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   Chapter 24 No.24

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5339

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?Living together with you? Then I will give you the prohibition to watch TV!", answered Frank with a smile.

?Don`t make me angry, little boy!", hissed B?umer, grinned villainously and made some boxing movements toward his interlocutor.

The discussion with the leader of the group was short and factual. Wilden told them that they could move into another vacant house at the further end of Ivas. It was an incredible hovel, but at least, it had an old wood fired oven and the two men could even get some electricity for the barrack.

When Frank and Alf returned to their provisional home, they met a probably 45 years old man in a cord sweater, unloading some crates from a shabby, white combi-van.

With him was a beautiful young woman with long fair hair, which she had tied up to a queue. John and the woman welcomed them.

?Oh, who are you? Allow me, I′m John Thorphy!", he introduced himself.

?Julia Wilden!", added the blonde and smiled.

?Alfred B?umer, we don`t know each other yet", answered Alf.

?Eh… Frank Kohlhaas!", said the young man.

John Thorphy had a strong English accent, which, however, clarified the question of his origin only superficially.

?We lived in your house. Thank you again. We have been freed, straight from prison", explained Alfred.

?No problem!", replied John and continued to unload his car.

?I`m sure that my father has organized everything correctly", said Julia and examined Frank with an inquiring look.

?And how was it...?" Frank tried to begin a conversation.

?How was what?", asked the young woman and stroked with her fingers through the blonde hair. Then she beheld Kohlhaas again.

"Where you have been...I mean...your trip...?"

"Nice!", returned Julia.

?The man is… eh… John…an Englishman?", asked Frank.

?No, and he does not like Englishmen!", he heard from Julia. ?John is an Irishman. Don`t talk with him about England or even Englishmen..."

"It was just a question", said Frank and looked unconfidently at the young beauty.

"Okay, all questions have been answered. Now you can help us to unload the van", said Fr?ulein Wilden and kept a straight face.

?No problem!", answered B?umer and waved Frank nearer.

In the following weeks, Frank and Alf had a lot of work to do. Necessary renovations in their new home waited for them, and furthermore, Wilden gave them some more tasks, in the name of the community. Kohlhaas became acquainted with some of the other villagers and thought that most of them could stand him - more or less. However, a few still faced him with distrust and avoided to talk to the young man. Nevertheless, the fact that he had been in a h

olo cell, caused a mixture of compassion and respect in many of the villagers.

Julia Wilden mostly just ignored him and didn`t seem to seek his proximity. He rarely saw her, even when he unusually often walked past Mr. Wilden`s house, although it was located in a side road.

?She looks good, but she is ?Misses Important", the daughter of the great boss…", thought Frank sometimes. "She thinks that she is better than the rest here and she obviously doesn`t trust me very much."

Frank was right. Julia Wilden and also the young Sven belonged to those villagers, who avoided the contact with him.

But Kohlhaas tried to understand the behavior of these people. They didn`t knew him and he had only come to this strange place, because of luck and coincidence. What should he expect now?

Prison or even liquidation would wait for them all, if he would prove himself as a blabber or a safety risk. So the fear of the unknown man wasn`t unjustified. But Alfred B?umer and Thorsten Wilden seemed to like him. The village boss took every opportunity, to explain to him any political and historical facts. He started with world history, from the ancient cultures of the Indogermanics, over Alexander the Great, up to the present. Sometimes, however, even everything at the same time.

?They could have used Wilden for the reeducation hours in the holo cell, apart from the fact, that he preaches the converse theses. Nevertheless, he talks even more than that computer!", said Frank to Alf once.

B?umer admired the former entrepreneur, because of his universal knowledge about politics and history, but this time, he had to laugh about Frank`s statement. So the days, weeks and months passed in monotonousness. Often some of the villagers disappeared for a while. Occasionally, even one of the three small transport aircrafts left its hideout, in order to fly somewhere and to come back again a few days later.

The airplanes were always hidden under camouflage nets or in large, old barns. Although it was not illegal to own them, since they had been duly registered, caution was the first rule in Ivas.

In the meantime, Frank and Alf were working hard, in order to make their house more habitable. Wallpapers were procured over many detours, because there were no more shops in the periphery of many kilometers, which got such articles. At least, the most important rooms could be renovated.

Similar difficulties also appeared with the building materials, which had often to be taken from the other vacant houses, for example intact bricks to repair the leaky roof. It was a long and toilsome work, but the two men became friends along the way.

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