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   Chapter 22 No.22

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5836

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?Hello!", said Kohlhaas.

?Oh, how good that nobody knows, how uncle HOK is really called. A little joke, I always like to tell", returned HOK and hastily waved his lower arms. ?And soon, also nobody will know your name anymore!"

?I will always be Frank Kohlhaas!", answered the young man and grinned.

?Sure! And I will be always HOK, even if I am sometimes Mike Weber or Enrico Althaus", said Holger K. with a philosophical undertone.

?However, you will get a new Scanchip now, because otherwise you are just fucked up in this world."

HOK let the keys rattle and worked for the next minutes as under hypnosis in front of his computer screen. He visited various servers and data bases and explained, that it could last a while. Anyway, he had to generate a large number of new access codes and this was a lot of work. His virtual attacks on the secret servers of administrative districts and registration banks had remained unnoticed so far, and could not be retraced. The coding and safety precautions, which HOK used, were impressing and reflected the quite entitled paranoia in his head.

?This computer officially stands, from its source code, in Patah Keadan in Malaysia. Sometimes I also attack from Siberia, northern China or Angola. This is always very funny!", gaggled the cyberfreak and smiled proudly.

?I believe you, man. But I know nothing about computers!", groaned Frank.

?Code here and code there…"

"No, does not fit…"

"Shit! Why not?"


"Well, there we have been landed…"

"He, he, he…"


And: Go!"

"Starting from the data…"




"Mist! Elender Mist!"

HOK murmured and continued to swim through a sea of datas and facts in the international cyberspace. He vacantly stared at the screen and Frank was just silent. Then Kohlhaas finally sat down on a damaged office chair, which probably had already suffered under HOK`s weight.

The operation lasted almost three hours. In the meantime, Frank had gone out of the house, to take a little walk through the village. When he returned, the passionate cyber fanatic expected him. HOK grinned from ear to ear. Then he theatrically made a curtsey in front of his new client: ?Welcome citizen 08-711369Y-191947, in our wonderful ?One-World"! I may call you, nevertheless, here among us and completely unofficially, Maximilian Eberharter, okay?"

?Sounds amusing, but good...", returned Frank.

?Your Scanchip account has also been topped up again. Congratulations!" HOK seemed to be very happy. He had done his work like a pro.

Referring to the general defaults for citizen registrations, Frank Kohlhaas was now announced as the proud owner of the citizen number 08-711369Y-191947, living in Graz and working as an underground construction engineer. His wage was not bad too. Over 1300 Globes per month, he had never earned that much.

Who this Maximil

ian Eberharter really was, Frank did not know and he did not ask. Perhaps the citizen number 08-711369Y-191947 had been discarded, because the owner had died. Perhaps, it was also just invented, rewritten or something else. HOK surely knew, what he did.

Indeed, the computer scientist with the weird behavior and the emotional fluctuations, was just irreplaceable in Ivas. He procured official registrations for the inhabitants and topped up their Scanchip accounts, gave them "jobs" and secured their income - at least, as a computer file. This man was ingenious. No question!

Additionally, the village community also subsisted on an own agriculture and various illegal exchanges and commercial transactions. It functioned better, than the new born citizen could ever imagine.

Nevertheless, Ivas was a dangerous place. And only, if all inhabitants kept their mouths shut and never boasted, an inconspicuous life was possible. Regarded from the outside, this village just appeared inconspicuously and its citizens were even good taxpayers, who were not noticeable to the tax authority of the sub-sector "Belarus-Baltic".

From this point of view, they all were in a favorable situation. It would probably just become unpleasant, if an official would ever examine this place more exactly. But since the financial situation in the sub-sector was catastrophic and the region was in a permanent state of worst poverty, it was improbable, that authorities, which hadn`t enough employees, because of staff savings, would ever send someone to an unimportant village like Ivas. The lethargic officials were just content, if the taxes were paid regularly.

This mentality of indifference, which was far common in Eastern Europe, increasingly annoyed the powerful gentlemen of the World Goverment. Nevertheless, in former Lithuania still existed an administration, but this was not self-evident in other regions of the world.

In Africa, the World Government had never tried to introduce a complete monitoring of the population at all, what was much too difficult. But from the position of the Lodge Brothers, this was not necessary on this continent. The African countries were politically insignificant and it was only sufficient, to recruit parts of the population as cheap peons for the big concerns. Furthermore, the World Goverment held the whole continent in an iron grip of dependence by indebtedness. Occupation troops enforced the rough adherence of the instructions from above. This was enough. Otherwise, the World Government only occasionally intervened, in order to decimate the population. Hunger blockades and even epidemics, made in laboratories, ensured, that the population could not grow too much. Other countries, for example in Eastern Asia, were also controlled from the outside. The new rulers simply used the weapons of financial dependence, the military threat or economic sanctions.

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