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   Chapter 15 No.15

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5073

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But the World Government also planned the same extensive system of total control for Eastern Europe. And it did everything, to build it up, as soon as possible.

In the year 2028, the British islands were the most sharply supervised area of the world. Here, the doom had built up its first strong bastion in the past, from where it had come over the rest of mankind.

In England, the World Government already tested and introduced the next steps for global domination. For example, the complete prohibition of sexual contacts between men and women, the total destruction of any family structures, and even a breeding of the population after the defaults of economic necessity.

Who wanted to fight against this tyranny, was really a dreamer and had to have a good relationship to his maker, because the propability to meet him soon, was very high.

Like Alf and his fellows, who apparently thought, that they could change something. Anyhow, Frank Kohlhaas was with them now - and enjoyed it. He was just happy to breathe fresh air and had the feeling, that he had been born again. How often he had begged the Grim Reaper to come, to end the torture of the holo cell. But the Gevatter apparently did not want him yet. Now, everything had changed…


?Outsourcing" was one of the infamous terms of globalization, which had broken loose with all its power at the beginning of the 21th century. Now Frank had also been outsourced somehow. He had left the administrative sector ?Central Europe" and was "stored" elsewhere.

The old airplane flew over the area of the former state of Poland, over the city of Kaliningrad, the old K?nigsberg, which had meanwhile fallen into ruins, and finally was on its way to the Southern Baltic, in order to land in a rural area north of Vilkija, in a little village called Ivas.

The five men were exhausted and hardly noticed the landscape below them beyond the windows. Frank was still disturbed and could only occasionally understand, what was happening to him. He suffered under strange muscle cramps and was, despite his constant fatigue, not in the condition to sleep for longer than half an hour.

His eyes were always half open and he felt, as if someone had put a bag full of cement on his head. After the airplane had landed, Alf helped him to step out and led him to an rundown house.

?Can I sleep somewhere, or just lie down?", asked him Frank.

?Yes, don`t worry! I have found a place to sleep for you!", answered Alf and pulled the young man into the buildin

g. ?We have to discuss something, Frank. You can rest here – see you later!", said Alf and showed Kohlhaas an old bed in an untidy and halfdark room with a dark red, peeling wallpaper. Frank turned to the side and tried to sleep. He hardly made it, but nevertheless, the young man had the feeling that he already felt better. After he had been in a condition of dozing for some hours, he finally nodded off. He did not dream about anything. It was just black in his head. As black as it had always been in the holo cell, in the eight artificial hours of the night.

Next day...

?We have escaped the next cops by the skin of our teeth, as I think. I feel sorry for Rolf Weinert, a good man, only 29 years old", said Alf to the others. ?Thank you, that you have delivered me from this hell. I know, I always seem to be hard and tough, but I was also close to the end in "Big Eye".

That other guy is simply wasted, but it would probably be the same with us all, if they would cage us in a holo cell for eight months. This Frank is a poor creature!"

?We haven`t planned the liberation of a second man, Alf!", remarked a young man with red hair.

?So what? What should have been done? Would it have been right, to let this Frank just die? He would not have survived one more week in "World Peace", got it?", returned B?umer.

?Well, actually the fate of an unknown man is not interesting for us. The only important thing is our own thing, okay?", said another man sternly.

?I will care for him. What will he do? Call the fucking Lithuanian police?", grumbled Alf with an angry face.

?This is a real problem, B?umer! If the guy becomes a safety risk, we must kill him. You know about our rules!", said a blond man.

?I know that, little boy! You don`t need to tell me our principles! I have already joined our fight in a time, when you were nothing but a panty wetting baby!", hissed Alf in the direction of the young fighter.

?Peace, people! You were successful and you are still alive! Meanwhile, only the big armored busses are used for prisoner transports since two years. This has been an exception! The fact that they have used an outdated transport van this time, was just because only two prisoners had to be transferred to Bonn. And a bus would have exceeded the budget for such an unimportant trip. These new tank-like monsters are not so easy to stop. You need a rocket launcher or something like that, to bring them to a halt!", said a tall man in the background. He was perhaps about fifty years old.

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