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   Chapter 2 No.2

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Finally he tore his combat knife out of the sheath, jumping at the first enemy in his way like a wild animal. It was a chasseur, an ordinary footsoldier of the Cybertronic corporation, with a strange looking rifle in his hands. Before he could point his weapon at Rankenwald a sharp blade cut his throat. The cyborg stared at Nithard with empty eyes, more confused than scared because of the deadly wound. With brute force Nithard pushed him back and threw him into the snow.

Around the young soldier who fought for his life with courage born of despair the other Bauhaus troopers dashed into the ranks of the defenders. Cyborgs, robots and hussars attacked each other with rifles, knifes and even bare hands.

Although he was only thinking for the next moment in order to survive this blood insanity, Nithard realized that they were losing the battle. Three juggernauts, their best soldiers, had already been killed while the number of enemies was still growing.

Another chasseur headed directly towards Rankenwald, trying to shoot him down. Nithard reflexively jumped aside and the deadly burst hit one of his comrades in the back. Before the cyborg could target him again, Rankenwald answered with his panzerknacker. He riddled the Chasseur with bullets but the transhuman creature didn`t go down.

"What the hell are you?", yelled Nithard into the snowstorm while the Chasseur unwaveringly came closer.

The cyborg slowly raised his weapon but this time Rankenwald got some unexpected help. In the meantime, leutnant von Waldfurth had taken a MG-40 LMG from a dead hussar, he shouted something in the direction of his young comrade and finally opened fire. Rankenwald saw the Cybertronic soldier`s head burst like an overripe melon.

"Don`t mention it, boy!" Nithard heard von Waldfurth laugh under his face shield.

Several enemies were since killed by the cleric who had used more of his magic. Obviously he was much more powerful than any of the hussars had thought in the beginning. The white armored warrior of the Brotherhood burned the cyborgs alive or slaughtered them with a huge sword. However, he seemed not to care if the hussars around him lived or died.

Nithard and leutnant von Waldfurth took cover behind some containers which stood in front of the dome-like facility, driving another wave of cyborgs back into the building. Then the Bauhaus officer opened his face mask; Rankenwald did the same. For a few seconds both men gazed at each other without saying a word.

"We have lost most of our men. This damn cleric has just used us like puppets", hissed von Waldfurth.

"Then tell me what is the sense of this mission? What shall we do here in this ice wasteland?"

"I don`t know, Rankenwald. They haven`t given me many informations. They just told me that it will be an easy an

d harmless operation."

"Harmless operation…", repeated Nithard twisting his mouth.

Von Waldfurth had no chance to answer his younger comrade. Instead he stared at a big shadow coming out of the snowy night beyond the facility building. Open-mouthed the officer pointed at the thing that had almost reached the edge of a light cone.


It was the only word the leutnant could find at that point. Meanwhile, Nithard used his last magazine to load his weapon while a huge skeleton-like warmachine started its furious assault on the last Bauhaus soldiers.

The roar of the big gatling gun the Attila robot was carrying in his steel hands drowned even the howling of the merciless icestorm. Screaming Rankenwald curled up into a ball behind the container, hoping that the robot thing would overlook him.

One by one the hussars were mowed down by the tempest the Attila had unleashed. Before the last juggernauts could react they were also hit by countless high speed bullets. Their heavily armored bodies were rent; steel plates and bloody guts flew around.

Then the techno-behemoth, one of the terror weapons of the Cybertronic corporation, turned his skeleton head in all directions. Still lying behind the container, Nithard was praying for his life. He heard the Attila walk around. The robot had stopped shooting, apparently it had killed all the remaining Bauhaus soldiers.

"This is the end…", was the only thought left in Rankenwald`s mind.

After several minutes had passed Nithard dared to peek to the side to see what had happened to von Waldfurth. The officer lay face down in a pool of blood. Some bullets had completely perforated the contianer behind which von Waldfurth had looked for shelter.

"You can`t stop me, unholy machine!", Nithard suddenly heard from somewhere beyond the entrance door.

Carefully and with hammering heart he peeked past the edge of the container to see the cleric attacking the robot. The clunky steel monster turned around to face the last invader but the warrior in the white armor was too agile for it. One, two, three blowes hit the legs of the Attila, the glowing sword of the cleric cut through steel and cable harnesses. At once the robot begann to stumble backwards. Vainly the thing tried to use its machine gun when the cleric rammed his sword through steel sheathings to finally hit the machine`s core. While the Attila was still trying to grab the attacker who was almost dancing around its legs it suddenly froze like a block of ice.

The warrior of the Brotherhood jumped away from the giant walker and the soulless eyes of the machine gazed into space one last time. A second later it burst in a loud explosion.

"Holy Durand, I`m still alive!", whispered Nithard to himself. Then he left his cover, stepping up to the cleric.

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