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   Chapter 14 No.14

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5587

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Frank swooped down on him and bit in his cheek like a wild animal. A shot from a handgun followed, which had almost hit the crazy Kohlhaas - then also the last policeman was dead. Frank howled and still kicked several times in the head of the dying man. The other men finally pulled him out of the van. His white dress was blood-smeared and Frank reminded the masked men, who confusedly stood in front of him, rather of a mad butcher than a prisoner. Now he seemed to fall in a state of blankness again and sat down, totally exhausted, on the metallic stairs of the transport vehicle.

?Well, what`s up now, man? Come on! Or do you want to wait for the next policemen?", asked Alf.

B?umer trailed him and followed the three other men into the forest. Now it was important to hurry, because the operation had lasted far too long and, moreover, such a slaughter hadn`t been planned.

Furthermore, they had lost a man and it was just luck that no other car had come along the country road, otherwise the bloodshed would have been much worse. The three disguised men and Alfred, who was trying to propel Frank, fastly ran through the thicket.

?Move!", roared one of the three masked men. ?Dash it! What are you waiting for?"

Alf B?umer gripped Kohlhaas at the collar and ordered him to run faster, but the confused young man still walked slowly behind him.

?If your buddy does not hurry a little more, I will shoot him, Alf! I mean it!", yelled one of the three men, who was running ahead.

Alfred stood before Frank, vibrated him and growled: ?This is your only chance, you idiot! If they get you now, you are a dead man! Come with me, trust me!"

Frank Kohlhaas hadn`t been able to trust anyone in the last months and the mental bleeding, the holo cell had demanded of him, had been enormous. But the word ?trust" sounded like a gentle balsam in his ears, that had only absorbed poison for such a long time. The fresh cold forest air, he was inhaling now, slowly showed him that this opportunity to attain freedom, should not be thrown away. Suddenly he ran, ran and ran, catched up with the others and disappeared with them in the thicket of the forest. The five men reached a large field after some minutes, where were an old looking and small airplane was waiting for them. They jumped into the flier and shut a rusty door behind themselves. All were totally exhausted and wheezed loudly, while the plane took off.

?Who is that guy, Alf?", asked one of the three liberators with an unfriendly undertone and pulled the balaclava from his face. The young man was blond, with short hair and a boyish face.

?I have no notion! He has been transported together with me!", answered Alf.

?Tell us your name, man!", demanded the blond man and regarded Frank with a searchin

g look.

?Frank Kohlhaas, citizen 1-564398B-278843….", hummed Frank and closed his eyes.

?Your citizen number isn`t interesting for us, buddy! We don`t need to have this shit!", hissed the young man, who was called Sven by the others. ?We are free men and no slaves with citizen numbers."

?Well, I think this man has been in a holo cell. That`s the reason, why he is so abstracted!" Alf tried to explain.

?Such a cell… ", stammered Frank.

?A holo cell? That thing, which is currently tested by the GSA in all prisons worldwide? Really?", asked one of the three rebels with surprise.

?No wonder, that you seem to be on drugs. These things are the worst instruments of brainwashing of our time. How long have you been in this hellish cell?"

?I think, since August 2027…leave me alone…", hummed Frank quietly and hid his face behind his knees again, as he had done it so often in the last months. Then he turned to the side and dozed in his usual half-sleep, although the outdated airplane made a big noise and vibrated during the whole flight.

In the year 2028, it was not easy to organize an operation like this, because of the almost perfect air surveillance in "Central Europe". However, this flier was inconspicuous, because it had been registered as an outdated, but nevertheless permitted transportation in the Baltic. If the plane was scanned by the computer of a satellite or an air surveillance station, it was just shown as the transport aircraft of a man called Matas Litov, a Lithuanian farmer, in the data bases of the European monitoring servers.

The chip card of the plane had been changed by a highly gifted computer hacker, who had made it perfectly inconspicuous. But even the arts of this man had their limits, and one day the constantly improved monitoring could probably also recognize his tricks.

Anyhow, the authorities hadn`t been prepared for such a brutal attack on a prisoner transporter. And it was also just luck, that the operation had finally been successful.

Frank Kohlhaas, whose citizen number was no longer of importance, flew with the others over Poland towards the the former Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Meanwhile, the three abolished national states had been summarized with other former countries of Eastern Europe to a single administrative sector.

In Eastern Europe, the complete monitoring of the population and the entire public life was so far not as perfect as in North America or in Western Europe. Many states of Eastern Europe had refused to blindly obey the instructions of the World Government for a long time. This new power had been established in the western regions at first and so it just took longer, until a complex monitoring network of western standards could be installed there.

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