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   Chapter 25 No.25

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5113

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There was still only a very old wood fired oven in the biggest room of the house and both men became a bit nervous, when the thought about the coming winter of the year 2028. At the end of the month, Frank`s sleep disturbances suddenly came back. He had scary nightmares, in which the cruel light of the holo cell tortured him again, and also Mr. Madness returned.

Sometimes in these dreams, this strange man talked, and Frank was surprised that his voice was high and shrill. B?umer often woke him up, when he flailed or talked while he was sleeping. It was weird. Right now, where peace had entered his life, compared to the time in ?Big Eye" even the idyl, the bad memories came back. Kohlhaas had thought, that the pain in his mind was over – but he was wrong...

One day in August, HOK stood in front of the entrance door on an early morning and asked Alf for Frank. Kohlhaas sat in the provisionally furnished kitchen and came to the door after a few minutes.

?Good morning, Frank! Please come with me, immediately!", said HOK with a sad face.

?What`s up?", asked Frank with an uncomfortable feeling deep inside.

?Hurry up! Just come with me!", answered the computer specialist and spreaded a disastrous atmosphere.

Shortly afterwards, the two men went to HOK`s house and Frank hardly noticed the warm and bright autumn sun, which stroked the little village on this day. HOK ran to his untidy office and sat down in front of his computer.

?Please take a seat, Frank!", hummed HOK. ?And try to stay calm, with all, I will say to you now!"

?Tell me, what has happened?", claimed Frank with a mixture of impatience and deep concern, because HOK`s countenance let expect nothing good.

?I have examined your old Scanchip. I meant no harm by it, but it is an order of Wilden, concerning each new person that comes into our village. It is a safety precaution. The Scanchip is examined for suspicious sub-datas and cross references. I penetrated an internal data server and studied some not public informations, which are automatically collected about every citizen in the sector ?Central Europe" by authorities or secret services. These sub-datas contain many informations about a citizen`s life. Of course, the ordinary people don`t know anything about their existence. Okay, I have the skill to look for all this stuff. Let`s see..."

?Aha…", answered Frank with a complete lack of understanding.

?An usual Scanchip has about 500 internal sub-datas and cross references, which can`t be read by the owner, because they are on

ly for the authorities", explained HOK hastily.

Frank`s brain was tormented again with some technical terms of the computer language, although HOK tried to explain everything understandably for the layman.

The sub-datas of each Scanchip contain a fulness of informations, for example:

- Behaviour analysis at the workplace

- State of health, for the further economic utilization

- Income

- Consument behaviour statistics

- Social compatibility

- Subversive statements at the telephone, on the internet...

- Family members and relatives

- Reactions on political propaganda and advertising

- Religious faith

- Friends and acquaintances

- Frequentcy of contacts to friends and acquaintances

- Sexual behavior

There are still hundreds of further informations and details, but I think you know, what we are talking about", said HOK.

?And now? What`s wrong?", asked Frank quizzically.

?Just wait!", answered HOK. ?I have to look for some special things. For example, if there is an entry like: ?IOS" (informer of the state) or ?ROP" (receiver of official privileges) - what would mean, that you are an informer – or you have been it once."

?What do you want from me? I`m no informer, man!", screamed Frank.

?You don`t have anything to do with such things! Your old Scanchip is clean, don`t worry!", calmed him HOK.

?This is not the problem...", he continued. ?We must be very careful and everybody in Ivas has to endure this process!"

?Then you want to establish your own little surveillance state here, isn`t it?", gnarled Frank angrily.

?No, we do not want that!", replied HOK and seemed to feel ashamed.

?I looked at the cross references, concerning your family members and your relatives. I'm sorry, this didn`t belong to my tasks and I must excuse myself for that", murmured HOK sheepishly and stared at his keyboard.

?And then you pretend to fight against the World Government! Maybe these guys were also just bored, and so they decided one day, to spy out all the other people!", grumbled Kohlhaas.

"I'm sorry! Really!" HOK tried to calm down his angry guest. ?Unfortunately, I have noticed something terrible on your Scanchip: Rainer Kohlhaas is your father, right? And Martina Günther, born Kohlhaas, your sister, isn`t it?

Nico Günther your nephew…? "

?What`s up with them?", asked Frank excitedly.

?The Scanchips of Rainer Kohlhaas and Martina Günther are shut down. Their citizen numbers will be assigned to other people in the near future...", spoke HOK quietly.

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