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   Chapter 16 No.16

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5186

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The man had come later to the small group. His name was Thorsten Wilden, a former businessman, who had fled to Lithuania some years ago. Slender, gray haired, with an oblong face and a remarkable pointed chin. The man seemed to be very rational and impersonal, and gave the impression that he had already gone through a lot of hardship in his life.

?However, the boy is right. Tomorrow I want to become acquainted with this Frank. I hope, he won`t make us problems here, otherwise we have no other choice than silencing him", said the tall man, who apparently had a leading position is this group of men.

?He won`t make problems! Nevertheless, the boy is totally exhausted!", meant Alf and rolled his eyes.

?Where is he now?", asked Wilden.

?In my house. Thus, I mean, in John`s house. He is sleeping!", muttered Alf. "I will keep him in sight and I will also bain for him. Is this enough now?"

"Okay, men!", shouted the leader of the group. "In the next days, the good old routine in our village will return for you all. We have to resow and to do a lot of other work. Alf can help this new man to recover and I want you, to leave him alone with this task. By the way, HOK told me, that the release operation has been on TV in "Central Europe", yesterday evening. We should watch this report, HOK has recorded everything!"

"Yes, have fun with it, I go home now and want to be alone for the rest of the day", groaned Alf and left the room.

Dusk was falling and Frank lay between some unwashed pillows. A great burden slowly fell from his soul and his mind, which had swollen like a red, throbbing growth. Now the pain began to fade away. In the next room he heard a rustle, shortly thereafter loud smacking and the sound of cutlery on a plate. Some minutes later, his sponsor entered the room. ?You must eat something! Here!" Alf presented him some slices of bread and two fried sausages.

?Thanks!", said Frank and ate slowly and leisurely. ?You don`t have to worry. Nobody can find us here. We are in Lithuania. Far away from Germany and this ?One-World" cage called "Central Europe". Eat, and then I let you sleep again", whispered Alf, trying to calm him down.

It was a weird situation. If Frank would have seen Alfred B?umer in former times on the street, then he would probably have gone to the other side. This tall man really looked boldly and violent, what he surely was, if it had to be. He gave the impression of the typical criminal, who had received a life sentence.

Brawny, with a dark, pointed beard, a tattoo at the neck and a keen look. Frank Kohl

haas looked, however, rather harmless and even still juvenile at first sight, although his body was also sturdy. He had a dear face with a button nose and his good-natured smile was characteristic. Mostly Frank was kind and peaceful.

But in the production complex 42-B, he had lost control over his feelings and this time had been one time to often. His life had almost been destroyed by the consequences of this incident. Compared with Alf, whose face always showed latent rage and frustration, Frank`s countenance could change, in a case of extreme excitement, from good-natured to psychopathic. If Frank was really furious, his green eyes started to gaze into space and he threateningly perked his dark, broad eyebrows up. Then he looked like a fanatical preacher, somehow mentally absent, with an indestructible will and ready for everything.

Only a few people had ever faced this sight so far, but Frank`s angry outbreaks had increased in the last years - slowly and constantly.

Now, however, the former citizen 1-564398B-278843 was just glad to be with Alfred B?umer. Although it was a man, he didn`t know at all, but who seemed to be a trustable person.

Despite Alf`s aggressive appearance, a honest core seemed to be under his hard shell. A feeling of hope sprouted in the heart of the young man. He clung to Alf`s broad shoulder and murmured quietly: ?Thanks, man! Thanks that you have liberated me! You have saved my life!"

Some minutes he mutely cried in Alf`s arms. Then B?umer pushed him back gently. ?It`s okay. You are welcome here!", said Alf, who was simply overwhelmed with so much sentimentality.

"The others have freed me from this damn prison too. "Big Eye" would have been my doom as well. They put me two years in incommunicado detention, luckily, I had not the pleasure to get a so called "therapy" in a holo cell.

I would have gone to hell there, no doubt. Apart from this, they don`t let you just go, when your time in jail is over. One or two are also liquidated, if their behavior analysis is too negative. These damn holo cells have once been an experiment for perfect conditioning and brainwashing. The former "Mind Control", which the NSA, when it still had this name, had developed together with many other methods", declared Alf. "These holo cells will be used against all prisoners with politically incorrect tendencies one day. You have been one of the first human guinea pigs. It has just been interesting from them to analyze, how long you would suffer this torture. Of course, they knew that you would not survive this procedure!"

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