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   Chapter 19 No.19

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5426

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?On television...on television…! Nevertheless, fucking television is even the biggest lie of that world system, man! Didn't you understand this yet?", grunted B?umer and felt accused wrongly.

?No offense meant!", apologized Kohlhaas.

?No, it is a lie, Frank. The Red Moon groups publicy protested against the World Government and united thousands of young people in their fight. Opponents of globalization, free philosophers, patriots and others. After that damn hospital hoax, which the media exaggerated with all their might, we were criminalized. It had been the work of the GSA, the international secret service, there is no doubt for me. It has not been activists of our group! However, the following crusade of the international media, broke the neck of the Red Moon organization. Tell me, why should a group of freedom fighters burn innocent people in a hospital?", asked Alf with visible rage.

?Do you see the tattoo on my neck? This is the ?Red Moon", the blood-red moon of the fight for liberty – our old symbol!"

?I don`t know enough about all this and I don`t care...", said Frank. ?I only know, that I hate that goddam World Government, that terrible system - from the bottom of my heart!"

?Then Ivas is the right place for you, my friend!", said Alf and stared at his tea cup, clenching his fist.

?And then?", asked Frank.

?Then? Then I was still active. After the Red Moon groups were forbidden worldwide, we continued our struggle in the underground. Finally, I was arrested during an illegal, spontaneous demonstration, which I have organized with some of my comrades. I had to go to jail again.

My time in ?Big Eye" began and I can be glad, that they did not find other loading material during the house search at that time, otherwise I would have been liquidated."

?What material?", questioned Kohlhaas. Alfred B?umer looked at him and shook his head.

?You ask very much for a man, who still was flat on his face a few hours ago. Never mind! That would have made me more than just some problems, believe me. So I was sentenced to nine years of detention, only because of the spontaneous demonstration. I would have never endured that. In my time as an activist of the Red Moon groups, I became also aquainted with some of these weird guys from here. They have already told me years ago, that I should escape from the sector "Central Europe", to come with them to Lithuania.

Nevertheless, I was not willing to give up the fight in my homeland, because it was my aim, to liberate it from this global insanity. Today I say to myself, that it was just stupid to wait for so long. It would have been wiser to leave "Central Europe" in time, because the great enemy i

s much too strong in the West."

?Well, now you are here. And me too. The best thing that could happen to us, B?umer. This fucked up sector "Central Europe" shall go to hell, it shall rot forever!", hissed Frank and wiped off some tea drops from his lip.

"We must not let our compatriots go to the hell! It is our country! No, we are not on vacation here! We just relocate our fight. We will only surrender, when the maggots corrode us in our graves!", answered Alfred and put his foot down.

Frank was astonished and observed his partner, who snatched the teapot with a loud curse. "We are not on vacation here!"

Frank was surprised about this statement, his housemate had shouted out with so much passion. What did Alf mean by that?

Again, Frank Kohlhaas slept well and firmly. He had amazingly regenerated himself, in this short time. Sometimes he even felt euphoric.

?I am not even afraid of the devil!", he thought then and smiled proudly.

But it was not that simple. The aftereffects of the holo cell were far more malicious, than he could imagine and they were still there, deep in the dark corners of his brain. They just lay in wait and planned to erupt, in order to strangle Frank`s peace of mind, while he was sleeping.

Like the mourning, after the death of a beloved person, usually comes in waves, it was the same with the mental horror, the holo cell had unleashed in Frank`s mind.

The dread had only entrenched itself and waited now, in its fortified position, for the signal to attack Frank again. No, the fright wasn`t gone. But in these first days of his new freedom, Kohlhaas had a peaceful time – so far.

The rain pattered on the corrugated iron roof of the small shed in front of Frank`s window, and the untiring noise made him wake up. It was already after ten o'clock on this wet morning and the young man rolled from one end of the bed to the other. Suddenly Alf entered the room and said: ?Good morning, Frank! Please get up! Wilden is here and he would like to talk to you!"

The village boss already sat in the kitchen and sipped his coffee. He welcomed Frank friendly and told him to follow him to his house after the breakfest. Somehow, the situation was unpleasant for Frank, but he tried to avoid problems and obeyed.

?We must talk about some things, Kohlhaas!", remarked the leader of the village community, who wore a long gray coat and a hat with a narrow brim.

The rain had softened the muddy roads of the village, and Frank waded behind the somehow authoritarian and impressive Mr. Wilden through the dirt. After a short foot march, they finally came to an amazingly well renovated house, which was even surrounded by a beautiful garden.

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