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   Chapter 10 No.10

Prey World - Citizen 1-564398B-278843 By Alexander Merow Characters: 5394

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?I have always said, that the boy wastes his life. Now my old sorrow has finally been confirmed!", he had probably murmured. The prisoner didn`t try to think too much about these unpleasant things.

?What has happened to my apartment?", he pondered. ?I`m sure that they have already rented it to another person. This can be done fast if the rent can`t be deducted from the Scanchip anymore."

In these days, Frank could only speak with himself and tried to handle the pain. But it did not change anything. He had served only one month in this room, but Frank already got the feeling that he had walked from one end of hell to the other.

It was not easy to persevere here. And the daily two reeducation hours finally became even the most interesting things, which happened on a day in the holo cell. After a while, Frank occasionally even looked forward to them.

Nevertheless, sometimes he tried to destroy the loudspeaker, which hung much too high, to tear it down. Then he became so angry that he kicked against the walls or bit in his underarm till it bled. Frank`s lonely fight against windmills continued for a while in such a way. Always unsuccessful and ever more closer to the loss of his good judgement. Sometimes he cried below the loudspeaker, begged for grace and forgiveness and promised to follow each rule and each regulation for all eternity. He swore, to believe everything, what they told him. But nobody ever answered.

When two months had passed, Frank broke out in tears ever more frequently or crawled under his light gray plank bed. He thought, that insanity had already found him and skid down into a state of permanent panic. Patient 111-F-47 didn`t trust his own judgement any longer and felt seperated from the rest of the world like by a great ocean.

In the second month of his term of imprisonment, he made "insanity" to his companion. He invisaged him as another inmate, as a cellmate.

A very tall guy, gaunt, with completely pale skin and deep furrows in the face. Also dressed in the correct white cell clothes of ?Big Eye". However, if the "insanity" sat beside him on the plank bed, he unfortunately never answered. He just sneered at him, showing Kohlhaas his yellowish-brown teeth. But nevertheless, Frank told his spooky friend a lot of things.

Sometimes the patient also imagined, that ?Mr. Madness", as Frank called him after a while, snored in the complete darkness of the night, lying somewhere in the room. Then he crept over the ground and tried to find his strange cellmate, in order to tell to him that he might be silent. Frank thought about much confusing things and nobody could say, if the young men still knew, that it were con

fusing things. It was a nocturnal trip beyond the borders of human understanding, a mental journey through the darkest tunnels of his mind. And every morning, Kohlhaas was awaked by that bright, hellish light again.

?That`s the army of the light particles, which destroys my lids with their ramming supports, piece by piece, pouring into my head-fortress with loud screams - slaughtering everything without further warning. And this cruel horde massacres my helpless grey cells!", said the young man, if he could hardly bear it.

Then he had phases, in which he searched his body on diseases for hours. He found malicious knots and parasites everywhere. His body seemed to be full of degenerated pimples and strange maladies under the skin, which filled his mind with sorrows.

At the end of the third month, he discovered some red points on the white wall behind the toilet, when he huddled on the ground, in order to protect himself against the aggressive light. Frank was sure that it were traces of blood, which had only provisionally been overcoated with white color by the prison`s staff.

Mr. Madness had no opinion about this, he just sat in the corner and beheld Frank sadly. Often Kohlhaas remembered, whether it was actually possible, to smash his own head against the wall or the ceramic toilet bowl so hardly, that this torture was over. What would happen?

Would the attendants save him, just to let him rot here until doomsday? Another possibility was, to bite open his pulse veins. Unfortunately, there were no bedlinen or other things in this cell, which would have made a suicide possible.

But each time, when Frank had these thoughts, he finally lost the courage to do it. Moreover, Mr. Madness always looked worriedly at him in these situations, still sitting in his corner. The light disappeared, it was 22, 00 o'clock.

Starting from the fourth month of his captivity in the holo cell, Frank Kohlhaas spent the most days with being just motionless for hours, lying on his belly - under the plank bed.

?May this damn light hit Mr. Madness! May he sit on the plank bed! I will stay here. Here, that blaze will never find me!", he said to himself with a lunatic smile.

Meanwhile, Frank thought about his family more rarely. And what was the use anyhow? He was separated from the rest of the world. And his father, his sister or the little Nico, could not safe him from this horror.

And as the computer-controlled woman voice had already explained in one of the reeducation hours: ?The connections to family and kinship are errors of nature, and all citizens of the New World Order must get along without them! They must be corrected by modern rules.

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