning hours. He could remember just a few things on the next morning, when the Fleming, his pilot, awaked him with loud banging and calling at the front door:

Frank walked through a strange dreamworld once more. It completely resembled the holo cell, in which he had suffered for eight long months. White, sharp neon light cut into his eyes and he trudged through the bright fog of light without a real goal.

After a while, he recognized that it was his holo cell, but it appeared much bigger as he could remember. The walls could not be seen anymore and only the toilet and the hated plank bed with its light-gray pleather stood in the middle of the white light.

?Frank!", he heard the deep voice of an adult of man from a distance. ?Fraaank!"

He followed the call and soon faced a terrible sight. In front of him was an enormous spider net, full of thick, black spiders. Some hatefully stared at him with their glinty eyes, and their slimy mandibles twitched. Some of the creatures hissed, when he appeared in front of their net, others were busy with eating their prey.

The enormous spider net, which seemed to broaden into the white illuminated sky, was full of screaming humans, who were clinging to thick and slimy threads.

The young man came closer and saw now, who was in the claws of the ugly spider monsters. It were babies. It was Nico. They all were little Nicos. Nevertheless, their voices did not sound like the voices of babies, they were deeper. Voices of men, who were already adult.

?Frank! Look at us!", yelled one of the babies, in whose flesh one of the spiders had bored its mandibles. ?Look at us! Look at us!"

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