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   Chapter 32 No.32

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GCF soldiers of German origin preferentially served in this time as occupying forces in the Near East or in Africa, while old Germany was occupied by GCF soldiers from Africa, Asia and other regions. And so it was everywhere.

When the meeting came to an end and the visitors left the large barn, Frank was examined by many of them. Alfred B?umer was still confused. His fellow seemed to stand close to insanity. Julia Wilden finally came to him and tapped the young Kohlhaas on the shoulder.

?Hey, Frank!", she said quietly. The rebel turned around and stared at her.

?What the hell was that? You know that your idea is just madness! What is wrong with you, Frank?", she asked quizzically.

?I`m all right, Fr?ulein!", answered Frank harshly.

?However, you will not really try this?", she returned.

?Of course I will try it! Do you think, I`m a twaddler?"

?None of us would come only hundred meters in the vicinity of Wechsler", remarked the woman.

?This will be my problem – and not yours! You can organize a city map of Paris for me, this would be a great help, Julia!", answered Kohlhaas and regarded Wilden`s daughter with a vacant expression.

?I know, you think that many of the other villagers don`t take you to be a real rebel - and it is also partly correct – but such a suicide operation is just senseless", said Julia, trying to change his mind.

?If you say so. It is my life and my concern. I don`t force you to come with me. Hand out your leaftlets or spray some philosophical slogans on the walls. I will do, what I think is right!", said Frank. ?The others may think, what they want. I don`t care about these idiots. They want to be rebels? I can only laugh! Well, the release operation of Alf and me was not bad, but we have to do more things like that. Those fucking guys, who destroy our lives, just think that they are invulnerable! But they can also bleed and die like all other people too. It`s time to hold them accountable for all this shit! It`s time to make them pay for all their crimes, Julia! And I will show those fucking pigs, that they can also be switched off. I will go to your father tomorrow and then I will ask him, to give me the necessary equipment for my operation!".

?But…", whispered Julia.

?I have to go now!", said Frank and left the young woman alone.

The following days were full of disputes with Alf and Wilden, who meant that the Frank had made a fool of himself. Nevertheless, he didn`t listen to them and became obsessed by the thought, to kill the governor of ?Central Europe", in order to p

oint the way for others. And some of his proposals were not stupid at all, although they appeared crazy and daring.

?You want to enter Paris as a visitor with your falsified Scanchip. Okay, that could be possible", said Wilden. ?Border controls had already been abolished, since the times of the European Union, and today, in a time of free trade, they would be even inconceivable, from the economic point of view. The close monitoring of the masses is much more effective."

Yes, I know!", answered Frank impatiently. ?How can I get through this security zone to shoot Wechsler? Should I take a sniper rifle to kill this guy?", asked Kohlhaas.

?This will be difficult, because in the periphery of at least one kilometer, security forces will be everywhere, also on the high buildings and of course inside the zone", replied the village boss.

?When will the police establish this secured area?", asked Frank.

?Maybe two or three days before the event. But I don`t believe that you could hide there somewhere, boy!", returned Wilden.

?I will find a way. If they kill me or not, is not important for me anymore. I only have to get in that zone – this would be enough", murmured Kohlhaas.

"Well, you could support us with other operations in a much better way, Frank. Have you ever thought about that? Operations, that will not end in suicide", Wilden tried to explain.

?Perhaps! But I have already said it in front of all the men at the meeting, and now there is no more truning back. But how?", said Kohlhaas thoughtfully.

?As you may think fit… ", groaned the village boss.

?If there is no way to reach this scumbag at the surface, then I must look for an alternative...?", pondered Kohlhaas. ?But I have just no knowledge about this damn city."

?What do you mean?", Wilden was baffled.

"If I wanted to make such a job in Berlin, my hometown, I would come through any tunnels, old underground pits or something like that", said Frank.

?You would find a lot of tunnels in Paris. This city is more undermined than each anthill, there are probably innumerable underground entrances, particularly in the inner part of the city", admitted Wilden.

?Who can give me more informations about this? These two Frenchmen are nevertheless still here for a few days, right?", mumbled Frank.

?Well, I hardly believe that they know every tunnel under Paris. In addition, they are from the north of the country. But there are construction plans of tunnels and sewers in the data bases of the administration or on the Internet. You should ask HOK!

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