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   Chapter 3 No.3

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"Ah, there is still one hussar left", said the white armored man.

"Yes, Sir…your holiness", stammered Nithard dazedly.

"Very well! Then follow me into the facility!", answered the cleric whose voice resounded hollowly behind his face mask.

Rankenwald and the inquistor advanced into the research facility. A group of five chasseurs tried to stop them but the cyborgs died by the cleric`s glowing blade. However, the last survivor of the Bauhaus squad was still paralyzed. All his comrades were dead. Even leutnant von Waldfurth who had always been a kindhearted superior.

Hurrying through rooms and corridors with unnatural speed, the cleric finally reached a hall full of containers and barrels. Rankenwald just followed him without asking questions. The two intruders encountered a group of men and women in white coats who started to scream in panic after spotting the inquisitor.

"Execute them, soldier!", shouted the man from the Brotherhood and Nithard did not dare to object.

He raised his panzerknacker and opened fire on the moribund scientists. Meanwhile, the cleric had already left the warehouse to enter another part of the facility. Nithard followed him like a obedient dog, killing every person he met in the corridors.

After a while, the inquisitor had reached his final goal. An impressive laboratory behind a big front of armored glass.

"You shall better open that door! I promise that you will not suffer, Gothland! And I promise that your soul will be purged in the name of the Brotherhood!", called the cleric. It didn`t take long till the laboratory door opened. Nithard followed the inquisitor in order to enter a room full of giant computers and bright screens on the walls.

A man with a pale, sunken face and a grey coil of hair stood behind a surgical table with a monstrous creature on it.

"How did you find this place?", asked the stranger with a sign of deep disappointment in his face.

Eventually the cleric took off his helmet to let Nithard see a wrinkled face with cold blue eyes. He turned his head to him for a second, then he beheld the scienctist again.

"You ask how we have found your facility here at the pole? Well, the church has its eyes and ears in every corporation, Dr. Gothland."

The scienctist smiled with all cynicism a face could express. "Killing everyone in the building: Is that your understanding of religion, inquisitor Cheraux?"

"What you do here is nothing but pure blasphemy! The Cybertronic corporation has become a cancer that must be cauterized."

"All your ignorance makes you blind, Cheraux. We have found out things that could help our species to survive", replied the man, the cleric had called "Dr. Gothland".

The corners of the inquisitor`s mouth turned upwards in a split second. "Ridi

culous! Experiments with these things are heresy! An insult of what mankind stands for!"

Cheraux pointed at the monstrous humanoid on the surgical table.

"Since centuries mankind stands for decay and backwardness", countered the scientist with defiance in his expression.

Suddenly the researcher came out from behind the surgical table, he smoothed down his coat to lift his hands afterwards; Rankenwald targeted the back of the man`s head with his rifle.

"It is too late to beg me for mercy, Dr. Gothland. Far too late!", said Cheraux straightfacedly.

"Your fanatism is far too big to let you think clearly", riposted the scienctist who seemed to have already settled his affairs.

"Where is the thing I`m looking for? Give it to me and I promise you a quick death despite the life of blasphemy you have lived."

Dr. Gothland fished something out of his pocket. A black pyramid-shaped object with the size of a human fist.

"The absorber!" The inquisitor arched his eyebrows.

"What will you do with it? The Brotherhood hasn`t the knowledge to handle it. I`m the creator of this technological wonder and I`m the only one who can use it."

"You will not use anything because your life ends here." Hastily the cleric gripped the black pyramid, he regarded it with a satisfied smile.

"What is this thing?", Nithard suddenly asked.

The gray haired scientist turned his head, looked at him and answered: "The absorber is my creation. It is a new weapon that is able to destroy the demonic powers of the Dark Legion in a radius of several miles. I have spent most of my life inventing this thing. Maybe my technology could end the war against the Legion in favour of mankind one day."

"Hold your tongue, soldier! Who has given you the permission to ask questions like this?", spat the inquisitor, staring at Rankenwald.

Again he held the black pyramid high like a trophy; whispering something to himself that Nithard could not understand. Gazing in abstraction the cleric poised for a moment.

"If you destroy my invention and burn down all the knowledge in this facility you could harm the human species like no man before. One day we can not only destroy the Dark Legion in the Solar System but even revive the art of interstellar space travel. Please think about…", said Dr. Gothland.

"One your knees, heretic!", was Cheraux` reply, he pointed at the ground in front of him.

Without saying a further word the old scientist sank down; Nithard saw a tear running down his pale cheek.

"Deliver him from his sins!", called the inquisitor in Rankenwald`s direction. Nithard aimed, he clenched his teeth and shot.

"What have you done, soldier?" Dr. Gothland opened his eyes, speechlessly staring at the young Bauhaus hussar with the rifle in his hands.

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